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Put some new shoes on the V. Shinko 705's. Pretty happy with them so far.

First impression is it likes to dive into corners so laying into them really hard is not an option. More weight on the outside peg needed now. Road noise and bar vibration now.

Hit a fireroad I frequent and could carry speed much better. Usual pace was 20-25mph on it, I was able to comfortably do 45+ now. So far so good.

  • Hadi Razali

  • I stopped using them when the rear shredded on me going down the interstate. They do feel good in the dirt though.

  • How long ago was that? They have been redesigned from my understanding and are also radials now

  • I used these for my TAT trip. All was good until the front delaminated at 3000 miles. Performed well on gravel, decent on the mountain passes in Colorado. Not crazy about the performance on pavement.

  • How long ago was that?

  • Fall of 2010.

  • Okay, seems anyone that has them pre 2012ish had delamination problems, seems they change construction/quality. The set I got toward the end of last season are also radials not bias ply as they use to be

  • Cool, good to hear they corrected that issue.

  • I've been running Shinko 705s for...oh, say maybe 70,000 miles without a problem. No delamination. No shredding. No nothing. They are Cheap Tires, no doubt. But best bang for your buck IMHO. 08 Versys 108,900 miles and ticking.

  • It was bias ply.

  • 108,900 gives me a lot of hope for longevity with my 08 with 16K on it :)

  • Run these on my dl1000. Not crazy about the noise, but love rhem in the dirt. Thus tire is fairly stiff. Rode 45 miles with a flat front easily at a careful 55 mph not in traffic.

  • Irman Faraiz Ibrahim

  • KishieWada Madey

  • 110/90 R17..