Photos from Adrienne Hunt's post

I wish I could say my farkle journey is almost complete but that would be a lie.

Sw-Motech crash bars

Givi tire hugger and side stand plate

Denali lights

R&G rad guard (not pictured)

Heated grips

Rear rack


Tested the crash bars on a trail. Worked great. Blinkers stick out too far to completely protect those.

  • I want to get the stand plate.Rizoma brand doesnt fit in.

  • Which online site sells it?

  • I found it on Amazon. It states it's for 2010-2013 but it fits. Talked to the tech support from Givi, they said the kickstand style has not changed since then, so it worked with mine. It's pretty bulky, torn on it still. Does have a large foot print. Takes extra gusto to kick it up.

  • I will ask Givi Malaysia on this.

  • Zulhazri Razali, i checked with Givi last month. It cost RM200+ for the big foot.

    I rather go for Touratech since it cost RM200+ as well.

    You can buy from ebay.. We malaysian are not as lucky... we don't have Revzilla, Twisted Throttle...

  • Also, I got the OEM gear indicator. IMO not worth it. I listed to the motor anyway to know gearing. Only time it helps it to check if I have a 7th gear. ;-)

  • Yea $200 is super steep for that. If it was $50-$100 I'd consider it

  • I can voluntarily help u to name a few more:

    Usb chargers

    Gps mount / charger

    Temperature gauge


    Double stand

  • Don't forget a bash plate!

  • Heard fixing USB charge involves some wiring cut..warranty may get void...true or not?

  • Jon Knutson, i think is called skid plate for bike. Right?

  • Shouldn't if you use the factory outlet. But $!

  • Bash plate, skid plate, two names, same thing. Just like saying pop or coke.

  • Lol... got it!