Photos from Adrian Tofaute's post

Hey guys

My name is Adrian and I'm from Switzerland.

This is my girl. 2005 Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja. I ride Supermoto since I bought my first bike and I always said, I'll never buy a streetbike.. And last year I saw this beautiful Ninja... and bought it :-)

It's freaking awesome to ride this crazy hell machine!!

- Akrapovic exhaust system

- Anti-hopping clutch

- Power commander

- Adjustable footpegs

- Aligned chassis for racing

200+ Hp on rear wheel..

Love this bike!

  • Needs to be black tho lol !!!!

  • Kevin Booth It's too expensive at the moment :-)

  • Looks just fine the way she is :-)

  • Bad and black the only way lol

  • Very nice 10...and 12.

    I can't argue with Black lol

  • Black is lush ;)

  • Greetz from Frankfurt

  • Very nice! If you ever get the chance ride a gen 2 ZX14R. I guarantee it will make an impression! ;)

  • Lovely bike,keep it ninja green; it's the fastest colour ;-)

  • Dave Hogg that's true!