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Afternoon all

Just thought i would put a picky of my project at the moment, poor old gal hasn't moved for 30 years ! Can anyone tell me if they have ever repainted one of these engines, and if so what paint to use ?

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  • Hopefully Mike Ahrens I manged to get a set of injectors from Germany last year, just need to find out if you can get the 'brain' tested somewhere.

  • I use barbacue paint fella its brilliant.great on headers too....rattle can from the range ...plastikote on the can

  • simoniz or whatever it is, engine paint fully petrol proof

  • pj1 is my choice satin black,excellent finish

  • Did mine 4 years ago with simoniz gloss black

  • Pj1 every time not cheap but we'll worth the price ☺

  • Never tried it, whats it like vrs petrol?

  • Also petrol proof

  • I went semi gloss with a bit of silver for a change just used the basic high temp paint outa canadian tire/fleet farm be like halfords/b&q in the UK

  • Looks good Neal Trickett but i'm trying to keep it as standard as i can.

  • Good I've used it on lots of builds etc and never had a problem ☺

  • Pj1 satin on the motor and Matt on the headers. 865C!48849&authkey=!AFv1i0qMNksb20I&v=3&ithint=photo%2c jpg