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It's my bikes 25th birthday today

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  • Happy Birthday. XXX

  • Happy birthday

  • Mines 24 years old

  • Just a youngster , mine is 26 :D

  • Happy birthday Mr zed.. :) mines a spotty teenager at 16 yr lol

  • Have you owned her since new Ad ?

  • Sorry 15 yr 01 y plate

  • No, Colin, but my father owned it from new. My mother sold the bike when my father passed away in 2002. I found the bike again and bought it back in Januari 2014. ☺

  • Its sad your father passed away, but im 100% sure he is now very happy you found the bike, and are riding her :)

  • Yes , I think he will.☺ The bike is at the dealer now. It gets new Hyperpro springs at the front and rear. New oil and filters etc. And when it is back home I am going to fit the "new" fearing set I bought a while ago.☺So it will look like it should be with the ZZR decals on it. I also bought other turn signal blinkers. I think they look good

  • Very nice, you will have to post pics when its all assembled :)

  • I will!

  • I'm going to try to be there at the meeting at the 14th of July.

  • I wont be there unfortunately, due to my junior fishing competition commitments :(

  • Too bad , maybe next year!

  • I will however be at the Isle of man TT one :D

  • Looking good

  • Eindelijk een jonge dame nu

  • Van Harte Gefeliciteerd

  • Happy Birthday, that's a great story. It would be great if you could make it to join us in july :-)