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I had to share this with every one, I finally found a 95'KLX650R for sale, it's not the C model, which I'd like to have, but it's the R model for offroad only. The C model is the dual sport version & the R is for offroad use only. Now I know they are not KDX, but a very cool very rare model that you never see. So I spoke to the seller and this bike came from Colorado, and like the other KLX650's I tried to buy before, he already had a buyer, missed it again. So now the bike is listed again, turns out the buyer is a flipper. So I went to see it today after a reliable buyer didn't want the R model either, C is though to find as well. So this is the pic of the bike and in great shape, I didn't have all the cash to pick it up today, but come friday he's going to part it out, I'd hate to see this unicorn parted, I'd like to keep this bike all together, let me know if anyone is interested in this bike...

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  • same year and colors ? 95klx650

  • Yes

  • strong points and weak points ?

  • wow, pretty familiar with kawi offroad bikes but never saw one of these...

  • Strong points, handles like a mx bike, more power than you would ever need, easy to make street legal

    Bad points

    Eats up oil, no electric start, easy to get a ticket when you make it street legal

  • Did you make a bike stand from a office desk chair base? ^

  • Haha!

    Yeah my parents were throwing out a chair and I bolted a 2"x6" onto it...

  • What pipe is that, a T1 or something?

  • I put a pro circuit T-4 on it, it helped the bottom end a lot, I never re jetted after I put it on as you can see by how rich it was running( black at the exhaust tip)

  • Had the suspension redone added pro-taper handlebars, and cycra hand gaurds ..

  • You still have it?

  • Unfortunately no...

  • I hope you can buy that thing... I miss mine everyday

  • Where was the 650 decal located on this bike?

  • What's he asking for it ?

  • It was on the swing arm

  • Before the unitrack on the far left?

  • My dads selling this one Adam Letts but its in AUS

  • It's a miracle! So guess what, I'm making a KLX group!

  • I have a KLX340 in my garage!

  • Post a pic or pics

  • Ex Team Green support riders bike. Its been sitting for about 15 years and I dragged it out of my brothers garage(hes not the Team Green rider just the current owner) to resurrect it. Needs some work. Emig triple clamps, early 90s KX500 forks, lengthened swing arm, lengthend shock with KX internals, 340 big bore with Web cams and a FCR carb. It feels nothing like a stock KLX, more like a KX!

  • 95'KLX650R ad

  • Group site is up guy's please join now ...

  • Bob, I was able to pick her up

  • YESS!!

    I'm happy for you!

  • I had a 93 and raced it on enduros and hated it.It was the king of overheating.Even after they sent me a fan kit.