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    So I couldn't afford store ones I decided to attempt to make some from some leftover faux leather and supplies I had laying around. These are test pattern and subsequent makes will fit better. Anyone interested contact me. Thinking of $65 plain $75 with pockets. Y'all let me know what u think


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    Ok I've built a custom vulcan 800 from frame up. I've got it 95% done however not Mich been done too the motor just cobra drag pipes, jet kit and hypercharger. I just recently replaced stator, rectifier, solenoid and starter but all factory was thinking about going high performance with this don't wanna bore motor at anything just thinking hotter ignition and electrical haven't had time to really look around for performance electrical components wonder what some brand ideas were out there with muscle cars and trucks I could tell ya right off but motorcycles that's new to me still learning any help would be appreciated


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    Well, the time finally came and I have traded in my 2015 Voyager. I've seen too many experienced riders lose their lives this year due to the negligence of cage drivers.

    That being said, I have some parts for sale. I'm in Locust Grove, Ga. so all parts will either cost you additional shipping or the ride. I can send more pics upon request.

    Rear speaker pods with upgraded Kicker CS series 6.5" speakers. (Not the original 3" ones) $275

    **** SOLD**** Front speaker adapters for 6.5" speakers and a pair of Kicker CS 6.5" speakers. $100

    Quick disconnect driver backrest with passenger pocket. $75

    Auxiliary audio adapter $30

    Just let me know if you're interested.

    Thanks in advance.


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    So well I've got my 99 nomad tore apart and waiting on Jets to come in at the dealer I decided since I hate where the key for the ignition is on these bikes to see if I could relocate it without spending any money. I've seen several other mods that involve buying another switch so I took the stock ignition and with some grinding and drilling from common tools was able to make my ignition dash-mounted. It did require adding a small bolt hole on the dashboard plate hand a bolt washer lock washer and nut that I sourced out of my shop from other spare parts. Will get something later a little more dressed up but this was a good temporary for now. Took me about an hour. I simply unbolted from stock position rerouted the stock harness plug. Then I drilled a hole which could have been a little cleaner if I had a larger drill bit. Put it in made a mark for the through bolt and drilled that hole for the bolt. Then I did have to grind a small half circle out of the dashboard to clear the hold down Bolt ear. That's it easy peasy


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    Okay I need some advice again LOL. I recently had my 99 carbureted 1500 apart to put a bevel gear bearing in and since she had been down for a while I pulled the carburetor apart cleaned out all the ports and orifices and we assembled carefully. I forgot to count how many turns in two seat my air fuel screw was like an idiot. I change my air filter setup to a big air typekit and removed all the crossover tube and left side filter unit. When I bought the bike it had a cobra pipe setup with just the head pipes and turn down tips. It ran pretty good with just a little bit of popping on off throttle. I started ad 3 and a half turns on the air fuel screw has someone had suggested. It's still real crappy popping and jerking and choking. I used gadgets procedure to try to dial in the air fuel and it runs pretty decent with a small flat spot of lag at low RPM full throttle roll on and some popping on deceleration. I am at 6 full turns out on the air fuel screw and my question is that too much because most everybody I talk to says there between 3 and 4. I'm going to give her another turn out tomorrow to see if that gives me better low-end response and less popping but I was just wondering if that was too many turns or is it just a matter of that's the tune for my particular setup?


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    OK this is going to be a weird question I was over my bike ran fine got where I was going. Took care of what I had to got back on bike ran fine then bucked on me then felt heat on leg on fire only cause I can see is a fuel line rubbing of top of motor no wires burnt have to replace the fuel lines rebuild carbs and replace vacuum lines any suggestions on making it a little cheaper on me on a budget. They want 156 per carb not to mention another 170 to replace the fuel and vacuum lines


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    Hey riders,

    6th year riding Vulcans, just sold 900 CSE and picked up this V2k. Couldn't be happier, waiting on some parts to complete STAGE 1. Other than that, did all the flush and fills and she runs perfect. I try to ride everyday.


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    I posted this to another Vulcan owner group and got no answer to my questions. So I re-post it here. Decided to perform the "resistor inline with air temp sensor" mod to my 2007 1500 classic FI with Cobra Classic Deluxe Slashcut exhaust with factory air intake. I own this bike for 3 years and always feel the bike kind of lacking low RPM power, feeling kind of hesitate to speedup when called upon. I was suspecting the pipes might be making the motor running lean due to less back pressure. I love the sound of the after market pipe, not overwhelming but everyone noticed I am here. I was told the Classic Deluxe Slashcut does not need a PC but my experience seem telling another story....... Well, I do not have the budget for a PC, so I did my research and spent about an hour did the operation. Spent most of the hour taking things apart , soldering on the resistor was easy. WOW! Immediately, the exhaust sound goes even deeper, and the engine itself became quieter (I didn't know what knocking and pinging were like till now, it wasn't bad before, but it was there). There used to be a lot of in between gear situations, now I simply go to the next gear and bike would not hesitate. Definitely more powerful in the lower RPM zone. The idle is slightly rougher which can be expected. Throttle response is great, more linear. I also noticed a little less engine break when roll off the throttle. I love this modification as the bike is much better behaved, however, I do have a question about the value of the resistor used in this mod. I currently have a 750 ohm in place and wondering if I need a higher value. How do I know when is too high a value and the engine is running too rich? Here in Minnesota there is not a whole lot of days above 90 degrees, I think I will have to wait till next year to know if 750 ohm is enough to tame the pinging and knocking during hot days. Any experience to share are really appreciated. Thanks.

    Edit: I performed this mod instead of installing a power commander because this mod make sense to me from the documentation that I found over the Internet.


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    Hey Boys and Girls of VROC, Windy City VROC . KVRF, Borderline Cruisers and Boscobel Group. It has been a very difficult year of late, but I am still Holding our fall Run, This will be the first year of the Paul "Wizard" Zweiner Memorial Fall Run. I have made arrangements for us at the Fennimore Hills Motel fennimorehillsmotel.com, this location is 8 miles south on Hiway 18 from Boscobel, as nothing is available in Boscobel. Rooms have been blocked under Wizards Memorial Run, the number is 6088223281, please contact them ASAP as the hold on the rooms expire 09/10/2016. All rooms have double beds, coffee maker and refrig. the motel also has a fire pit for our use as well as a Weber grill. I appologize for the confusion this year but we are up and running. I am looking forward to taking in some of the locations that Wizard enjoyed as a way of paying tribute to my friend and brother.....Duck


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    A note to all attending Paul "Wizard" Zweiners services this coming Monday, the family has asked and I acknowledge same, that in honor of Pauls many years of sobriety, no alcoholic beverages of any type should be consumed in or on the Funeral Home property. I want to honor Paul for his many accomplishments and this is a big one, I am sure you all understand, thanks for your cooperation. Duck