PC5 issues need assistance So my PV5 crapped out a couple months ago It was...


PC5 issues need assistance. So my PV5 crapped out a couple months ago. It was less than a year old and still covered, but getting power commanded to send me a new one was an act of God. So finally get it back with a letter stating the map on my old unit was placed on the new one. Ok hook it up, Triple check everything, let it warm up and take it for a rip. Bouncing off the speed limiter at 50mph. WTF!!! Go back over EVERYTHING. Check all connections.... Actually make all the connections again to ensure good contact. Same result. However this time it starts running shitty, like a dropped a cylinder. Shut it off, start it back up still running like crap....frustrated I FLOOR it and it cleans up. Ughhh WTF!!

So first question why am I bouncing off the speed limiter?

Why is it running bad intermittently?

By the way, my original unit was purchased from v force john with his map

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  • Check your plug wires,my rear was barely on from the factory, as far as the replacement I believe John actually programs them to remove the limiters

  • Ok will check the plug wires, thanks. just left john a voicemail I think my "rev extend" feature is disabled. I plugged it into my laptop and can't find it anywhere hmmmm?

  • The replacement does not have Johns map on it. Contact him and he will send you the correct map via email.

  • It does have the map on it. They transferred it. I doubled checked too.

  • Even stated "vfrocejohn 2014 Teryx 800 UNLOCKED"