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Picked up a brand new ZX10 fan off eBay, anyone got any ideas on best way to fit ? bracket wise and electrical. Not sure whether to wire in to existing fan so they both come on together or seperate switched feed to new fan via ignition feed. Also any relays recommended ? Any help appreciated......I've tried but can find any info on this mod..

  • Why do you need an extra fan? And why not just get the smaller gen 2 fan? ;) Any way, Dave Craddock is your man, I believe he has done it on at least one occasion.

  • He sure has!he did mine,and a cracking job he did!but it's a gen two fan on mine,the smaller idea if a zx10 fan will fit.i believe the wiring is quite straight forward if you know electrics,the brackets dave made himself,but again I dont think it's a big to why Lee,in traffic mine used to go off the scale heat wise,flashing HOT on the display on hot days.with the second fan,it never goes over three bars.

  • Hmm! Wonder why it did that? Mine went onto the highest bar when we were stuck at some lights in a village on the rideout in Belgium, but it didn't start flashing and has never gone that high any other time.

    Suppose another fan would keep it down but I would want to know what was causing the problem in the first place. These bikes are run in some very hot countries without any problems that I know of.

  • Kawasaki knew about the over heating,thats why gen two models have two fans!

  • The gen 2 also has more holes in the fairing around the engine. :)

  • Normally coolant not being changed and general road crud filing the radiator so no air flow throught

  • Before we went to Belgium I had my radiator out because half of it was blocked with road crud. I couldn't believe how much was blocked and how long it took me to clean it out.

  • Yep

  • More than half of it was blocked, that's why I ways fit a Fenda Extenda now. :)

  • Ditching the wind blocking standard front mudguard is worth doing and to splice it straight into the other fan make sure you check the current being drawn to fuse size otherwise if it's too much your fuse will keep blowing