Pat McCullagh created a private event for The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society.


9 people might go · 14 people going

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  • I'm up for it if my Z is finished by then. It's only 50 miles away.

  • i'm in

  • Great news Al, security will... be looking out for what you're riding :D

  • you might not let me in coz it's not standard

  • If he turns up on his Honda Pat we can hide it among all the slower C models.

  • Long as at least one of us can say 'yep, that started life as a Zed'... yer in!!! :D :D

  • Aannnd we're off!! Lol... Oh yea Steve we'll be needing a plan all right

  • Take a tarpaulin.

  • i've already tried that

  • would love to but 380 miles one way is a stretch tooo far for me.....dam it!!!

  • I know Kevin, maybe we'll do something for the boys in Scotland one day. Why not do your own like Dave did in Ireland. How many of you are there across God's (other) country? ;-) I'd certainly make a point of getting to that!

  • there`s a thought, will give us something to plan during those cold winters nights Pat ...

  • Keith Caheny fancy a trip across the water?

  • Kevin Merchant if you plan a meet up for 2017 count me in I'll have a run up

  • You never know

  • If you're serious and you can raise a few numbers I'd do a 1st Class shop around for accommodation

  • Just to keep the fire 'lit' regarding this 'proposed' date/meeting, there's a couple of lads already pencilled in to stop with me here in Worcestershire the night before and maybe the night after and to ride down on the Sunday morning was the plan so if anyone else was interested, I could have a cheaper B&B arranged here instead of in London which is a 200 mile round trip there and back. (all motorway though mostly).

  • I have never seen so much beauty lined up!! (not the guys LOL)

  • We'll be trying for a bigger turn-out next time. Here's hoping

  • I've put it in my diary, something to look forward too.