Pat McCullagh created a poll in The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society.


How much support is there for Al's logo with the 2 Zeds on. Simon Holland is to do another so we may have to vote again but that's ok we have lots of time before the Ace Cafe ride or in fact the get-together at Joey's bar for our counterparts on Ireland.

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  • Never done this before. Somebody test it for me? :-)

  • Ideally , we need about 3 or 4 versions to compare, not loads, just other options. And go with the majority vote. :)

  • No problem Colin, where can we get some other ideas? I'm thinking that whilst I've had ideas about this in the past I had never given it the time to think it through properly and it does require a lot of thought. I had the idea that if some people wanted something for the Ace run then for now let's just run with something for now until we get a lot more ideas through.

  • I'd just give their designer a jist of what is required and then say yay or nay.A line drawing would be nice, can't wait to see Simon's drawing.