Pat mccullagh

Pat mccullagh

Hi I just wondered if there were any plans for a meet up with group members around Manchester/Birmingham I know about the Ace Cafe around the 26th April

I would love to make it just a bit far for me I'm about 6-7 hrs away that's without stopping.

  • Are there any meets in Scotland?

  • Pat McCullagh try google maps .. I've used it for the forum .. You just make an account for my maps in Google and bob's ya dad's brother ..AL..

  • Ok Al, it's probably best though to stick to the motorway services as e.g. the museum would mean pulling the guys a bit far East. I mean nothing to stop them meeting another few there and then pushing on to say a m'way services to hook up. Normally it's against the law to go to the Ace on motorays and we normally try to choose some good riding roads and others could do that it's just that for me I have this 'get there early' thing in my mind to get us that good spot as recommended by Linda Wilsmore.

  • Nothing I've heard about Dennis but it only takes one or two to get together and put up a few suggestions.

  • I'm up for it Dennis Sullivan I live in Whitehaven Cumbria the border is only 50 miles away

  • Stephen Parr do you use the zzr-rg coz I recently put someone on the map for your area

  • Hi Al

    Don't know what you mean ZZR-RG?

  • Forum

  • No mate I'm just on here but I'm sure there's a chap on here from Whitehaven also can't remember his name

  • There's a few people on there that don't do FB .. So we are letting them know about the rides we are planning .. More the merrier .. I was bored with FB till I joined this group .. So now I just come on here to post to the groups I belong to and keep in touch with actual friends