Thinking about getting a set for the dub, i wanted something that goes with the bike so possibly leather, I have a pannier rack on the bike already, any recommendations?


  • depends what you need them for... Hard, soft, easily removeable saddlebags... the options are many. My rough-looking W likes her British Army soft panniers for instance. I can easily switch them from one bike to the other, and they have a bunch of pocket all around. They are waterproof too (I can confirm that after two heavy downpours this past weekend). For 40 quid at Silvermans, they meet my needs and are awesome value for the money (This is my third pair as friends keep buying them off me!) ;)

  • Yeah thats the kind of thing as my dub isnt mint by any means

    Oooh they do online as well..... Thanks Jack!

  • Anytime Jezz... Avoid the black ones which are very used and dyed black. Go rather for the "as new" olive green version ;)

  • Ah I was just umming and ahhing over those! Thanks again

  • Nice but yeah a bit pricey!

  • I went with givi e21 panniers. Not soft but they look ok.