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changing turn signals on an 05 ninja 250?

Has anyone changed their turn signals to look better, flush? I'm gonna change my front turn signals into flush mounted ones i got on And i'm also gonna change the rear ones to. I'm taking off the "pods" and making the two outside brakelights into turn signals. Has anyone done this before? I got orange lenses to replace the red ones.

  • Yup. did 'em love 'em

Hello from Italy — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

Hello from Italy!!

Hello guys!!

I'm Patrizia from Italy (Milan), proud owner of a Ninja 636 my 2004 (her name is 'Speedy').


  • Ciao a tutt,i ci sono anch'io sono sono un felice possessore di una 636 del 2003 chiaramente verde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hello to everyone! i'm a zx6r '07 rider! living in frankfurt (germany), hope to find some ninja riders in my area! :)

  • Ciao a tutti, sono Riccardo da Roma fiero possessore di una ninja ZX-10R, naturalmente super verdona!!!

    Hello Guys, my name is Riccardo, I'm from Rome and my motorcycle is a ninja ZX-10R, naturally totally green!

Trips — Kawasaki Z750 and Z800 Owners


I am planning a 30day tour in europe starting september...

Anyone care to share riding expierence?

Places that are a must to vistit, bikerfriendly hotels-campings, roads that are a z-riders dream. Things like that.

My favourite road is whitout a doubt the : le gorges de l' Ardeche!!! rdeche_Gorges

Belgian Z750 owner

  • Did you go ? What did you find ? Anything to pass on to other Z750 riders ?

Fuad If you have never ridden a motorcycle before I would take the MSF class... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

Fuad...If you have never ridden a motorcycle before I would take the MSF class for beginning riders. If you know what your doing on a bike then yeah 250R is a great bike. If you dont' think you are going to keep it for a while and want to save some money buy used that way you can trade it off for nearly as much as you buy it for if you hang onto it for a year and trade up. Good luck!


Didn t make it to The Lake District decided it was a little too far However we... — Kawasaki Versys

Didn't make it to The Lake District - decided it was a little too far. However, we did get to Snowdonia! We rode about 500 miles in total and both bikes did really well. The V was fully loaded but cruised happily up the M1, M6 and M54 at 80mph + and then was really smooth as we moved into the hills and valleys on the A5 to Capel Curig before heading to a campsite near the village of Beddgelert. Sunday we did a round trip over the Llanberis Pass to Caernarfon, Pothmadog, Portmeirion, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Betws-y-Coed and back to the campsite. Monday back to MK vis Porthmadog, Dolgellau, Welshpool, Shrewsberry and then back along A5, M54, M6 and A5 (rather than M1). While it was a little windy and wet the scenery was spectacular and to be recommended.


The 500 Ninja is a great bike for beginners females I started out on a 95... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

The 500 Ninja is a great bike for beginners & females. I started out on a '95 Ninja 500 when I was 14. However, I've got a '05 ZX6R 636 now & it is 'super quick'. Guess it just depends on how you ride. To each his own. Brad, if you like ride just to ride, I can't knock that, but if you've got a racey style of riding, you'll want to step up to a 600 pretty quick.


bu motora hastayım motor deil canavar sanki 100 km ye 3 2 sn de çıkıyor... — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

bu motora hastayım motor deil canavar sanki 100 km ye 3.2 sn de çıkıyor ferrari bugatti lamborcini falan hepsiyle eş değer max hız 320 die duydum ama dahada basıyormus forumunda 1 abi ile konustum onda varmiş bu motordan dio eğer 1 ci viteste elin hafif gaza takılırsa yapıcağı hız max 140 dio 1ci viteste dedim yuh abi naptın ya öle dio bunun 2 si var 3 ü var 4 ü var 5 i var 6 si var dedim ee bu kaç basıyo dedim valla ben en fazla 290 yaptım ondan fazla yapmadım korktum zaten bu motoru alırsan ömürün 1 yıl dio kesin kaza yapar ölürsün çünki altındaki makina canavar illaki zorluyosun makinayı dio şaşırdım gerçekten güzel alet ama japonyada üretiliyo ve kawasaki japon markaları arasında biraz kötü bi marka yamaha honda suziki gibi markalarla yarışıyo ama kalite bakimindan iyi bence ama yamaha r1 de iyi bi motor bence yeni başlayanlar için kawasaki ninja 250 r bence çok uygun


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250 or 600 to commute?

Hey there everyone!

Do people have views on whether a 250 or 600/636 would be best to commute on? Ease of low speed use, ease of lane-splitting, physical size of the bikes, rain commuting, comfort currently on a 250 which is great for the above but thinking of moving to a 600. Still has to be good for the commute job though....THANKS!

  • 250 Ninja dominates all, i get like 55-60mpg with my 2001, and luckily it's about spring so I will be able to ride it around soon

  • ^^^^^^^^^agreed^^^

    can't beat 60mpg drivin hard

  • If you can afford two bikes, keep the 250r as a commuter, it beats the snot out of most economy cruisers and scooters and gets excellent mileage. Then get your week-end warrior, you dream machine so to speak. Size matters on the week-end when you are really going somewhere other than work. You buddies will have size envy, you will feel the sheer power between your legs, uhhh, damn sounds like a Viagra commercial, sorry. But you get the idea. When going to work, size is irrelevant, MPG and handling matters more. But.... I only have a short ten mile commute too..... your results may vary! If I had more than ten miles to go each way the 650 Ninja would be a smarter choice probably.

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For Sale:

Kawasaki Ninja,2006,Titanium,Ackrapovic Exhaust,Titanim Sliders,Ohlins Steering Damper...Absolutly Great Condition.

Check the pics below on the group.

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My W650 — Kawasaki W650

My W650

  • The 99 model, love it and the colour, they changed the front fork angle and axle after this model.