Perfect day in Miami — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan


Perfect day in Miami.

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  • Here : snow :-(

  • Its raining here

  • is like 50's here in Dallas Im still going for a ride..

ouR pictuRe duRiNG MRO Ride with Sir Terence Joseph Casim Sir Aldrin Paul... — Kawasaki Fury 125

ouR pictuRe duRiNG MRO Ride, with Sir Terence Joseph Casim, Sir Aldrin Paul Gagasa (w/ hiS GF Lhet2x MauRiciO), Sir Alex Garcia, Laurence Arguelles Frias (w/ hiS GF Faye), Sir Jonathan James Genovata, Sir Alexander Aguilas (w/ hiS sOn) & Sir Danilo Bacanto Jr.....!!! bkt wLa c Sir Michael Ian Cardell Montaño d2 sa pix????!!!! thankz 2 aLL of u guyz 4 i riLy enjOy the compaNy....!

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    mga paps — Kawasaki Fury 125

    mga paps,

    nid ko lang po tulong ng mga expert.nagpatune up ako sa kawasaki caloocan kasi trusted ko na sila kaya lang naobserve ko sa puring ko after a long run at mainit na makina may maingay na kalansing parang sa valve nya continous un pg mainit pro pg bgo plng ung takbo wala nmn un,di nmn gnun un before ko patune up,mdyo ngo lang kasi ung ngtune up skin sa kawasaki.ano po kaya problem at solution dun?sana po masagot nyo para alm ko na checheck ko.TNXS po!

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      mga paps psgot nmn po . 1. san ako makakabili ng GS battery na 7amp. 2 — Kawasaki Fury 125

      mga paps psgot nmn po,(1)san ako makakabili ng GS battery na 7amp?(2)kasinlaki lang b to ng battery ng fury or mas malaki and last thing po,(3)ung fast charging rectifier my bbaguhin pa s wiring ko or palit lng ng stock n rectifier.hirap pa rin kasi ung HID ko,namamatay pg ON ko need pa mg-revolution bago mg continous.TNXS!

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        TOUCH DOWN what a cool ride with FRC again kahit na puro tambay lang ginawa... — Kawasaki Fury 125

        TOUCH DOWN!!!!!!!what a cool ride with FRC again kahit na puro tambay lang ginawa natin,dami ko din natutunan kay idol vez,hehe,,,grabe in just 2 days naka 500kms. ako,whew,,take off ako sa Marilao, Bulacan ng 8:20pm tapos pa gas at yosi break sa pAsay for 20 mins. and then rekta na sa bahay,,touch down ako ng 10:10pm,1 hour and 10 mins, from marilao bulacan to san pedro,hehehe....

        traffic status:moderate

        average pacing:100kph

        mga mamaw na mc na naka gauge:fury,sniper,honda wave(BBR).

        touring mode na sana ako nung naandito na ako sa san pedro kaso nga lang biglang inovertakekan ako ng honda wave tapos pininaan pa ako,patulan ko nga,hehehe,,ayun napahiya tuloy siya ng wala sa oras.buti na lang at magkaiba kami ng way at di xa umabot sa teritoryo ko kung hindi may magpupulot ng balat at laman sa kalsada for sure.

        thanks sa mga sumama,lalo na dun sa mga sumama na hindi nagsabi na sasama sila,sa mga nagsabi na sasama sila pero di naman sumama eh ABA,mahiya naman kayo dun sa kagrupo niyo na nag-iisang sumama,,bato bato sa langit ang tamaan,,,sapul,hehehe :P

        special thanks to my dear Akire Angamal,love you ^_^

        and to my KR,you're the best dude,

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          ask lang mga sr and master pag pinabago b ang kulay ng flerings madali lang i... — Kawasaki Fury 125

          ask lang mga sr and master pag pinabago b ang kulay ng flerings madali lang i ayos s LTO ang change color kc ipapa repaint ko n yung sakin kaso kanina nung binababaklas ko n yung flrings para i pa repaint may nag sabi n mahirap daw baguhin s LTO kaya d ko p\muna pinabago yung kulay baka kc mag kaproblema ko ng malaki service p mandin c furing ko

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            ano po pala pinaka mataas na rebore ng ar. ipaparebore ung akin ng. 75 — Kawasaki AR80 Riders

            ano po pala pinaka mataas na rebore ng ar?ipaparebore ung akin ng .75.may itataas pa ba yun mga sir. TIA

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            • Froilan Sanpedro 52.5 po ba? ano po piston ang ginamit nyo? malayo na po ba ang takbo nyan compared sa stock na piston ng ar? safe pa ba yang rebore nyo sir?

            • pre un akin nka 52.5 na halimaw na nga un.pwede png sagad hngang 52.75.

            • anong piston sir ginamit mo?stock block pa rin ba?

            New chrome regulator cover — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

            New chrome regulator cover

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            • I was telling Bare an he said he knew it wouldn't fit some models. That must have been why. Sorry. It is one of those things that untill you see it covered you never pay it any attention but after you see the option you have to have it. I hate waiting on Fed Ex. LOL

            • I found out the hard way about the cobra bars not allowing the cover to fit! :(

            • I had the same thing on my 1600. Had a set af lindby bars on it and loved the look an feel. I ordered a set forward control and when they came in I had to choose. One or the other. Wouldnt mount in the same location.

            This is what I am looking for when I can t ride the bike snow is on the way — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

            This is what I am looking for when I can't ride the bike, snow is on the way.

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            • The leaning tower of power! Dodge slant 6.

            • might need a couple more jerry cans tied!

            • I wish I had that truck and you had a better one. That is some cool ass ride. Congrats.

            Stephan Pohl shared a link to the group: Kawasaki ER 5. — Kawasaki ER 5

            CoCo ihr super Body, purer Sex extrem waffenscheinpflichtig und sie liebt Motorräder. Kalendershooting:

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            • ...die DAmen können niemals motorrad fahren ... mit den hupen schon gar nicht ... :-)

            • ist doch egal, ist halt nur was fuers auge

            • Ich bin noch später dran, aber:

              Bäääääh, was bin ich froh, dass ich sowas nicht mit mir rumschleppen muss....!

              Jede Frau, die sich in irgendeiner Form sportlich betätigt, weiß, was das für ne Belastung sein kann bzw. IST. Aber mit so nem IQ kurz überm Knäckebrot muss man ja irgendwo anderes Volumen haben. ;)

              Außerdem müssen echte Frauen FETZEN! Über die "für's Auge" rutscht ihr doch dreimal drüber und dann wirds langweilig, weil man sich sowieso nichts zu sagen hat. ;)

              Und nun allen ein schönes Wochenende mit der RICHTIGEN Frau, die dann auch Motorrad fahren und nicht nur saudumm gucken kann.

              Für mich gehts jetzt mit meiner Dicken ab nach Berlin und dann 24h-Rennen (Endurance Day) am Lausitzring mit Team Parthen - Startnummer 100 also bitte die Daumen drücken (am besten Samstag 18 bis Sonntag 18 Uhr)!!! :)

            Latest Pic of the bike — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

            Latest Pic of the bike

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            • Taking a stab at it....Cobra pipes....Thunder intake....turn signals.

            • Tina's correct. Cobra speeder shorts, thunder tornado intake. I removed all the stock turn signals when I bought the bike back in 05. The rear blinkers are integrated into the LED tail light. The blinkers on the front are "bullet" blinkers. There is a mounting bracket that matches the fender bolts (so most of the bracket is up inside the fender, held on by the same bolts that hold the fender in place)

            • Shane, the turn signals look great. It all looks great for that matter.

            Stock vs. Modded — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

            Stock vs. Modded

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            • Tim, you know your shit! (Thunder from down under)

            • The previous Pontiac GTO (mid '00's) was a Holden Manaro...the Commadore replace it.

              Nope, don't know my Aussie V8 Supercar, so I know about the Holdens & Fords.

              My thing is MC history and I specialize in Kawi's since I've been bleeding green for over 30 years....but since Kawi is messing up things and pissed me off this past summer...I may move on to "greener" pastures for the next scooter.

            • The funny thing about my bike when it's on a dyno, it's done at a local independant shop that specializes in Harley.

              The owner & I have know each other for quite a while and he's had a few V2K's on the dyno and is amazed what they put out for power. When he builds an HD motor he can beat either # on my chart, but never both at the same time. He says he can, but it's pushing the limits of the Evo based motor.

              Then his HD buddies ask what's been done to it, and they don't believe that it's stock internally. I just laugh, and look at the owner who backs up my claim.

              Not saying it's a rocket, 'cause many out there can kill it, but it's sure nice passing cars without having to downshift! :o)

            Killians Tide created a poll in Kawasaki Fury 125. — Kawasaki Fury 125

            Mga masters question lang po. anu possible reason nito? let say any gear mapa 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th pag nag freewheel parang nadidisengage yung gear and pag ng gas ulet saka papasok yung gear. freewheel ndi yung halfclutch and even pag ngbreak same din disengage then pag gas pasok ulet kambyo. before rarely happens but now dumadalas na ata. a/f mixture ok naman kasama tune up and change oil. tia!

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