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Hello there,

I need some help in raising £1000 for the British Heart Foundation. All i need you to do is click on this link:

http://www.j3ogn.co.uk/marillion.contest.html (The page will refresh every 6 seconds)

The more views my youtube video gets the better chance i'll win the contest. £1000 of which i'll donate to the British Heart Foundation.

Why the BHF? Because i had a cardiac arrest at age 17!

Please feel free to comment on the video via a direct link:


Thank You!!

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    hi to you all from stockport near manchester i own a 07 plate best bike ive... — Kawasaki ZZR1400

    hi to you all, from stockport near manchester...i own a 07 plate,best bike ive ever had. and ive ad a few...done 8500 miles 2 big trips around europe... plannin on doin a trip next year...fancy transylvania(dont know why always fancied goin there).... ive had a paint job due to the fact i damaged it last year, and kept gettin pulled out on it was all black......its got an akropovic system, and power commander fitted. just recently had it dynod 167 at the back wheel!!!!

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      PIPES — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan


      Anybody know a link that lets you hear sound clips of some aftermarket pipes for a Vulcan? I'm looking to enhance the purr of my 04 but would like to hear what's out there before shedding my doillars :)

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      • I have the V&H Pro Pipe 2 into 1 on my 2000 1500FI classic. It has the stock baffle and sounds fantastic.

      • Hey Randy, did you decide about your pipes? I picked up some of the BUB Big Willy Dragsters. they are one sweet sounding pipe. nice and quiet when need be but when you want to bark, she screams.

        best of luck looking for the sound of your choice


      • I have Hard Chrome 2 into 1 with a 4in end, it's gives it a low tone but very loud, I have it on my 2003 meanstreak 1500, they run about $700.

      — Kawasaki W650

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      • Wow. I lost my breath when I saw it!!! Gorgeous!!!

      • blinking perfect...

      • This is one of the best I ever seen!!

      TYRES — Kawasaki Ninja Riders


      I've got some new Bridgestone BT-016s at the moment on my ZX6R. Their newest 'hypersport' tyre. I'm yet to have any issues with these yet. They are great. Grip on the road seems endless, and they're supposed to be effective on track as well. I've had BT-014s on my previous bike, they are very good as well.

      What are people running on?

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      • I've the bridgestone BT-015, the previous ones, and the serial tyre that kawasaki provides to this modell.

        For me, it has the enough grip for an non profesional rider.......the 016 are actually a competition tyre.

        For the next one, I'm looking for a compromise between durability and grip.........I still don't know which ones!!!

        Do somebody know which ones???

      • im in the uk, ride my zx7r all year round n it can b very cold and wet here, ive had it since new n luv it. i have had many different tyres on it but the best by far are metzeler racetecs, i av k2's front nd back (medium compound) so am sticking with these. we can buy part worn uns if wanted nd it saves a shed load a cash. i presume the racetecs wud b just as gud on any other ninja/bike, highly recomended

      • Maybe the 021 is a better compromise as far as Bridgestone go. Pilot road I suppose for Michelin.

      Upgrading a 2000 ZX 12R — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

      Upgrading a 2000 ZX-12R

      Hey, I've had my bike for a while and the main problem i cant find any good performance parts for my bike. I tried finding an aftermarket body kit and the only thing i could find was some chinese overpriced abs. I tried looking for things to upgrade performance and have little success. Any other ZX-12 riders can help me out? thanks. Also if you have any advice on some good upgrades at a decent price that would be great. Im already throwing on a power commander with a full muzzy.

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      • I'm scratching my head a little on this one...the 12 makes some sick power as it is...anyway, if you're looking for some good info, go to www.kawasakiworld.com. It is the new version of the zx12R.org site. Lots of good info there. I've been on it since I got my 12. Happy hunting.

        Shiny side up...

      bodywork — KAWASAKI ZXR750


      have just aquired a 1991 j1 model, is a bit of a fixer upper :) and am desperate to find some decent body work if anyone can suggest anywhere to try will be greatfull.

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      • Hi Evan

        If i`m not wrong there is one in Norway at www.japanmotor.no

        They sells used parts and they have -91 j1 model i think...i have a k1 model myself and is picking up some parts at japan motors.

        Anyway...good luck getting parts for your bike...hope you find it=)

      I got an 03 Ninja 500R It s beautiful Or it was until day 3 I dumped it at... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

      I got an '03 Ninja 500R... It's beautiful... Or it was until day 3, I dumped it at about 15km/h I'd venture (I'd rather not say how - embarrassing) It's still my baby but I hurt her pretty bad. Aside from cosmetic damage, the right handlebar is bent about 15 degrees towards me from its original position. The rear left exhaust pipe is also bent towards the bike. It's close enough that I think the swing arm makes slight contact with it when I go over a bump.

      What should I do - where can I find replacement parts? Or should I try to make a claim on it? I'm scared shitless they'll write it off because from what I recall hearing others say, it doesn't take much to have a bike written off.

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