NAGPALABAS ng bagong alituntunin ang Land Transportation Office (LTO) para sa kaligtasan ng lahat ng nagpapatakbo ng motorsiklo sa mga lansangan.

Ayon sa official administrative order na ipinalabas ni Assistant Secretary at LTO Chief Alberto Suansing, binigyan-diin na ang mga lisensya na may restriction Code No. “1” ay tanging driver/rider lamang ang puwedeng sumakay sa motorsiklo o scooter sa lahat ng oras.

Ang iba pang alintunin na nirekomenda ng technical working committee sa pangunguna ni Engineer Joel Donato, hepe ng LTO-Motor Vehicles Inspection Section, sinabi nito na anumang oras, kailangang naka-switch on ang headline ng motorsiklo o scooter habang ito pinapatakbo sa hiway.

“’Yung automatic head on sa mga motorcycle at scooter world rules ito,” ayon pa kay Suansing.

Sinabi pa ni Suansing na dapat hulihin ang driver kung hindi nagsusuot ng anumang protective devices gaya ng helmet, salaming de kulay, damit na may proteksyon, at leather boots, guwantes at kapote, makapal na jacket, at makapal na pantalon.

“’Yung boots at ibang heavy devices sa mga big bikes applicable ’yun. Gusto kong ding sabihin na ’yung rules na sinasabi namin dito ay applicable rin doon sa kanilang mga back riders,” ayon pa kay Suansing.

Sa panig naman ni Donato, sinabi niya na pinagbawalan ng LTO-MVIS ang mga may-ari ng motorsiklo para i-modify o baguhin ang kanilang sasakyan.

Idinagdag ni Donato na para sa kaligtasan ng publiko, tinaasan pa ng LTO ang mga multa at parusa para sa mga lumalabag sa mga patakaran at regulasyon.

Sinabi rin ni Donato na ang mga driver o ang mga angkas na hindi magsuot ng helmet ay pagmumultahin ng P1,500 at kailangang dumalo sa seminar para sa traffic safety na isagawa ng LTO.

Para sa mga mag-angkas ng mahigit sa isa ay magmumulta ng P1,000.

Ang mga sirang accessories gaya ng headlight, tail light, signal light, brake light, side mirror at busina ay pagmumultahin ng P1,000 ang mga violators.

Ang pagbabago sa alinmang bahagi ng orihinal na disenyo ng isang motorsiklo na walang pahintulot mula sa LTO at DTI ay pagmumultahin naman ng P2,000.


word of advice When putting new grips on your rogue BE CAREFUL I broke the... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

word of advice. When putting new grips on your rogue BE CAREFUL! I broke the one tab on my brand new pair and now i'm stuck not riding till I get my new set! and the weather here in northeast Pennsylvania is FINALLY nice!!! THIS SUXXXXXXXX!!!!!!

  • Dan Dan Dan screw the open and close cable adjusters all the way in then install your new sleeve then readjust equaly to about 3/8 " play.


  • lmao!!! Thanks Bare

  • BTW Bare, I already got scolded by my buddy for working on my own bike. He is a harley mechanic and basically put i'm not allowed to work on my own bike. I'm to call HIM when I need something done...lmao!!!

  • ok I got the new grips on today. Thank U Bare. U were totally right AGAIN, as usual. lol

BEWARE OF THIS VIRUS — Kawasaki Fury 125


Guys Share Ko lang Sa inyo, Nabiktima nadin ako neto kagabi. at buti nalang na ayos ko after searching and installing some good programs...

Masakit tong Virus na to, di ka maka pasok sa mga websites na favorite mong pnapasukan mostly mga networking sites, masaklap pa d2 is parang zombie ang PC mo kc mang hahawa ang PC mo. Read nyo ung info below..

Nag download ako ng "Spyware Doctor", at "Avast Free Antivirus", at sabay update. Full Scan. and after few hours. Thank God. Ok na daming infection and detections. Ngaun Virus Free na ako... ^^,

Koobface is a computer worm that targets users of the social networking websites Facebook (its name is an anagram of "Facebook"[1]), MySpace,[2] hi5, Bebo, Friendster and Twitter.[3] Koobface is designed to infect Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, but also works on Linux (in a limited fashion).[4][5] Koobface ultimately attempts, upon successful infection, to gather login information for FTP sites, Facebook, and other social media platforms, but not any sensitive financial data.[6] It then uses compromised computers to build a peer-to-peer botnet. A compromised computer contacts other compromised computers to receive commands in a peer-to-peer fashion. The botnet is used to install additional pay-per-install malware on the compromised computer as well as hijack search queries to display advertisements.[7] It was first detected in December 2008 and a more potent version appeared in March 2009.[8] A study by the Information Warfare Monitor, a joint collaboration from SecDev Group and the Citizen Lab in the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University Toronto, has revealed that the operators of this scheme have generated over $2 million in revenue from June 2009 to June 2010.[6]

Koobface spreads by delivering Facebook messages to people who are 'friends' of a Facebook user whose computer has already been infected. Upon receipt, the message directs the recipients to a third-party website, where they are prompted to download what is purported to be an update of the Adobe Flash player. If they download and execute the file, Koobface is able to infect their system. It can then commandeer the computer's search engine use and direct it to contaminated websites. There can also be links to the third-party website on the Facebook wall of the friend the message came from sometimes having comments like LOL or YOUTUBE. If the link is opened the trojan virus will infect the computer and the PC will become a Zombie or Host Computer.


Noob Question Legal po ba mag palit ng makina ng MC O allowable xa sa... — Kawasaki AR80 Riders

Noob Question : Legal po ba mag palit ng makina ng MC? O allowable xa sa pagrerehistro sa LTO?

Idea ko lang kase is what if you put a LeoStar 2 stroke Engine or 4 Stroker Raider 150 engine (Assuming na possible) sa AR80? wouldnt that be cool?

Ehehehe technically kase mahirap i-maintain ang ar-80 due to be being an MC of the previous decade.

New engine technology + Ar80 Body = awesomeness

  • some engine suggestions, 2s LC 6speed - KMX125. KDX125/200. KX125/250. KR150 and AR125. 2s AC - leostar125. DT125. suzuki X4 (5speed). for 4s. ang hahaba kasi ng mga block. pag XRM type naman, 4speed lng and 125cc. pls note that a 2s engine, ex. 2s 125cc is more powerful than a 4s 125cc. around 1.6x more hp.and a 4s engine is heavier/bigger than a 2s engine. kaya mahirap maghanap ng 4s para sa chassis natin.

  • ah ok. kase pare koy to be honest. I think it was sir red, he told me na may nagbebenta kase ng AC ar-80 sa kanila at a really low price. perfect candidate kase for an engine transplant.

    I cant remember gwah... ui please read this post and remind me of that

    unit, sweldo na sa fri :D

    6th street deka? san un ??? hehehe laguna ako originally point me there naman..

    ou, no question 2 stroke rules sa performance. problem is the rarity of engine parts of the ar-80 stock engine. no question a wave or xrm is alot easier to maintain.

    not to mention efficiency, emission and unfortunately. since kausuhan ng 4 stroke. deemed tunog tricycle ang 2 stroke engines by non-motorcycle enthusiast people.

  • yup sir norman. considered n kc modification un unit mu pagchange engine k na.

si pedro may nkasalubogn n GRO — Kawasaki Fury 125

si pedro, may nkasalubogn n GRO..

pedro:miss magknu serbisyo mu?

GRO, P5o0 s kama, P3o0 s papag, P2o0 s sahig at P1o0 s damuhan..

pedro, gnun b? heto ang P5o0!

GRO, wow! mayaman, s kama ang npili!

pedro, mayaman qa jan! P5o0 yan, limang beses s damuhan.. (oh! dva sulit..)