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Neat spot!

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  • Got that right. Keep the page all kawi , hint hint.

  • The page will always remain Kawasaki :-)

  • As I said to a fellow member, it kind of broke my heart that people from poorer countries who maybe couldnt afford a Kawasaki wanted to join the group, we all have our dreams and even if we cant afford a Kawasaki we can at least be a part of it?.., if any dick heads get in I wont be long in ejecting their arse ;-)

Photos from Ståle Malnes's post — The Kawasaki KV75 and MT1 Forum

Here's my collection of owner manuals and assembly and prep. manuals.

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  • My bike was also road legal in Sweden when i got it. Today I don’t think it is possible to get this type of bike road legal here.

    It is a nice collection of owner´s manuals that you have! I should have the owner’s manual for my bike somewhere I still haven’t found my papers yet and I think the papers and owner´s manual are stored together.

  • Let me know if you find it. Should be interesting to see which one that came with your bike. I think you could get plates again if you find the papers. I know of a couple of KV's in Sweden with plates on them. Lars Boström, what do you say ?

  • To get the bike back on the road again costs about 2 700 skr for all paperwork, "besiktningar" etc. If you don't pay the annual "registerhållningsavgift" ( 65 skr) the bike will fall out of all registers. Getting it back helps a lot if you know old reg. no, but is possible with frame no. also. You start with "ursprungskontroll". agor-och-svar Useful hints: ort-och-ursprungskontroll/Militart-egentillverkat- och-tidigare-svenskregistrerat-fordon/

— Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

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  • Beautiful Ralph, I'll never get there, so thanks for letting me look through your eyes

  • You're very welcome! That's exactly the reason why i share my pictures here.

    I also enjoy to watch pictures of places where i probably never will come to. :)

Photos from Ralph Lehmann's post — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

Another beautiful day in the alps of Switzerland yesterday. Me on my beast and a friend on her Triumph Street Triple. 480 km ride from Germany to Luzern, took the Brünig Pass first. Then Sustenpass, Furkapass - our highest point 2480 m above sea level, and Grimselpass. On the way back we passed the Lake of Brienz and Thun, before we crossed the Scheltenpass at last. Then we continued through Emmental, a beautiful corner of Switzerland as well.

Always good for a holiday. ;)

For anyone who's curious...

Just before that trip i disconnected the lambda sensor and plugged a O2 Sensor Eliminator. I'm also riding without these Butterfly Plates, closed engine air hose and a K&N Air Filter.

No Power commander or other mods.

The beast runs powerful and smooth, better in low RPM in constant driving mode.

The gas use is the same like before.

The engine starts even better on higher mountains after a break then before i did any change.

I'm very satisfied! It's just fun to ride it! :)

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  • Riding a beast in that country should be wonderful

  • Yes, it's wonderful. :)

    You have almost good road conditions and nice twisty turns. It's a good mix of cruise and action with the power of a VN2000... ;)

    I love it!

  • Well, and of course, not to forget about the view... I feel just great in that rough rocky landscape, in the middle of mountain peaks, glaciers and glacier lakes...

— Kawasaki W650

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  • MF!

  • Ma ! , c'est Ferguson ?

  • Massey Fergusons are the best compared to its rivals (at least in my country), many people in the agriculture industry have told me...

OPEN SEASON — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14


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  • Thats the zx 4 yeah

  • kill the beemer kill busa kill ducati..Ohhhh yeahhh

  • 2day my 1. busa ...... (he better had not passed me)

— Kawasaki ZZR1400

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  • wow toppie ;-) I also saw a ZZR1400 Watch on Ebay - but didn't sent it to the Netherlands - I WANT it ;-) but I can't find it.. ;-)

I just put on new exhaust gaskets on my 2006 2000 lt classic I was getting... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

I just put on new exhaust gaskets on my 2006 2000 lt classic, I was getting little bit of popping on the deceleration side. And it fix it I tried other stuff like power commander 3 PC, had it Dino tuned and it still did. But now it is fix no more popping since I put the new gaskets on. It was seeping cold air. Now runs like a champ with my cobra longs!!!

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  • my vn 2000 power commander settings stopped the popping on deceleration .

  • part two

going for a quick ride down to the gulf of mexico. houston sorta the gulf — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

going for a quick ride down to the gulf of mexico ( houston sorta the gulf ) with about 150 say yes. and possible 200 more!!!! BYE WISH YOU WAS HERE MY NINJAS! P.S. IF YOU DO READ THIS AND LIVE BETWEEN DALLAS AND HOUSTON GEAR UP! HEAD DOWN!! TWIST THE RIGHT GRIP AND FIND US, friends just invited me and told me to send the word out. WOOOOOOOORD!

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  • WOW what a night!

  • Scott.., any erection I had would be extinguished at the sight of that mouth coming at me :-/

  • loool

So I m going to GA for 3 weeks and I can t bring my bike Does Kawasaki ever... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

So I'm going to GA for 3 weeks and I can't bring my bike. Does Kawasaki ever rent bikes for a day??

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  • I would probably go for the 1000

  • Well ull b about 4hrs south east of ATL

  • Yeah atl is too far. I'll be loser to Jacksonville or savannah

LMFAO every time i go out with my H D buddys there is allways one of them talks... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

LMFAO every time i go out with my H-D buddys there is allways one of them talks some shit about how i ride a 250cc and then later brakes down trying to keep up with me and little Nina! this has happen 6 times with 4 H-Ds

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  • Unless there riding a vrod screamin eagle they won't

  • I ride with buddies who have a boulevard and an Indian. They have to catch up.........he he he.

  • Well they arnt called "Go faster stripes" for nothing :-p

On the roadliner page because before I purchased my second v2k was seriously... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

On the roadliner page because before I purchased my second v2k was seriously looking at the roadliner or stratoliner which are beast in their own right but looking at the page them seem like a pretty boring group of people, little bit refined if you will. We seem to talk more about performance and maintenance, they seem more concerned with aesthetics and touring, two beasts but different kinds of masters, I'm curious what the vtx 1800 and m109 pages talk about. Why so vastly different interests?

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Time to unleash the beast — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

Time to unleash the beast....

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  • thanks


  • Fuck your Busa!! Lmao.. And you are correct, there are a few nice ones... I'm obviously a little behind on my customization.. My bike is all stock with 4000 miles on it.. Only had it 5 weeks

Whats the best way to clean fuel tank — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

Whats the best way to clean fuel tank

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Interesting reading — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

Interesting reading...

Not only is the new Kawasaki Z 1000 rated... but, there is also an article on those of us who are who are vertically challenged ;)

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  • Just in from a nice ride... it's some strange weather out there... thunder & sunshine... Gotta <3 it ! :o

  • yeah weather sucks, got caught in a thunderstorm on my Daytona, in case anyone was wondering, Diablos suck in the rain

  • Rain sux period... & we seem to be getting a fair amount :/

hi everyone question Regular or premium gas in your bike — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan

hi everyone,,,question-Regular or premium gas in your bike?

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  • Normally 95 but higher in the summer period.

  • Premium always in my 06 Vulcan 1600 classic.

  • My Brother-in-law has a 98 1500 and it runs better and he gets better mileage with lower octane than the higher. My 09 Voyager 1700 runs much better on the 90+ octanes than the lower stuff for sure.

Photos from Frank Bosschieter's post — kawasaki kx 500

Swingarm in ,but plz tell me what yrs used the 17 mm swingarm pivot spindle this one is supposed a 2003 but has a 15 mm one which is ok with me,.. but was there a 2003 kx250 ? With the same swingarm but 15 mm spindle?

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  • wait till its complete as u will need 2 calculate the overall weight of the bike and yorself in full ryding gear for front and rear spring rates.

  • having tuned suspension goes a long way

  • Maybe i should shed some weight first lol

Derick N. Reyes shared a group to the group: Kawasaki Fury 125. — Kawasaki Fury 125

permission to post po sa dmin...

Sa lahat po ng mga nagnanais mag benta ng mga motor nila, mga parts ng motor, gadgets, cars, at gustong i promote ang kanilang product, pde rin po sa mga nghhnap ng mga 2nd hand stuff, selling online, welcome po kau sa group na welcum po kau na mag post dto....

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    Hi V fans. I m going to take my versys in a trailer so i have to tie it — Kawasaki Versys

    Hi V fans ! I´m going to take my versys in a trailer, so i have to tie it... how do you say it´s the best way to do it with out damage the bike. My worry is the handlebar.... i hear suggestions will be great !! thanks a lot !

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    • Ratchet straps are what you need one front and one rear , rear one through pillion footpegs and front one looped around forks, good luck!

    • Nice pic! How about posting it with higher quality?

    • Hey Facundo. What gear and speed did u pop that wheelie at...instructions please....

    I would just like to offer a very warm welcome to all our new members please... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

    I would just like to offer a very warm welcome to all our new members, please take a couple of minutes to leave your location under the pinned post at the top of the group and have a quick scroll down the list for anyone who lives near you, much as I/WE love to see a picture of your bikes that only takes about 2 minutes and it would be great if we could all get something long term from the group.., welcome to our community and have fun :-D

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