Amig s somos 250 — KAWASAKI OLD SCHOOL

Amig@s, somos 250!!!!

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  • Afinando maquinas

  • Webs, foros, etc, hay much@s.... prefiero calidad antes que cantidad... jeje.. Saludos a todos!!!

  • francisco ke envidia tu makina saludos

Photos from Andrew Hurn's post — Kawasaki ZZR1400

ok thought id give you the first chance ..selling scorpion carbon short end cans with link pipes,,,carbon hugger ,lazer engraved zzr1400 heel kick plates ,cnc billet adjustable levers and 1" bar risers,,these will be going on ebay in a couple of weeks so jump in if you want or need anything,reasonable offers

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  • Hi Andy, have you still got the hugger for sale? Cheers

  • Up to now its still here just checking on postage for someone

  • Ok cheers, if it's available I would be interested. Cheers

hello guys ung gusto mag upgrade ng motor try lang swap po engine load ng... — Kawasaki Fury 125

hello guys,,, ung gusto mag upgrade ng motor try lang swap po engine load ng kawasaki aura 136cc ko sa stock niyo, yung my mga gusto offer po magkano dagdag, hindi nmn po ako nagmamadali , .. package ito swap lahat sa mga stock .

28 oko big carb

58.5 option block kit

head port n polish(4 brother/kua bong)

lhk racing cams stage 2

modenas manual clutch kit with primary

lahat po ito ipapaswap ko sa stock

alaga sa oil, lagi nagpapalit taga last month, sabado linggo lang nagagamit ang motor, dahil stay in ako sa manila tuwing weekday

RFS: back to stock

if u interested pm me or text


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    Sape tau td ada kemalangan mtr dn kreta melibat rider racer malaysia mati tk — Kawasaki Versys

    Sape tau td ada kemalangan mtr dn kreta melibat rider racer malaysia mati tk???

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    • Translation?

    • Who knows about deathly accident car and motorcycle involving Malaysia racing rider..? (Something like that..sorry my English not so good =p )

    • Thanks Mohammad!

      I will delete this post in the morning if there are no further comments.

    Photos from John DC's post — Kawasaki Z1000sX

    Kami menghasilkan custom vinyl stiker untuk motosikal besar dan kecil. Harga sticker dalam rim ini mula dari RM60 satu set. Set lining rim luar pula hanya dari RM40 per motosikal.Kami ade pelbagai logo dan warna yang boleh dipilih. Custom work ikut kehendak hati pun tiada masalah. sila wassap 011 28730998 untuk info. Terima Kasih. Layari untuk seluruh list produk.

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      Photos from Kin Choong's post — Kawasaki Versys

      Labor Day ride to titiklawang

      555+ corners taken

      Practicing for more to come in MHS 1864

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      • Bro

        It is locate in negeri sembilan

        Our journey begin from Hulu langat Cheras ampang and you may continue on to rembau return via seremban to kl

      • Oic....thanks for the info..

      • No prob

        Good trail but have to be careful

        Windy corners

      Here it is Andy Meeks. Bogan Australian translation — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

      Here it is Andy Meeks. Bogan Australian translation.

      Could ya please post where ya at, to get other Ninja riding bogans to go for a lap with ya? If ya see otha fullas or sheilas from your part ov the sticks, chuck them buggers a friend request, we wanna make this more ov'a mob a mates than just a group ay. Ta mate!

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      • I think I will do one from norn arghland.

      • Bout ye, any chance of sticking down where yer at and if ya see anyone who's about ye then drop them a friend request, no sweat.

      • Hahahahaha. I apologise. But ya still a yobbo. Hahahahaha

      Photos from Bill Milbourn's post — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

      Sunday ride to mount Lemmon where'd everybody ride today?

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      • I havnt been out on the bike all weekend, good old norn arghland weather pissed down all weekend.

      • Stratford upon avon. A quik 25 mile

      • Neil Plant can I ask you to post your location under the pinned post m8?, cheers.

      makisig b motor mo kaka iba b at angat sa lahat kung mahilig ka mag post nang... — Kawasaki Fury 125

      makisig b motor mo, kaka iba b at angat sa lahat.. kung mahilig ka mag post nang pics nang motor mo na maganda e ito na ang page para sa Kawasaki fury mo.. join the group KAWASAKI FURY 125 "motor mo, show mo" napakita mo n motor mo makaka tulong kapa sa ibang tao na makapagbigay nang idea kung paano iset-up ang motor nila.

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        I was wondering if I could get some help from members who can speak other... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

        I was wondering if I could get some help from members who can speak other languages.., can you please relay the message within the pinned post for all members who dont speakidy English?.., membership seems to be rising but the list isnt getting any bigger, we want to try and get members riding together and posting pics/vids of it to keep the group active..., in the words of Dr Evil.., "Throw me a frickin bone here"...

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        • It seems the more people try to do for others the greater the size of the wall they face :-/

        • I am sorry you feel that way Mike.

        • Like I said bro, you were one of the 10 that nominated me but when your time comes around you bottle it.., conduct unbecoming a member chum :-/

        I ve smashed my rear tail light lense and yep it s a sealed unit 384 for a new... — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

        I've smashed my rear tail light lense , and yep it's a sealed unit $ 384 for a new one , can't get none genuine , it's a long shot but if any one has spare one or knows of any could you let me know , thanks

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        • Breaking it I mean.

        • The paddock stand handle , I let it down to quick , handle went straight through it , lapse of concentration , I'm sure the neighbours would of heard me swearing , any way got a second hand one today from Metropolitan motorcycles. , thanks every one for your help

        • Nearly did that also, modifying the paddock stand, if I'd have done that I would have freaked!

        Photos from Luke Healey's post — Kawasaki W650

        If any of you were curious... The float bowls on the CVK34 carbs come off and down far enough to change out the main and pilot jets (as well as adjust the floats if you needed to) IF you use 3mm hex head screws to fasten them to the carb bodies. I doubt you could get at the JIS phillips screws with any good torque in the confined space. Even the pumper side comes down far enough that the linkage to the pumper has enough movement to allow this. I was able to leave the carbs on the bike when I swapped out my OEM pilot and main jets into the carbs I bought on eBay this week. I made a short flathead screwdriver out of bar stock and JB Water Weld (the handle) and a line from a yellow paint marker. I made the screwdriver for adjusting the pilot mixture screws but it worked for removing/installing the pilot jets.

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        • I've never had carb icing in anything I own, but I also don't ride motorcycles colder than about 35F. Carb icing is probably more tied to humidity than temperature though, correct?

        • Thanks man. My next upgrade is new main jets. Good info.

        • I get carb icing even with the heaters working correctly, I use a fuel additive I get at my local Harley dealer which cures it.

        Mga paps na ka fury ask ko lang — Kawasaki Fury 125

        Mga paps na ka fury ask ko lang

        Magkano po ito pag binenta?

        *full fairings fury red 2011 model

        *stock magneto

        *stock t-post

        *stock front schock assy

        *stock crank case

        *stock underneat

        *stock front shock

        *stock mono shock

        *stock swing arm

        *stock airbox

        *stock manifold

        *stock carb

        *stock cdi

        *grab bar

        *stock foot peg

        *stock head

        *stock block

        *rim set stock

        *stock pipe

        *stock butterfly

        *stock harness

        *stock gas tank

        *stock tail light

        *stock rear fender

        *stock caliper

        *stock switches

        *stock odometer 14k mileage

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          Andy Wright shared his album to the group: Kawasaki W650. — Kawasaki W650

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          • My clear coat after 14 years and 20k miles looks a bit beat up. I'd love to get after the cases like you did but I also know what has happened to me when I've done it to other bikes... they oxidize badly in the winter while being stored in my garage. I was thinking of buying spare engine parts on ebay when I find them and prepping them off of the bike and having them powder coated in clear and just doing a swap over and then keeping mine as spares to do the same quickly 10 years down the road.

          • we both own the same bike: z750 and w650. haha

          • Luke, I machine polished the casings on my 750 Zephyr over 12 months ago and as above used Belgom Alu polish to protect them, mine did not oxidize, just recoat them every couple of months and they will be fine.

          Markó Szabolcs shared a link to the group: KAWASAKI ZXR750. — KAWASAKI ZXR750

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          • Soooo what's the best part? 10-15yr used japan,original pump or new pump from hongkong? I'dont know, but my pump is leaking a gasoline on midle. I need buy the pump....

          • Oh ok....original one is probably made in Hong Kong anyway. Cheapest...should all do the same job.

          • 1993 zx 750 petrol tank should

          Marek Kazmierski shared Down & Out Cafe Racers's photo to the group: Kawasaki W650. — Kawasaki W650

          what do we think?

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          • "I put the best suspension on the market on my bike but I just cant get this seat and tank to line up"

          • I like... there isn't much left of the original, but I like it :)

          • Hmm, while I'm a big fan of the single-sided swingarm, it looks strage on a W. Points for creativity though!

          My girl showing at Earls Barton Festival of Transport — Kawasaki W650

          My girl showing at Earls Barton Festival of Transport.

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          • A Panther (green), a Triumph then Ariana my girl.

          • The pale blue/ yellowy gold is a early 1960's Honda, only done in that colour for 1 year. The Panther & Honda belong to members of the m'cycle club I'm in. x

          • I really like the look of that panther it is very much like a W650

          Hier ist mal meine ER 5 — Kawasaki ER 5

          Hier ist mal meine ER-5 :)

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          • wenn da jetzt nicht der Aufkleber vorne drauf wär, tät ich schwören: is meine ;) :D

          • Ja ist noch genau die gleiche :D bekomme aber einen neuen Auspuff :D

          — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

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          • Connecticut? I am in Australia so you have to spell it out! lol

          • Ir my favor color

          • Yea.

          Jordan Kostic shared a link to the group: KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA. — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

          May be of interest to those of you that ride the beast.

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          • New Ohlins 200 series front forks with 30mm NIX internals (Springs - 9.50 N/mm)•Öhlins 30mm NIX Cartridge Kit inside

            •Compression, rebound and preload adjustments

            •Weight and stress optimized fork bottom design

            •All adjustments are made at the top of the fork

            •Reduced weight

          • FGRT207 for ZX14/R

          Finally managed to get a picture of me and my bike today at last great weekend... — Kawasaki Z1000sX

          Finally managed to get a picture of me and my bike today at last. great weekend up in London catching up with friends and family and breakfast as usual at the ace cafe when im up. packed, with a british legion day on. cheers to Darren Mcmahon for the picture.

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          • it most certainly was and the last ABS model in the uk

          • Tried calling you knob I might stay the tie nights

          • tie nights ?

          hola queria hacer una consulta mi moto anda un caño si la usas a 110km h si la... — Kawasaki LTd 454 Vulcan 500 fans

          hola queria hacer una consulta, mi moto anda un caño si la usas a 110km/h si la pasas de hay entra a calentar el agua y me la tira afuera del tacho, no esta soplada la junta y es nueva la bomba de agua, alguien sabe q puede ser? o que le paso lo mismo? gracias!!!

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          • No, la tapa del radiador, como la de los radiadores de los autos, si mal no recuerdo (fue mi primera moto) estaba bajo la cacha de plástico al lado de la columna de dirección del lado derecho, alguien que confirme...

          • Si fernando exacto

          • Ramiro Dutruel, ¿lo solucionaste?