Photos from Khun Tom's post — Kawasaki Versys


New RK X ring chain and JT sprockets. The rear sprocket is smaller. 46>45t.The versys is to low geared for me. It took 3 gear changes to get through an intersection. This way it has smoothed it out a bit, but kept it's character. It may help top speed and mileage a bit too.

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  • Looks better also.

  • The gold chain I could take or leave. But I do like the black sprocket. Makes sense as they end up black anyway.

Photos from M.d. Tagle's post — Kawasaki Fury 125

Tumatanggap din po ako ng order para sa ibang motor ng Kawasaki. Pang ninja, rouser, bajaj, barako, aura, klx. Mas mainam kung may picture at pakisabi din po ang year model ng motor. Salamat sa mga nagrerecommend sa akin sa mga kaibigan nila na may motor same sa mga nabanggit ko. Hindi ko kabisado ang price ng lahat pero mamaya pwede kong itanong. 09256001202 no ko. Open na po for inquiries. :)

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    secondary butterflies. remove them or not. pros. cons — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    secondary butterflies... remove them or not? pros? cons?

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    • I can tell the power increased... Thanks to all n a big big thanks to Bare Carr for sharing he's knowledge... U have my respect! Right on ride on brothers

    • Ride safe and have fun! :)

      I'm just waiting for better weather here. It's raining the hole week... but looks like Sunday it'll be better.

    • Its cool but working the up coming weekend but look out Monday...flapping my ears

    — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

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    • Pipes...its duals n sounds Awesome

    • Sorry E, just noticed the other one. What brand r they?

    • Scorpion

    I just ordered Michelin road pilot 4 I hope they will be good tires I also... — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

    I just ordered Michelin road pilot 4, I hope they will be good tires. I also need help or comments on airhawk seat pads. I want to get some but I don't now what size to get. I have a 09' zx1400.

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    • How much is something like that. Looks comfy

    • Is that a new seat and wer do I get one

    • Thanks

    Where I live there is a couple of young lads who ride scooters several times... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

    Where I live there is a couple of young lads who ride scooters..., several times a day I hear the monotonous drone of their scooters going back and forward past my house.., its like having a manic depressant outside your door all day long :-/

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    • Lmao

    • lol

    • lol...... Next time if you see em' on the street say... " Excuse Me ... Can you cross ur legs ? ... I think ur panties are showing" ;)

    — Kawasaki Versys

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    • Where r U going :)

    • Don't miss that next right ;)

    • Awesome picture by the way!

    and by the way i am 5 10 and weigh 200 lbs so yes iam a big girl and hold my... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    and by the way,,i am 5 10 and weigh 200 lbs,so yes,,iam a big girl,,,and hold my own,,lol

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    • it doesnt take long went from q c90 boulevard to v2k, was intimidated but within a short time felt like any other bike

    • V2K will spoil you. Everything else feels too small after a few years on the beast.

    • think the hp on m109 is more like 105 same as v2ks before 2008

    Assembly towcase — Kawasaki Z1000sX

    Assembly towcase,91.msg91/topicseen.html#new

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    • Wow! Is it stable at high speeds?

    • I juste made 1000 km with it for now, and with no charge, I went from Bretagne (France) to Dinant (Belgium)... I got up to 160km 100 miles/h and it was ok. I will know more about it on our next trip in the Pyrénées (France) next month, we will be the loaded with lugage.

    • Awesome!

    So after work today I am going to go look at an 07 ZX6R with 12 k Miles on it — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

    So after work today, I am going to go look at an '07 ZX6R with 12 k Miles on it. Its at a dealership. I was reading into some forums and read that is had some head gasket issue - but it was recalled and a free fix. I cannot seem to find any more info though. Anyone else have some input on this year? Any other issues i should think about (other than kick stand length, read it is typically too long), I also read the stock seat height is 32.3 inches. Which is about 1.8 inches taller than my current bike (Which is cool because I will be able to tip toe with BOTH legs and be comfortable). I am 5'1 lol. This is also about 50 more hp above my 500 so that is a bit of a step up for me as well. I am quite ready for a 6. The 500 has treated me well, but it is not meant for how I ride, (or want to ride).

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    • who cares. its beter than my 500 lol

    • Dyno here gave 99.4 100% stock before i started my build

    • nver trust

    Ok Guys this is a first Rode in a poker run saturday and met a LADY who rides... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    Ok Guys this is a first. Rode in a poker run saturday and met a LADY who rides a 2004 V2K

    Cool Paint Job !!! Tina Morgan Burton

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    • What pipes ya got on there Tina Morgan Burton?

    • A nice Ride is this in Susan G. Komen tradition ? It looks like a Salute to the cause,,,,

    • nope,,pink is my fav color,,,and no one has one like it,,,,i can bet that!!!!

    Photos from Timo Rahkonen's post — kawasaki kx 500

    This is mine, someone said it is 1990 but who knows... I will give her a complete rebuild.

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    • 96 or 97

    • KX500E002471 is the number on the frame, stamped on the steering head column. Does that say something??

    • gold forks were on the 90 blue were on 91-92

    — kawasaki kx 500

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    • This KX project goes on:

    • Amazing what a bit of paint does !

    • I need jug and piston

    Hi this weekend made the first Miles with my 2000 and coming from a meanstreak... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    Hi this weekend made the first Miles with my 2000 and coming from a meanstreak, I can only say What a Great drive

    Riding a rogue is a pleasure after a meanstreak

    Taking the twisties with eas

    Not putting the floarboards to the tarmac just yet but i am not far of

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    • I'm doing this weekend, 72000 km fully on the journey to Siebengewald.

      I previously had a mean streak, before I got myself in September 2005, VN 2000.

      The first tour so were 320 km at a stretch. It has 5.3 liters / 100 km needed. In the Mean Streak ware around 250 km empty the tank. I could not believe this is the 2000 so sparingly at first.

    Photos from Keith Brettell's post — Kawasaki W650

    Can't beat a bit of bling.

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    • Made them on my lathe.

    • Reminds me of Henry Coles Gladstone Motorcycles they have bits of polished brass, not much for the bike but it has some nice touches. =ts

    • The clock I have and love but a gold ring.. am I that ready to commit.... Ha...ha...

    Mga masters patulong naman oh kailangan ko lang ng advice nyo Silver kasi... — Kawasaki Fury 125

    Mga masters patulong naman oh, kailangan ko lang ng advice nyo.. Silver kasi nakalagay sa O.R. ng fury ko, kaso gusto ko bihisan si puring ko ng ibang kulay na malayo sa silver, birthday gift ko kasi sa kanya new look.. hehe! Paturo naman kung ano dapat ko gawing move sa LTO pra legal ung gagawin ko na mgchange color ng fury ko.. TIA sa mga comments..

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      My W loitering with intent in a back alley — Kawasaki W650

      My W, loitering with intent in a back alley...

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      • Did you digitally-erase the kick stand in this photo?

        And the rear tyre looks like it's barely touching the floor/ground... looks 'floating'... or is overly inflated...

      • Hi Azlan Ramli yes, it was just a quick Photoshop to take out the stand. You're right about the 'floating' rear wheel. Taking another glance at it, I realise I could have done that better >_<

      • Naaah. No worries. I was just curious. Old habits and a bit of OCD in me saw them.

        The bike looks very nice, anyway... :)

      Altra novita del 1986 — KAWASAKI OLD SCHOOL

      Altra novita' del 1986

      Kawa GPz 500 S

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      • Está muy chula, en cuanto la mia petardee la tiro unas fotillos y mientras espero que alguien se anime y ponga fotos de alguna de ellos

      • Es una buena moto sobretodo para gente que se inicie en el mundillo..y el bicilindrico en paralelo es muy rabioso..a las gs 500 se las pule con papas

      • Que grandes estas 500... se siguen fabricando tanto la GS como la GPZ... por algo será

      A clanking sound associated with shifting into 1st from neutral is normal — KAWASAKI ZX-14R OWNERS AUSTRALIA

      A clanking sound associated with shifting into 1st from neutral is normal.... But what about a loud cranking noise, and the whole bike jerked ??? You could clearly feel the clutch is not aligning with the gear...when you push the shifter slowly..and it makes a huge cranking noise all the way down. The showroom guys see it as perfectly normal.... But I dont... Does the 14 really shift that bad??? In other gears also sometimes shifting in and out is glass smooth and effortless, but at times it makes a loud thud sound and the shifter feels loaded and heavy, especially while shifting into 3rd and fourth. Worst, sometimes the gear would get stuck in the middle of nowhere, so rigid that the shifter wont budge no matter what amount of force you put on it... The gear indicator on the display would go blank...and then after maybe a second or three, it would shift by itself very noisily... What is to be done??? The bike is only 3 months old and has done 3 ks.... Never raped the bike. Never. And the problem was there when I picked it up from the showroom right on day 1. I had pointed it...but they had said it to be normal.... Are'nt they abnormal???

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      • Well , when I do an oil change , I notice gear changes are harsh , after 500 K it smooths out

      • Sounds like chain tension problem

      • Nothing will fix the clunk into first from stationary, but I found once I changed type/brand of oil, gear change while moving improved significantly.


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      • La pinza , esa gran desconocida

      • como frena esa cabrona ;)

      • Si que frena bien y tiene buen tacto

      Patrick Mcclure shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Versys. — Kawasaki Versys

      A nice little road the group took Saturday - of course the Versys was best looking bike there :)

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      • It looks that this is USA,which state?

      • Alabama, Little River Canyon state park.

      • Nice road,thanks for the info bro