Just installed the lowers Buffeting diminished A LOT Still some at 70 80mph... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

Just installed the lowers. Buffeting diminished A LOT. Still some at 70-80mph but very tolerable. The only issue was that I had to get new screws to mount them. Apparently mi windshield has slightly smaller threads on the right side and I destroyed the heads trying to screw the factory ones.

  • I bought the lowers & mounts from Memphis Shades and yes, they made a huge difference.

Jim O s post reminded me of last weekend I was out for a ride by myself and... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

Jim O's post reminded me of last weekend. I was out for a ride by myself and had one beer more than my self imposed limit of one (a total of 2) when riding. Feeling a little frisky I was following a young man on a crotch rocket of some sort, it was a 650 anyway. As we were heading into the country he was getting ready to pass a whole group of cars. When he turned his hat around and bent over his tank I gunned it and got right on his ass. We went around the first two cars and had to pull in for oncoming traffic then out again for another three cars. Then the long straight away and he was had. Finally he let off and pulled back next to me asking what the hell was that!! But the best part was when we passed the pickup with the Harley emblem across the back window, I was sitting straight up like we were doing twenty through town and acting like nothing was happening. They were pretty amused and giving the thumbs up.

  • Because riding impaired by one beer didn't make you a good enough rider, you had two?

    Hopefully the ONLY one you end up killing is yourself.

    ALWAYS separate drinking and riding, impairment starts with the first drink.

  • I liked it - not necessarily the drinking part but the "keeping up with the 650. Those are race machines.

  • I had a Suzuki 600 try it with me last fall...I saw him coming up from behind (I was already traveling 70) and just as he got beside me , I rolled the throttle open....I let off around 120, and there was probably 150 feet between us by then....he then (finally) went screaming by, while I was coasting down...It was like he brought a knife to a gun fight...some like to talk sh!t because the Rogue is a V-twin, but they forget who makes it

Saw a guy at an intersection yesterday He was riding a Vulcan 900 Sounded... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

Saw a guy at an intersection yesterday. He was riding a Vulcan 900. Sounded good for a 900 and he gassed it to show me how loud his bike was. If he only knew that my bike would eat his for breakfast and come back for seconds....

  • Hey Rob, I'm all in for the 2 wheels thing. I used to ride a '96 Suzuki Intruder VS800. Quick little bike but I would never think about boasting that bike against something like the beast I have now... I just thought it was funny that when he saw me to his right at the intersection, he then decided to rev it up and take off like a bat outta hell. I've got V&H Powershots on the beast and could have easily drowned him out but I'm not into that and I don't think that he really knew that I was on a V2K. Regardless, I thought it was funny. Could have blown his wheels off.

  • Jim, if you can believe the tests in magazines, that lil vs800 is quicker in the 1/4 than our V2K's.

  • Hey Ron, I can... That little VS800 was very quick off the line but it sounded really small compared to the beast. Still got a chuckle outta the guy at the intersection.

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I cannot post photo to facebook as it is difficult to access in Viet Nam. Could you guys please let me know the name of the two following parts (the chrome steel covers) and where I can get those parts? That's because those parts of my bike are little rusty. Thanks a bunch for your comment.

  • You can use the official online parts catalogue:

    http://www.kawasaki-motors.com /for_users/partscatalog/kmj/ht ml/PCSearch.html

    You can even check parts price, but you have to find a dealer to order them

  • The parts you are looking for is "head light holder" and "coil cover", but usually the head light holders are black, they are only chrome on the special chrome version... you might need to confirm that.

  • Thanks you so much Bman. With your suggestion, I have found some websites which sell OEM parts and now have to consider which one to buy from :). Tks again :)

Hey Bare got a loss of power above half throttle Acts like a fuel filter that... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

Hey Bare, got a loss of power above half throttle. Acts like a fuel filter that's plugged. Except tonight I have a whine coming from the fuel pump, so I would figure my pump is going out. Is there a inexpensive source for these. $441 is as good as I have found @ WWW.cheapcycleparts.com

  • took old pump out filed 13 'd it adapted new pump t fit same vis& pressure as old fuel filter is up in front of tank where I can get to it . I like it way better than Kaw's and is adjustable on pressure as not to screw up lines & clamp's

  • Is there any way I can get you to do write up with pictures and part numbers? This will serve to help any other owners in the situation. Thanks Ray! I googled a couple different things and didn't come up with much.

  • Wil try afterI finish project with dreamworks

More UP photos — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan

More UP photos...

  • My wimpy 500...!

  • Better a 500 than no bike at all! ! ! :0)

  • So true, Ron!

  • I had a 550 gPz Kawasaki for years it had 4 tiny cylinders lol I liked the bike

  • Great looking bike. Will surely take you down the road

Now a solo — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

Now a solo.

  • Thanks Alex! The radiator shroud is stock, I just added a chin spoiler. The only companies I know making chin spoilers for metrics are: Barons, Scottworks and Low and Mean, none have it for your bithe VN2000 but if you get a group maybe Chris (from L&M) can make them....

  • Very nice. Love the apes.

  • WOW! Nice bike! What kind of ape hunger on it?

Dear frenz. i do selling car batery. Century. one of the most branded batery — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan

Dear frenz...i do selling car batery...Century (one of the most branded batery)(maintenance free) NS40 RM155 / NS60 RM 175/ NS70 RM250 / 55D RM250 / DIN55 RM250 etc. free delivery n installation.Klang valley (cheras,puchung,subang, serdang,KL,ampang etc).TnC apply.off coz the price is not final.still can negotiable.depend on ur location.or self colection.just let me know.msg me if interested 012 6922710.thx ya.


MGA Master Bakit ganun yung fury ko namamatay yung neutral kapag gingalaw yung... — Kawasaki Fury 125

MGA Master, Bakit ganun yung fury ko? namamatay yung neutral kapag gingalaw yung Manubela(goin' side to side). Minsan namn bumabalik. then habang tumatakbo, minsan napuputol yung kuryente-NAMAMATAY. nakakatakot lalo na kapag nasa gitna ng kalsada, even the Head and signal lights are malfunctioning? help po... mag 3 years na po fury ko. thanks


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this thing really makes the new Vaquero something special

  • check out

    http://vulcannation.kawasaki.c om/Home/#/

    to see if they are coming near you to test ride

  • I went and tested the Vaquero,Nomad and Voyager last weekend. LOVE the Vaquero, rides nice

  • That wheel looks absolutely whicked cool! I am starting to believe in Santa again, he might send me one....