Just letting everyone know we have started the VULCAN RIDERS CRUISING CLUB... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

Just letting everyone know we have started the VULCAN RIDERS CRUISING CLUB QUEENSLAND if you have a vulcan either here or overseas you are more than welcome to join if your an an aussie with a vulcan, let's go cruising

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  • you coming on sunday mate

  • wish i could but im working, will come for a cruise soon though

  • ok no worries

Thinking of going to Sturgis KY rally Some people say its just a big drunk... — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan

Thinking of going to Sturgis, KY rally. Some people say its just a big drunk-fest. Anyone been there?

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  • Tom the rally has been canceld for 2011. Sign onto Sturgis Ky rally and read information postd.

  • I've seen notices saying it's off, then one that says it's on...think I'll call Sturgis COC.


no problem Jhonrhod pag unang rebore na 50 magpapalit din ba ng piston o piston... — Kawasaki AR80 Riders

no problem Jhonrhod, pag unang rebore na 50, magpapalit din ba ng piston o piston ring lang? parang hindi na full ang power ng motor ko ngayon, eh kaya study ko kung need ko na parebore

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  • oo nga kaya di ako makatakbo ng malayo eh baka lumala ang sira, gusto ko rin talaga ikondisyon AR ko, kaso wala naman ako alam na malapit na mekaniko dito sa amin, kaya research muna para do it yourself na lang, hehehe

  • dayo ka dito sa laguna sir..dahan2 ka lng... :)

  • jan, di ako makatuloy dyan sa sunday, laging bad weather pa this week

Attachment Unavailable — Kawasaki Fury 125

i got this 4n pipe last dec 27 2010, nagamit ko sya hanggan march 2011, nag muffler ako kc need ko ng arangkada kasi angkas ko lagi erpat ko from pasig to tunasan muntinula all day work, sa ngayon nalipat kmi sa sto. tomas batangas, ako nalang mag isa nag ride evry wed at saturday ako umuuwi ng pasig, nag balik stock ako kc need q na rektahan at mas maganda performance ng stock sa long drive, naka 14:38 din ako at balak ko na din sana ibenta pero pag isipan ko muna, ndi ko agad binenta yung pipe kc nag babaka sakali ako na gamitin ko pa, maganda kc talaga yung tunog nya at dagdag na arangakada. so na stock ko sya mula march up to now, ayun. pero in general 3 months ko lang sya nagamit. ^^ tnx sa pag babasa ^^

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    mga sir my tanung ako ung AR ko po kc my prob my pumupuntang langis s radiator... — Kawasaki AR80 Riders

    mga sir my tanung ako. ung AR ko po kc my prob, my pumupuntang langis s radiator humahalo sya s coolant ng radiator ko, anu pong ibig sabihin nun? at anu pong mgiging epekto nun s makina? ty. more power AR80 riders :)

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    • ah ok sir maraming salamat po s tip. update po kta ulit :)

    • ung bakal na head gasket ba un????500+ kay jare...tga san ka binroy?

    • sa planta 440 lng kay jare sanpeds nka bli sa shadow.440 lng dn.

    Reasons not to drive past your favorite dealer on a Saturday but you only go... — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan

    Reasons not to drive past your favorite dealer on a Saturday, but you only go around once, right? I named this bike "Upgrade". 2011 Voyager

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    • I'm going to a Vulcan Nation demo ride this sunday, I'll get to test ride the Vaquero,Voyager and Nomad and compare the 3

    • Where is the demo event?

    • In Mansfield MA. But if you google Vulcan Nation you can find out where the tour is headed. They are going all over the states.

    Giacomo Rollo shared a link to the group: Kawasaki W650. — Kawasaki W650

    W800 - Fuel Injection (FI) alarm led is on.. it disappears when the engine is turned off/on.

    we have already 3 known cases in Italy.

    Anybody else is experiencing this issue as well?

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    • apparently.. this is the reason of the recall in italy

    • Kawasaki has identified a potential security problem on the vehicle in your possession and launched a recall campaign aimed at repairing it. On affected units, models 2011, motorcycles fitted with pneumatic tube, the tube of the front tire and / or rear may have been pinched between the tire and the rim during assembly. As a result, the tire may deflate unexpectedly, resulting in potential accident conditions. The repair is to inspect and, if necessary, replacement of one or both tubes. Depending on the model you own, the estimated time to complete the inspection can amount up to two and a half hours. If it is necessary to replace one or both tires and inner tubes, will be accurate care of your Kawasaki dealer to inform you about.

    • this doesn't concern the FI led (?!?!?)

    Attachment Unavailable — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    The Mad Kaw with a new shoe. 215/55/16. Love the ride, but the cornering will take some getting used to.

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    • best thing I ever did went two up for the first time yesterday, and the car tyre shits all over the bike tyre

    • yes it does, I thought riding single was great...much more stable two up....wife's first comment was that the ride felt softer

    • I finally rested at 38 psi with my Michelin Primacy

    Canada Day July 01 2011 — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan

    Canada Day July 01 2011

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    • I worked for Sobeys as a meatcutter in Port Hawksbury with Bob King in 1969-70.

    • I think he died there Roy not that I really knew him personally. I moved to town in 1976 but also spent time here before that when I was in college.

    • Yes, Bob passed away a few years ago. My meatcutting days were over when you got there. LOL!

    Grem Warrington added 4 photos to vulcan LED lights in Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners & riders. — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

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    • it wasn't a kit bought it all separately and installed it

    • Was the install difficult?

    • no not really the most difficult part was running the wires , just have a little patience and quite a few beers LOL