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vulcan 900

check out the "kawasaki vulcan classic 900" group here on facebook!!

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  • Yah, don't forget the 900 series folks! Another nice Kawasaki offering.

    I own a red/black Classic 900LT and love it so far.

    Keep on rollin' everyone and keep it vertical!


  • "Ride with Pride" my VN900....Sarajevo

  • Just got my 09 900 Classic LT, can't wait to start riding

Any Good Looking Exhaust For 2007 2008 ZX6R — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

Any Good Looking Exhaust For 2007-2008 ZX6R

I have been looking around for exhuast for 07-08 zx6r and found that none of them look eye appleaing. I have looked at Two Bros, Yoshi, Akropovic, Scorpion. The only one that looks ok with the bike i though was two bros. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  • hey Matt,

    I have a yoshi carbon rs-5 slip on on my 07 zx-6r sounds awesome notice the immediate performance boost.

TO ALL 07 08 ZX 6R OWNERS — Kawasaki Ninja Riders


please sign this petition to get kawasaki to issue a recall for our faulty valve cover gaskets... numerous owners have complained in the past of oil leaks, getting them repaired under warranty but only to have them re-occur later on. sign the petition so we can convince kawi to actually make a permanent fix for it, so we don't have to worry about it once our warranties are over: ml

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    Hand Guards — Kawasaki Versys

    Hand Guards

    I have been looking for the perfect handgaurds. Has anyone found them yet?

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    What s the best road route — Kawasaki Z750 and Z800 Owners

    What's the best road/route?

    I thought we would compile a list of good roads and routes for taking your bike on.

    Try to post up in this format:

    I'll start off with this one:

    Yorkshire Moors nr Thirsk, 8, Occasionally through the villages

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    • A24, Dorking to leatherhead, 7 1/2, none(that I am aware of)... and then chill at the cafe overlooking the sth downs !

    • <9 /10>

      Just make sue you have enough fuel as there's not many petrol stations :-)


      <8 /10>

    • Agree with Brett about the A24 Dorking to Guildford. Lovely wide road, smooth tarmac, long viewed curves and not much traffic, and you get the view at Newlands Corner.

      Also like the A3 south when get out of London. The bit near hindhead (devils punchbowl) used to be great, but now they're building a tunnel till 2012 and the roadworks drop it down to 40mph for 6m.

    Whats the most you have had out of your z750 — Kawasaki Z750 and Z800 Owners

    Whats the most you have had out of your z750?

    My fastest was 142mph, then it started to rip off my arms at the socket


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    • Had a power commander fitted and threw off the standard can on my 2008 bike. For what it's worth, the Dyno measured 253.6km/h after the mods had been done. The bike only had 1,250km on the clock when this was done, so it will get better as the motor loosens up.

    • Like Raymond,i have seen nearly 260 km/h after adding an adjustable windscreen.really works.

    • 255 KMH according to the speedo :)

    Toronto Area Riders — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

    Toronto Area Riders

    Anybody interested in getting a few track days or street rides organized? Spring will be here soon....perhaps...I think.

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    • I had 2 wheel motorsport in Guelph lower my zx14.

      The bike is perfectly balanced.

      Good luck!


    completely new to motorcycles. O — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

    completely new to motorcycles! :O

    So my crappy car's engine fried and I'm just going to buy a Ninja 250 instead of another poopy car. If anyone could contact me with some basics on them i'd very much appreciate it! :)

    my AIM is thepinkpantherjt

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    • Visit the website its got everything you'd want to know about the Ninja as each generation is about the same mechanically.

    • if this is the first time ever riding a motorcycle (including dirtbikes) definitely get the 250. I have an 08 and its a ton of fun. It keeps up with my dads bmw 1200 until we get to around 60 or 70 but the 250 isnt meant to go insanely fast, perfect for beginners. Also, take the MSF class or any motorcycle training course, they are kinda boring but they help a ton on your riding abilities. Good luck!

    • Im a proud owner of a 2008 ninja 250R. I cant fault it, its a great bike. Although some bolts need swapping for stainless steel cos the originals dont have a great finish on them. Ive been riding 3 years and its my 1st Kwak and the quickness that the power is delivered can sometimes catch me out but I wouldnt have anything else :-)