Any info on the drive belt for VN2K Snapped one today Will buy used if... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

Any info on the drive belt for VN2K Snapped one today:) Will buy used if available:)

  • Hey Ed, I'm going darkside in about 2,000 miles....what tire size did you end up choosing....205, 215, 225? ....I'm leaning towards 225X55X16 directional

  • Tires "grow" with speed Brother Ron. I've been darksidein for over 120 K on vn2k's My personal preference is 205 for the mighty Vulcan. Handles great in turns and good at triple digits. Still looks huge on the bike and I get many compliments with it. I think you would be best served with 205

  • thank you for the info Ed...this has been a big question in my mind for 4,000 must be running a 205 X 60 ? .....sorry to see you broke a belt...apparently the 205 has plenty of "grip"...

Gino Tash Lambating shared a Page to the group: Kawasaki Fury 125. — Kawasaki Fury 125

good pm mga ka furians... Hingi sana ako tulong manalo sa contest.. wala naman siguro naka mio dito, so wala ka competensya..hehehe..

1. like this page..!/yamahamioandme

2. then, like din po tayo dito..!/photo.php?fbid=201966116503946&s et=a.195356330498258.46879.190279741005917&typ e=1&theater

maraming salamat ka-furianz.... God speed..


ano ba ang top speed ng ar80 nyo — Kawasaki AR80 Riders

ano ba ang top speed ng ar80 nyo?

  • hahahaha!!!..pwede tol!!!!...kaw na nagwa-140 Mark!!..

  • @Jose, di nmn bro. Naka yuko nmn ako eh. Pag angat ko nga lakas ng hangin, montik na ko tangayin.. He he he.. Di pa ported un, actually pati ung pipe ko stock pa din, baka kung naka pipe ako mga 500M abot na un.

  • wew kakatakot na si stinger nyn lon..buntot n ln kme ni kager..

Terry Jack shared a link to the group: People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan. — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan

modification and maintenance tips for Kawasaki Nomad and Classic with many general interest tips that apply to nearly all motorcycles

  • Thanks Terry for posting Gadget's Fixit Page. We both used his modifications. Something not on his page was a mention of mud-flaps. I found them very helpful in cutting down the dirt on the bike especially the front mud-flap.

Bitte benutzt nicht mehr die vorläufige Forenadresse sondern nur die neue — Kawasaki ER 5

Bitte benutzt nicht mehr die vorläufige Forenadresse sondern nur die neue ! Danke !

  • gespeichert!

  • wir haben fast jede mögliche addy dies gibt. hoffentlich finden uns gaaaaaaaaaanz viele neue user ^^

  • ... das wird schon klappen!!! Google findet uns bestimmt auch bald gaaanz toll!!!!



From the conventional underbone type, KMPC recently came up with a rather radically designed motorcycle which is perfectly designed for the Filipino market—the Kawasaki Fury 125. An exclusive ASEAN design fashioned with the Filipino bikers in mind, KMPC is certain that the Fury 125 will touch the Filipino riders and will eventually become one of the hottest selling motorcycles in the market.

A crossbreed of underbone motorcycle, the Fury 125 has a unique styling and took two years to develop. It’s most unique feature is the mid-mounted fuel tank, which holds approximately 5.2 liters with lockable cover provide ample coverage in between stops. The mid-mounted gas tank allows the rider to straddle it between his legs and ride the Fury 125 like a standard bike for added riding stability. Its air-cooled four-stroke Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) 125cc single-cylinder motor with its revised cam profile results to added durability and performance while still delivering good fuel economy at 65km/liter. Its stabilizer-equipped swing arm was designed entirely to deliver stability while sports riding. The Fury 125 engine underwent liquid honing treatment on its crankpin and soft nitrating process in its centrifugal clutch housing underwent soft nitrating process for an improvement in the drive train to make sure that an increase in reliability and durability of the motor vehicle is achieved.

The FURY125 is the first Kawasaki underbone to feature a horizontally mounted single-shock rear suspension with 4-way adjustable preload. This new feature allows settings to be adjusted to match the riding situation. Further, this layout contributes to mass centralization. More than that, this latest innovation of motorbike also features the first use of fork guards on an underbone motorcycle, which is normally reserved for larger models. The fork guards and the distinct design of the fork’s outer tubes both contribute to the sporty styling of Fury 125.

Not only is Fury 125 perfect for your sporty getaways, this model is also great for weekend leisure rides or going to the market to buy some errands. A utility box which could house approximately 8.5 litres of handy storage space could be found under its seat and its two helmet hooks integrated into the seat hinge mechanism further contribute to convenience. Its newly-designed tail lamp features integrated signal lamp for sporty looks combined with high visibility for riders’ safety.


TUNE UP — Kawasaki Fury 125


mga sir, kailangan po buh na every month ngpapatune'up ng mot²?...may nakapagsabi po kasi sakin na d kailangan mgpatune'up every month kasi po daw nakaka'kobol daw ng mot²...tama ba un?...anu ba tagalog ng kobol?...heheheh...


Da mir mitgeteilt wurde daß ich in der anderen Gruppe wegen des verwendeten... — Kawasaki ER 5

Da mir mitgeteilt wurde, daß ich in der anderen Gruppe wegen des verwendeten Forennamens nichts zu meinen Forenplänen schreiben darf, eröffne ich hier auch "was eigenes". Also: Willkommen ! :o)

  • Ist vielleicht besser so. Der Kleingeist, der das angeordnet hat, muß ja nicht alles wissen.

  • na Tom, du weißt doch "Such dir doch 'n eigenes Forum!!" :D

  • achgottchen. der hat bald sein forum ganz für sich alleine. so wie der papst seine kirche in afrika x___X man man man

Does anyone know if this bike was sold in Portugal Where can I find a cheap... — Kawasaki W650

Does anyone know if this bike was sold in Portugal? Where can I find a cheap one to customize?


  • Boas...até agora só ainda soube de duas para venda cá em Portugal,uma está no Porto e outra nos Açores e rondam os 5000 euros,ganda mota,linda e transformada mais bonita é !!! boa sorte se arranjares uma.

  • Obrigado

need help. san po kya nkkbili ng oil seal s water pump. and clutch gasket cover — KAWASAKI AR80 RIDERS in the world

need help..san po kya nkkbili ng oil seal s water pump????and clutch gasket cover???? salamat po....

  • ahhh eh sir san nman po kya nkkbili nun??? cnabi q po b s store n mechanical seal n png kawasaki ar80 (model) un kgad ung ibbgay..compatible kya lhat?o my pgkakaiba din...salamat

  • pwd din ung ganun pero my sukat kse un eh..un ang d k pa mga bearing center meron nun eh..kung dun ka bi2li kelangan mo ng sample.huhugutin mo pa ung sayo.kay sising meron nun,dun nga lng un sa taytay rizal tps sa planta ng kawasaki,pwd kta ibili pero panu mo maku2ha sken?

  • sir tga san k po b???pag ngpabili po b aq sau cguradong mgffit???s caloocan po b kaya meron nun?

sir san po ako mkakakita ng gantong pipe. thx tga dasma ako — Kawasaki Fury 125


i need parts can anyone help — Kawasaki AR80 Riders

i need parts can anyone help

  • I'm not sure if they have parts for the 100RR. As far as i know the 100RR is not manufactured here in the Philippines. I also saw a video on you tube for that bike ( =AQ3B39ex18o ). But the owner is from Argentina.

  • I think if you can provide some list of the parts you need, we can ask the Kawasaki plant for the total price.

  • lon tissue oh....

fury 125 carb — Kawasaki Fury 125

fury 125 carb

mga sir, nka yoshi r 28mm po ako at stock lahat ng ibang pyesa.. lumkas ang arangkada.. pero grbe vibration lalo na pg top speed sa 4th gear.. grbe pa pwersa pero parang mbagal n mgtaas ang speed.. ano ho ba sunod na pwdng gawin o palitan para m maximize ang performance.. stock lahat pwera carb.. pati sprocket stock din.. need help.. newbie