So i drive an 05 zx 6r i got into an accident this past season I m in... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

So i drive an 05 zx-6r... i got into an accident this past season.. I'm in autobody classes and i was thinking about repainting the whole damn thing... Question for you all!... White with silver gold and blue pearls... or a Dark burnt orange?


top speed and gear ratio — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

top speed and gear ratio?

what your bikes top speed? or your personal record on a ninja? my personal record is about 310 km/h.

my bikes numbers are : 2000 mod zx12 r ninja

1. 140 km/h 2. 195 km/h 3. 240 km/h 4. 285 km/h 5. over 300 km/h 6. about 340-350 km/h we are 3 friends with identical bikes all 3 have this gear ratio. so i guess its standard. would never go back to a 600 ninja again.

a friend of mine is stupid/crazy enough to test these numbers for me with onboard cam. legal speed limit at test sight was 80 km/h loool .

  • i ride a 07 zx10r, gears r 16-40 which are standard. 1st i hit 164 2nd i hit 230, fucks me wot the rest is, havnt looked afta 2nd


  • I hit right at 100mph on my Ninja 250r with 14-45 gearing, recently went to 15-44 but have not had a chance to see if i gained anything.

I had a 1600 Mean Streak prior to the V2K and the most obvious difference i... — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan

I had a 1600 Mean Streak prior to the V2K, and the most obvious difference i find is the range of power and torque. The V2K is surpisingly "nimble" i find for a bike that weighs 800 pounds, though a 1500/1600 would be more "flickable" I'd say.

My V2K gets better gas mileage than my old 1600 Mean Streak did as well.

Speeds above 85mph are where the V2K really excells, IMO. Not that I'm an Interstate cruiser by any means, but once this bike is in 5th gear it is like having a whole new ride.

I also find that it hauls 2 weeks worth of gear around the country wihtout so much as noticing it.


I have just been out on the V in pouring rain storm force winds and drizzle — Kawasaki Versys

I have just been out on the V, in pouring rain, storm force winds and drizzle. I have done 207 miles today over North Devon, exploring Exmoor, the coast and the back lanes. Even in the crappest weather imaginable, the good old V did her stuff. FUN FUN FUN. Maybe Kawasaki should use the advertising slogan: "The Versys: Makes everyday a good day for a ride!" Now i am suffering the downside, even though superbly comfortable, my old biking back injury kills me, so i am wired up to my "Tens" machine to take the edge of the pain. with a hot chocolate and my feet up. Oh what it is to be a martyr to the cause of motorcycling! Always remember "Never ride faster than your angel can fly!"


I ride a 05 ZX 10 I have so many upgrades on it Of the group of about 10... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

I ride a 05 ZX-10... I have so many upgrades on it! Of the group of about 10 riders i ride with im the only kawi in the group and i love that fact! If anyone has a zx-10 and has pictures of there's let me know i'll trade some sick pictures ive took of me and my buddies riding! There is a couple of video's on youtube of us!!! RIDE TOGETHER! DIE TOGETHER!


Sports Touring Tyre s for ZX 6R 2006 model — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

Sports Touring Tyre's for ZX-6R 2006 model

Has anyone ever put sports touring tyres on a ZX6R 636 06 model?

Also switching to a 120/70 ZR17 front?

I was thinking of putting some bridgstone BT020 on as l do 20-30k miles a year and the std BT014 are shot after 4-5k

Let me know if anyone has done so and the effects if any on bike handling and stability?

  • Hi!

    I would rather recommend you to use Michelin Pilot Road for more mileage. The Bridgestone BT020 is getting very early "squared". I changed my BT020 after only 3500km...

  • try the avon azaro st`s i used to run bridgstones on my old 600 then last change of tyres went with the avon`s not only were they cheaper but they felt a lot better than the bridgstones to me

  • i dont remember the model of the avon tire, but they are a great touring tire. you can get a lot of miles out of them, but not near the traction than a michelin, bridgestone, etc... i dont know about changing the front tire, heard both ways on that. the bike is set up for the size it comes with, imo id leave it unless there was a good reason in changing it.

  • I've used the 12,19,20's and even had them mixed with front and back.

    Yes, you will suffer in the handling department. Tires take forever to heat up. I did get about 4k on my rears with 20's.

    But the tire has taught me how to force slide before it breaks loose on its own. Throttle steering is also very easy to do with these tires.

    You won't notice a difference with the 70 front.

    I am very easy on the straights, so I get very good tread mileage.