Hey guys Got a Kuryakyn Wild Thing FI Controller Works awesome I work with... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

Hey guys! Got a Kuryakyn Wild Thing FI Controller. Works awesome. I work with Dobeck Performance (the company that makes the unit for Kuryakyn) & have replaced my Wild Thing w/ a slightly newer version. Before I throw it up on Ebay, I thought I would offer it up to you guys. Willing to trade it for something cool or for a couple of bucks. If I don't hear anything by the end of Oct, I'll just Ebay it. Also, if anybody is interested in a new FI Controller, let me know. I can get them at a very good price for all makes & models (extra discount for V2Ks, of course!).


My V2K miles this year so far 12 300 — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

My V2K miles this year so far 12,300.

  • incredible paint

  • Very Nice!!

  • this painting is incredible fantastic

  • Typically not a fan of flames but those look great!

HELP SA TUNE UP — Kawasaki Fury 125


mga sir 3,000+ Km na mile age ng Fury ko... nag pa tune up ako, tama bang adjust ng valve clearance at set ng timing chain lng ginawa ng service mechanic??? wala nbang gagalawin sa loob ng makina??? HELP PO pls... TIA


Colleague of the ZZR society My bloody petrol tank has a leak again this is my... — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

Colleague of the ZZR society, My bloody petrol tank has a leak again, this is my second tankin two years and its the welding around the side panel clips.. Grrrr...! Has anyone tried that resin (two pack) stuff you can swoosh around the tank to seal it..??

  • Yea Stewart, I had mine done (by an entheusiast not a garage) but sorry to say I've not done enough miles to give a full reccomend. Keep us updated if you go ahead with it and best of luck getting it sorted.

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Hi Gents - just bought some Coner hardbags for my 06 VN2000....bought them primed - shipped from Japan for free in a "bulletproof" hard plastic box/crate - paint shop here wants a fortune to paint - will post a picture once painted & mounted. There are pictures on this website of them mounted on a VN2000. Anyone else have these on already?

  • I would like to see what the finished bike looks like.

  • I bought 'em. Great price. Not the best finish inside due to the mounting of the door pistons. It can't be fixed the way they did it, so the doors do not open the same distance. I also paid for the pre-drilled cases since they should be the experts and they would come perfect, right?! Not so. Had to drill em myself anyway.

    Bottom line: Best looking bags you can get, but some flaws. If you need perfection, look elsewhere. I just don't open both doors at the same time. I'll try to post a pic.

  • Thanks for the tips Ted - I just got mine back from the paint shop - look good - now to line up the holes (made the assumption they did it right from the factory, so went against my rule of test mounting them first - might be in for some work!) - we will see, I will report back!

  • Mine open to the same height - now to check the drilled holes to see if they line up....

1. ako orange — Kawasaki AR80 Riders

1. ako orange

2. marlon dark green w/3stars in the sun

3. alfred black #29

4. jan green #18

5. angel leostar

6. glen yellow 2010 model

7.tuts kr150

8. crime r1

9. nino x1

10. gilbert ar80 J

11. eric black w/ violet mags

12. skid red body kit

13. emon red #4

14. christian red skeleton

15. rezjay red/orange w/ rectangular headlite

16. allan red with violet side cover

di pa confirmed ung mga taga binan kung sasama.

  • Ako with pillion, sama daw asawa ko.. He he he.. Wawa nmn si stinger..

  • jeiami.. I watch all your video in you tube... astig ng mga motor nyo.. best bike tlaga ar 80.. bumile na rin ako, kaso hindi ko alam kung paano ko xa mapapaganda, ang mahal kc ng pyesa sa caloocan, balak ko na ngang tumira sa laguna para maka join sa grupo nyo eh.. pls reply.. tnx...

  • Taga san ka bro. Dont worry pag mag EB sa Manila sa MOA. Info namin dito sa FB para maka sama ka..

  • thanks lon.. msage ka na lang d2..

  • teka ako daalhin ko si kager

    2ts greed stock heheheh

— Kawasaki ZZR1400



ser — Kawasaki Fury 125


prime ask ko lang yung 4n pipe ko po nag ka roon ng stain maybe sa pag

nababasa sya habang mainit pa.. ayaw na matangal i try na nga i buff

pero andun parin yung stain.. ask ko lang baka poh alam nyo kung pano

matangal yung stain nya.. thx poh


— Kawasaki ZZR1400

  • i take it, bits where smashed off and not taken off by yourself.

  • Last year I had an accident.

    Now the bike repaired but I can not drive to the end of the year

pa help naman — Kawasaki Fury 125

pa help naman

mga master... anu po ba ang mga pag sira ang clutch lining at timing

chain salamat po.,. kasi sobrang ugak fury ku pag umaarangkada aku taz

between 30kph to 40kph biglan pupugak taz dahan dahang parang mamatay taz

pag piniga kuang gas walang response ang makina. taz mayaya meron

nanaman,. nedd help. pls.


To Kawasaki fury 125 admins officers Just wondering kung pwede makita ng co... — Kawasaki Fury 125

To Kawasaki fury 125 admins & officers: Just wondering kung pwede makita ng co-furians mga motor nyo po? Many discussion has been said, many post have been made pero parang di ko pa nakikita yung mga motor nyo. Mahina lang ba akong maghanap or wala talagang post. Isa lang nakita ko video pa ng aura ni sir tax. What do you say co furians? post naman dyan ng motor nyo admins & officers.......


Guys please show some respect to our Indonesian brothers who are posting photos... — Kawasaki Fury 125

Guys, please show some respect to our Indonesian brothers who are posting photos and links in our wall.. This is not about national pride, it's about our mutual appreciation for the Fury/Athlete as we are the only two countries in South East Asia lucky enough to have these bikes.. Please show patience and restraint in your comments as every educated Filipino should act and do.. Failure to comply with will be tantamount to a perpetual BAN from the group.. Good Day!


My baby since 9 years ZXR750RR 92 — KAWASAKI ZXR750

My baby since 9 years ZXR750RR "92

  • u need fix that tail cuz its really fugly get back to stock dude

  • zxr750rr

  • Personally I quite like the tail... I would like it more if that exhaust was hacked in half though! I reckon it would look sweet as if it was cut around about the end of the sticker and re-ended! :D A nice lil stubby!

Hi all I m posting this in the remote hope that somebody might help Pene here — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

Hi all, I'm posting this in the remote hope that somebody might help Pene here. You just never know , everybody knows somebody in far off places these days. Ride safe all...! (Cutting down words to post)

Brendon Hext12 September 2010 at 21:37 HI Pat

I am messaging you in the hope you can help

I have just pulled down my engine today to have a look at a what i thought was a small water....(cut down) to find out the liner..... .

I also found that the pistons are running ...... the valves need reseating needing new stem seals and guides i would say and the pistons ... but need replacing o and the liners are oval.

Im thinking that someone has had the drill on the OD 75tho shouldnt have this much wear and i havent even looked at the main or big ends :(

So if you know anyone that can help me i am looking for a good Zrr 1100 engine in parts of full ..

I live in tasmania Australia so im willing to pay for shipping


Mate Hope your day is better than mine


Parts suggestion for my Fury — Kawasaki Fury 125

Parts suggestion for my Fury

Mga boss pa tulong naman po oh. Balak ko po sa i upgrade yung ibang mga pyesa ng Fury ko

Mga ito po sana balak ko sana bilhin.

1. Ignition Coil

2. High Tension Wire

3. Racing CDI

Pwede po bang humingi ng advice kung ano yung best possible brand na pwede kong hanapin para sa mga parts na yan and kung mga magkano kada parts

Gusto ko lang po sana i access kung magkano sya para di ako mataga.

Medyo noob pa po kasi ako sa Mc eh

Thanks in advance and more power Furians


Help naman bakit kaya may sabit pa rin pag ng change gear ako minsan Nagpalit... — Kawasaki AR80 Riders

Help naman, bakit kaya may sabit pa rin pag ng change gear ako minsan? Nagpalit na ako ng clutch lining at nawala na ang pagka sliding ng motor ko. Yun sabit na lang ang problem, ano kaya dapat ko ayusin‌

  • Ai, kaya pala eh. Mag 10w 40 ka. Un na un ung sa shell ang kunin mo. Dun din ako nabili eh..

  • Thanks sa advice bro, hindi na nga sumasabit ang clutch ko. Carburetor naman yata problem ko ngayon, para kasing ang tunog ng motor ko ngayon pag umaandar eh para syang naka-choke, kahit hindi naman. Posible kayang na-stock up ang choke ko? balak ko baklasin pag may time.

  • Linis lang yan bro, baklasin at i airblow mo lang. Konting blow job baga..