VIBRATION — Kawasaki Fury 125



Sir ask ko lang normal lang ba na magvibrate ng medyo malakas ang fury ko after ko magpalit ng DBS racing cam stage1? kasi kagabi ko lang pinakabit then ganun na sya and ung menor nya parang ambilis.. ask po ako advice sa inyo lalo na sa mga naka mods na.. lumakas acceleration ng fury ko pero try ko max speed nya ganun padin sa dati kagaya ng stock. dati naka dbs pipe ako kaso binalik ko sa stock di ko gusto performance eh. tnx po.

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150cc Bore up Kit for Fury. TWH — Kawasaki Fury 125

150cc Bore up Kit for Fury (TWH)

Nabalitaan niyo na ba yung TWH Bore kit? Made in Taiwan siya na pang fury ito yung specs

58.5mm piston with block and bolt on lang daw ito. It will turn your bike into a 150cc monster. Any member na nakaganitong kit na? Try ko mag post ng pictures sa Fury page.

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    fury owners get together — Kawasaki Fury 125

    fury owners get together

    mga sir bka hindi kyo bz this sunday me ride kaming mga FRC sa marine base cavite..... magkikita kita po kami sa may J.VARGAS shell station ng 5:30am 6am po take off namin....

    e2 po number ko para sa mga gusto sumama, promiz nd po kayo magsisi!!!


    t ry nyo narin po bumisita sa website namin... hanapin u lang po ung FURY RIDERS CLUB sa clubs and organization...

    tnx! and hope to meet you fellow fury riders...

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      Thinking of adding a Power Commander have Cobra slash cuts on and revs... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

      Thinking of adding a Power Commander, have Cobra slash cuts on and revs fluctuate at idle will this help?

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      • Marble or remove your Reed Valve.

      • If your talking about all the emission control junk above the injector's then no i've not touched it? Other than fitting a small filter that came with the Hyper charger.

      Front Master Cylinder — Kawasaki Fury 125

      Front Master Cylinder

      Mga master ano po ba magandang replacement sa buong assembly ng front master cylinder? sobrang mahal po kasi sa planta eh (PHP 4800). Tapos di pa available yung internal part like piston-comp-brake at stoppper brake pra maka mura mura onti.Ayaw na po kasing bumalik nung lever pag piniga mo. Palagi tuloy nakailaw yung brake light ko di na kasi na pu push yung switch ng lever.

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        Hello friends i have a question in the zxr 750 h1 the RAM AIR is conected to... — KAWASAKI ZXR750

        Hello friends!, i have a question. in the zxr 750 h1 the "RAM AIR" is conected to the corburators? or only finish in the tank to cool the engenie?

        i bought one of this beautis, but she don´t have the aluminium pipes. and the biggest problem is that she can´t make over 90MPH ( T-T )

        sorry my poor english. greatings from Chile


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        • oh, thanks!

        • I have two H2s' and never had this problem so the only things i can think of is check the air filter is clean also check the inlet to the airbox is not blocked, have you checked that the bike does not have a restrictor kit fitted these are usually fitted in the rubbers between the carbs and the engine and also in the exhausts at the cylinder head hope you can get it sorted.

        • I did not know about the exhaust, i only put away the other side to check it. your tag will be very usefull, i really thanks yours words.

          if i find the problem i will post :Dl

        Do you sometimes get an irritating squeak from the back end of your VN — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

        Do you sometimes get an irritating squeak from the back end of your VN? One that sounds like a wheel bearing giving up the ghost? (Or a small bird stuck under the seat?) Before you go to the trouble of replacing the bearings try scrubbing the teeth of the belt with an old toothbrush and soapy water. You wont believe the crap that comes off, and my squeak stopped!

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        • Amen! Loud pipes saves lives...and scare the crap outta old people. That's what I call multi-taskin'!

        • I had the same sqeak in mine. It was the belt alignment. it was rubbing on the outboard side of the pulley on the wheel. I readjusted the wheel so the belt travels in the middle and it went away.

        • same with me I realined it and the squeak went away.

        Hello Pat it passed its MOT today so now need tax and insurance — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

        Hello Pat it passed its MOT today so now need tax and insurance

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        • Good one Derek, hope everything else went to plan...!

        • hi pat, will let u know how i get on

        • Good luck with it Derek, I'm just trying out taxing online while we speak.

        I have a Ness vn 2000 running 102 hp to the Ground Red light in speedo came on... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

        I have a Ness vn 2000 running 102 hp to the Ground Red light in speedo came on and will not go off also harder to start and Battery not staying up and is new AGM , could wire fron Ignition module through off the Injector timing ?

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        • My light was on this year along with the oil sign. Found a wire between the radiator and the frame that had rubbed bare and was shorting out.

        Fury Newbie — Kawasaki Fury 125

        Fury Newbie

        Mga sir patulong naman need some advice... mahigit 1yr na ako nagdadrive ng fury at so far ok naman. all stock ang motor ko wala pa talaga pinalitan. mahigit 10k na ang odo ko kakagulat ba? thrice ko na kasi tinawid mula bacolod papuntang laguna pabalik ng bacolod at ngayon for the last time ibinalik ko ulit dito sa laguna ang fury ko RORO lng. sa ganong layo eh ramdam ko na talagang humina ang hatak nya at 110 or less nlng din ang tops speed ko. before umaabot ng 120. i havent really thought of upgrading not until now. any advice kung ano dapat ko gawin at kung magkano kaya magagastos? para mapag ipunan ko rin. thanks po ng marami

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          does anybody know if the vn2000a is still being produced. 2010 — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

          does anybody know if the vn2000a is still being produced (2010)?

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          • Good point - I checked the US Kawi website and only the LT is listed - interesting. (In Canada the dealers have not carried any of the 2000s for a couple of years).

          • 09 Was the last year for the model.

          — KAWASAKI ZXR750

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          • zxr750 h2 1990 for sale!! £1100! new pirelli diablo corrsa 3 tyres, k&n, stage 1 dyno jetted, new coils, braded front lines, 32000 miles, 12months mot and a few months tax!! great bike very fast, good condition!! selling as iv just got a zx9r!!!!

          • there are more pics in photos on this page!!!

          guys d ko na po binebenta fury ko inaupgrade ko na ulit sya para lalo gumanda... — Kawasaki Fury 125

          guys d ko na po binebenta fury ko, inaupgrade ko na ulit sya para lalo gumanda hekhek..

          on the past days nalilito lang talaga pala ako, im sorry to mu puring! ngaun ko lang napagtanto, na maging kontento kung anu meron tayo.. i love kawasaki paren! and its because of the members of fury owners, tayo lang may site na ganito ,active sa lahat ng forums, mcp,ubp,facebook etc thanks sa mga walang sawang sumasagot sa mga katanungan naten, sir prime,sir ian, sir gino ..

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