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    magkano po ba ang bli nyo sa rear disc brake set ng fury nyo,,

    at matagal po ba itong iconvert,,

    pki send nlng po ng message sa profile ko po tnx


    hi i have a red 2008 versys with 4025 miles on it garage kept perfect except... — Kawasaki Versys

    hi i have a red 2008 versys with 4025 miles on it garage kept perfect except for i had dealer remove all stickers and decals when i bought it one small scratch where knee rest on bottom of tank from kids bike handelbar in garage. never seen rain ever im tranfering from ohio to north carolina with job and will be in an apartment losing garage here so im want to sell it for 3500 dollars i have title bought it cash , i live 50 miles south of columbus ohio let me know if interested


    Attachment Unavailable — Kawasaki Z750 and Z800 Owners

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    • MICRON?

      It sounds pretty good!

    • yeah i love it, thanx

    Attachment Unavailable — Kawasaki Z750 and Z800 Owners

    thanks for posting,your a nut!

    It was a great run,we will have to get out again soon.

    • yeah i registered for the ride 4 the cure today 25 bucks that includes the banquet supper

    • Cool Shot!! how did you make those turns with one hand, makes me want to get a bike again.

    • i should have waited it was in about the roughest section we rode on all day. the bike is really stable it doesnt follow grooves or get knocked offline easily so it is very easy to ride with one hand....and you should get a bike again...they still make ninjas you know...lol

    • crank up the volume and take a gravol

    Tubeless tires for rims — Kawasaki Fury 125

    Tubeless tires for rims

    Mga master ask ko lang kung yung mga rims like takasago, comstar, zipp etc. etc. can accomodate tubeless tires? I have rear 100/80 front 90/80 dunlop tubeless ano po ba maganda size ng rims and brand na din po?


    Deciding on Highway Crash Bars saw the Cobra Fatty Bars heard they were a pain... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    Deciding on Highway/Crash Bars - saw the Cobra Fatty Bars - heard they were a pain to install, but they sure look nice - anyone have any recommendations on these or OEM Kawi bars?

    • Hey, If ya look at Dave Attenborough's bike (look at members of this page), he has the Kawi OEM's & they're the best lookin' ones I've seen so far. I've seen the Cobra ones & didn't really care for them, too BLAH! The OEM's have a meaty look to them & a nice, but not over done, forward sweep. Those will be the one's I'll be grabbin next season.

    • Ron I have the Cobra Fatty bars and they went on fine. Only part that took I while is that the regulator underneath the radiator has to be mounted on a new bracket that is supplied with the bars. For the VN2000 you need big chunky crash bars IMO

    • Thanks for the feedback guys, looks like I will flip a coin, lol!

    Pipes Manufacturers — Kawasaki Fury 125

    Pipes Manufacturers


    - HGM it is the initials of Henry G. Mangulabnan a.k.a. HAPON. HGM know to many before as JAPS Design...Hapon or Henry was in the auto restoration business car paintings and and drag racing setup before he shift to pipe business, but as far as i know since i left the country he still in the same auto restoration business together with his pipe business. (loghers, mcp)

    Address, Contact #

    HGM Auto Restoration

    Subic, Baliuag, Bulacan


    Tel. No. (044) 673-4047

    Mobile No. (0917) 949-4936

    4N PIPE

    - 4N pipes came from the word NESTOR the name of the person who happens to be the brain and the owner of 4N pipe but i dont know what is the meaning of 4!!! it was established for almost decade now, the first name of their manufactured pipe was TOMS Racing Pipe... TOMS was from the name of their manufactured sidecars before...

    TOMS Racing Pipe of 4N pipes was know to public when they join in some series of racing at Carmona Racing Circuit...TOMS Racing was also a group of Scooter Riders from Baliuag.

    Just for the knowledge of our fellow young riders...4N pipe is also one of the Sponsor in the 1st ever Scooter Circuit Racing held in Baliuag organized by the defuct 168 Scooter Club (loghers, mcp)

    Address, Contact #

    Baliuag, Bulacan near SM Baliuag

    Website: http://fournpipes.multiply.com /guestbook


    Sir Erik a.k.a Slick75 - 09064485896


    Address, Contact #

    P. Damaso St.

    Virgen Delas Flores

    Baliuag Bulacan

    Cornelio Flores

    09156567626 (sa kapatid nya ito wala na yung contact number na alam ko eh)

    DareDevil PIPE

    Address, Contact #

    No. 59 e. rodriguez ave., brgy san isidro, taytay rizal. Landmark tropical hut taytay

    Mobile #-09159231996


    Address, Contact #


    Tel # - 5336736

    --all the informations included here is based on mcp forums


    Be a defensive driver..


    Can anyone tell me if I want to fit a 18 x 8 5 Wheel with a 240 or 250 tyre do... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    Can anyone tell me if I want to fit a 18 x 8.5 Wheel with a 240 or 250 tyre do I need any modifications and do I need to change the pully as well. What size is the axle.


    • Don't know about the rim, but I did see a pic on the VROC page of a V2K w/ the factory rim & a 240 series tire. It cleared the swingarm by 1/4"-1/2" on either side, but it worked. I would think that a proper rim for that size tire would have the same luck?

    STAGE1 — Kawasaki Fury 125


    Paki post naman po ng suggestion nyo for upgrde ng stage1 yung tipong hindi papaiwan ng sobra sa ibang MC with top speed stock kasi tutubi ko eh.


    devo cambiare le gomme qualche consiglio — Kawasaki Versys

    devo cambiare le gomme,qualche consiglio?

    • Un consiglio !! metti ancora le originali !! ho messo 2 tipi di gomme consigliate,alla fine le originali andavano meglio!

    • ancora dunlop sportmax,grazie....x curiosita' a quanti km sei arrivato con le prime?io quasi 14000


    • ...rettifico,15000 km

    Attachment Unavailable — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    04 VN2000. 3" Hard Krome Long Shot pipes.Fi2000 ignition module. Kuryakin Hypercharger. 19" high 44" wide Fatty bars (1 1/4") Wireing run through bars. Kuryakin flame grips. Braided brake hoses. Braided throttle & clutch cables. Chrome billet bar end indicators. Stainless radiator cover. Kawasaki engine bars' Sissy bar and rack. Mustang seats. Led rear light. Full re'spray inc wheels, discs and belt pulley in metallic purple with rainbow effect metallic laquer. All work by me apart from the paint.

    Awsome bike! I love it. Hope you like it too?


    18 1 25 Apes Thunder Mfg Air Kit not shown see profile pic Dobeck EJK FI... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    18" 1.25 Apes, Thunder Mfg. Air Kit (not shown, see profile pic), Dobeck EJK FI Controller, Kuryakyn Break & shifter covers, Kuryakyn Grips & Signal Lens, Road Burnner 3" Drag pipes, Ness Mirrors, lowered 2.5" (made my own kit), changed pinstripe from red/gold to triple blue. All work done by owner.

    • How do you like the ape hangers? I have been toying with the idea and really like the look.

    • Alex, ya gotta do it! Big 'ol Apes were made for this bike & big guys like us! Today we went out & did a lazy 250 miles & it was nuthin'! My ass end hurts 'cause I still have the factory seat (thats changing next week), but my arms, shoulders & chest...Fine! I would absoultly recommend it & if you have any questions or would like some tips on wiring/cabling, feel free to hit me up.

    Mekaniko — Kawasaki Fury 125


    Mga master

    may kilala po ba kayo best mekaniko dito sa bulacan area na pwede ko puntahan para sa fury ko? yung gamay po talaga niya ang kawasaki fury^^,

    ano po location kung meron po..

    yung mekaniko kasi ng pinagbilhan ko parang walang care sa motor ko..basta magawa lang niya..binabarabara niya ..haaistt..

    thanks again.



    Ok I saw somthing about taking out the baffles on stock pipes but can t seem to... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    Ok I saw somthing about taking out the baffles on stock pipes but can't seem to find it again. Can anyone help me out?

    • I never did find an easy way to do it. I ended up buying pipes from Samson.

    • Yeah, that was on Emonks page. I just checked & the site is gone. I remember it pretty well, though. It was my bible for the first year I owned my bike. The baffles on a stock V2K are welded in, which makes out & out removal impossible. The suggestion was to take a 3ft long piece of rebar, sharpen the edge & pop it through all 4 plates (2 per pipe). Made it sound alot easier than it was. If you just try to hammer it through, your bike will be an antique b4 you get through. Get a drill, a high heat(steal rated) 18" long 3/8 drill bit. Drill a pilot hole in the baffles & THEN hammer the rebar through. This deffinitly adds dBs to the bike, but will also add a bit of popping on the decel. If you add a K&N filter, a Dobeck EJK FI controller & plate or marble the reed valves, you'll almost eliminate the popping, get a much better sound from the bike & increase the performance of the bike (yes, belive it or not, our V2K's have alot more power to offer. Scarey, huh!) Any questions or issues, contact me via FB. I'd be more than happy to help.

    • Also, ditch the Brigestone Battle Axes, worst tire I ever owned. Metzler is the way that I went & OMG, what a difference. They even look better on the bike. You'll be staying in the same price range (think the Metzlers were $20 more) & you'll get a tire that will last you more than 1 season.

    • I bought Vance & Hines Powershots - if you ever want to remove or repack the baffles it is easy with these - just remove then heat shield and each pipe has a small screw you undo and pull out each baffle.

    • I've just done the full debaffle on my VN2000 and it was a right pain in the ass, completely worth it though. Big sounds fantastic without the need for spending 100's on an aftermarket pipe.

    Dyno results 06 VN2000cc stock air box with K N Filter V H Powershots Exhaust... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    Dyno results: 06 VN2000cc, stock air box with K&N Filter, V&H Powershots Exhaust, Power Commander III USB, Custom Map made: 91.85 hp, 120.32 ft-Lbs of torque AT THE REAR WHEEL. Attached is the Dyno graph, 2 best runs were within 0.28hp & 0.01 ft-lbs of each other. I also attached the custom fuel map settings for the pwr commander for this set-up, might save you a couple hundred $$.


    classic 800 from 1997 — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan

    classic 800 from 1997

    • what make are the extraheadlights? i'm looking to buy a set on mine...

    • wow so nice....

    • Thanx

    • i also have one like this......

    just took delivery today of a pair of risers identical to the ones we get here... — Kawasaki ZZR1400

    just took delivery today of a pair of risers identical to the ones we get here with the posh ally inserts, genmars i believe. ordered last thursday on ebay and arrived today, royal mail eat your heart out. real good quality product and only £69.12 including delivery, better than £89.99 plus delivery for the genmars. was gonna buy some from mandp for £59.99 but they are out of stock now till the end of june(you snooze you lose mandp) and only a tenner more from the other side of the world including the ally bungs, what more can i say.

    sellers ebay name is redlunaracing item number is 180514324372 punch it into advanced search to find it, or the auction title is Kawasaki ZX14 ZX 14 Handlebar Risers ZZR14

    i asked him to send them as an inexpensive personal gift to get round import tax and vat, so he sent them as a gift with a value of $18.

    go buy a bargain.

    • had them on for a few days now, and cant fault them.

    mga pros cons pa help please may bago kasing labas ngaun ang kitaco which is... — Kawasaki Fury 125

    mga pros cons pa help please! may bago kasing labas ngaun ang kitaco which is 143cc for only 14,500! compare to takegawa 138cc which cost 13,800.. anu kaya mas reliable sa dalawa since ang takegawa is subok na.. naku d na ako makakatulog nito kung anu pipiliin ko. guys please help, some advise or suggestion. im planning to buy takegawa 138cc kit kasi, tas sabi ni sir mikkoracing, may bagong dating na kitaco 143c which is mas malaki displacement ang inaalala ko lang is wala pa yata nakasubok ng kitaco 143cc, baka di na siya pede pang araw araw tulad ng takegawa, or pang byahe.. guys HELP!!