Hey All — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

Hey All,

I have a 2006 ZX6R (stock) and was thinking about getting an Akrapovic muffler, from reading on the net the muffler itself dosen't improve power output much if any, anyone got one of these? also does the sound improve?

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    Howdy — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan


    Livin' in the "sunny" (not so much anymore) Okanagan, and riding an 05 Vulcan 2000 Ltd.

    If you guys are looking for advice (ie: Drifter fenders, or pipes for Vulcans) maybe try dropping by this place.


    I hang around there quite a bit, and their are a lot of veyr knowledgable guys and gals to help source parts, and stuff.

    Ride safe all.

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      Cheers all got a 2006 VN1500 classic Since last year June I ve put 20 000km... — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan

      Cheers all! got a 2006 VN1500 classic. Since last year June I've put 20,000km on it, (yeah I love my bike). Want to upgrade to Roadhouse Dooley's - anyone hear about or have any opinions to help my decision? Also thinking of changing the front fender to a drifter's since we can't get drifters in Canada. That parts list on kawasaki.com is pretty big for a fender replacement. Anyone tried it? Will post pics as I upgrade.

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        New Kawasaki Models — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

        New Kawasaki Models

        Anyone seen any of the new Kawasaki motorcycles? What do you all think of them?

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        • ya i had a '98 250 before this .. the 08 rides alot better and is quicker. u are completely right about the bike needing to be in high rpms .. max power is reached at 10,000-11,000 rpm i do believe

        • anyone seen or had a chance to ride the 09' 250R?

        • nope but if its as much fun as the 08' then it should do alright

        My bike — KAWASAKI ZXR750

        My bike

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        • Jøss så fin den var der..lenge siden jeg har sett den sånn..

        • Gobiken

        • Bare få den på VEIEN!!! :)

        LA area — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

        LA area

        Anyone in the Los Angeles are interested in meeting as a group and actually talking shop? Obviously bike shop. Talking about the thrills and delights and hopefully even organizing a road trip.

        Please respond and lets see what we can plan.

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          I just bought my 06 Vulcan 800 Classic a few weeks ago and I love it Had less... — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan

          I just bought my '06 Vulcan 800 Classic a few weeks ago and I love it! Had less than 1000kms on it, so I'm really still breaking it in. I'm a new rider in that I only rode street and trail years ago, so I'm still getting used to the size and handling of a cruiser, but I think I made a really good decision with the 800. I've noticed a few gripes about gas guzzling, and I did expect to use a bit less gas, but no real complaints. The only addition to it thus far is a large windshield. Will post pics ASAP.

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