Sa kadena bato o hindi kase kalalagay kulang ng langis sa kadena ko baka sa... — Kawasaki Fury Newbreed (Fury 125 Fury RR)


Sa kadena bato o hindi kase kalalagay kulang ng langis sa kadena ko baka sa transmiosion ito

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  • san? hindi makita

  • Ang linaw paps,

  • Basta sa may gilid yan ng sprocker number 15

Photos from Kenny Nash's post — Kawasaki ZZR1400

Thinking about these bulbs for side and head to get brighter . Anyone else used these or have any other suggestions


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  • Yes. H11 for headlights, H9 for highbeam and normal 501 for sidelights.

  • Great thank you. Will email them and get some ordered . Thanks for your help m8

  • You're welcome. :)

Question about tyre pressure — Kawasaki ZZR1400

Question about tyre pressure!

So the recommended is 42/42.. I set the digital pressure gauge to 42.. and plug it into my tyre valve.. and it pumps to 42 psi.

Now the question is, when I remove the nozzle from my tyre valve. There's always a brisk loss of air and thus pressure.. so it's actually at 41 or 40 psi..

Do you guys set the digital gauge to 43 or 44 to counter this loss of air? Or just run with the actual 40/41

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  • As Graham said, a couple of PSI will make very little differance. I wouldn't over analyse it mate. The bit of air lost when removing pump nozzle is tiny as well.

  • Cold I go 42/42 and try to remove the hose quickly. With hot tyres I go +1 or +2 and do the same.

  • Don't bather abouth hot or could,fill 42-42 and twist ur trotle. If,,,u wish use 40 front.:))

Esmeth Emir shared Malaysian Motorcycle Getaways's video to the group: Kawasaki Versys. — Kawasaki Versys

For those who have joined our rides, our heartfelt appreciation goes to all of you and we hope that you return home with fond and fun memories of Malaysia. For those who have yet to come, do give it a serious consideration and we’ll show you a side of the country you can’t possibly explore in any other way.

Ride with us and Turn Your Miles into Smiles!

Brought to you by Malaysian Motorcycle Getaways

Winner of 2015 Malaysia Tourism Awards (Sports & Recreation)

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    Have a 07 650r with 16k miles I just need to know when to get valves ajusted... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

    Have a 07 650r with 16k miles I just need to know when to get valves ajusted and put new plugs in it ? Any maintenance Spec's would be great thanks in advance

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    • How do u get there?

    • I put a complete maintenance manual up a while back for a 2010. I doubt they're much different.

    • At the very top of the group you will see "Discussion, Members, Events, Photos and FILES" :-)

    Looking for a 03 04 636 frame. No title or title. Plz no cracks or tucked frame — KAWASAKI ZX636 ZX600R ONLY!!! by Rocko

    Looking for a 03-04 636 frame. No title or title. Plz no cracks or tucked frame.

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    • No issue at all .... Make an offer I got the tittle too

    • Frame is straight rides straight 0 issues clean title pink n hand with license plate good till October

    Klt — Kawasaki Tecate 4

    Klt 250 prairie motor frame seat and speedo for sale make offer pics available upon request....

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    • Free stuff?

    • Make offer

    • Rules

      #1 No make offers

      #2 Price must be posted and not a stupid price you know what you want for your item.

      #3 If you post your item for free then its free!!! If you don't give item for free you will be banned

    What the hell is going on in my head — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

    What the hell is going on in my head.

    I'm driving down the A12 in my ambulance on a warm evening looking at the beautiful sunset blending into a amazing blue sky and I suddenly think, it would be great riding my bike tonight, then thoughts just escalate "well if I sell it, I can't do it" etc etc.

    Then out the blue " f##k it, I ain't doin it "(sorry Pat :-) for the language)

    So my post on here yesterday has been deleted

    And an advert I put on tonight had been deleted and my zed is staying put, and yes Al Randal a ride out shall be arranged soon. I'm taking every day as it comes. Thanks for your original comments all :-)

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    • I am with you! we are only here once so you need to enjoy it and make the most of it, in our job we see to many things that make you realise life is too short, so keep it and enjoy!! Ride safe!

    • That's not what I meant

    • You know the score Ian indeed.

      Life of so delicate if only they knew what we knew.

      Where you based mate?

    Photos from Joseph Gee's post — Kawasaki Versys

    Just added a Giannelli exhaust and a seat concepts seat. The exhaust is the same exact one as the arrow. Arrow is owned by giannelli. Made in Italy. Sounds good. Slightly smoother power. And the seat concepts seems like a well made product. The rear tilt/hump is totally gone. Didn't get to ride it yet. I'll let you guys know how it is when I ride home from work tonight. Has very good reviews on the forums.

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    • Looking forward to knowing what your opinion on the Seat Concepts. I was thinking about doing that. Is the seat any lower than stock? Thanks!

    • So the seat is awesome. No other way to describe it. Like a couch!!!! Must do if your not comfortable on the stock seat. I was so tired of the lean forward and the pain in my tail bone. It's definitely taller than stock but 1000 times better

    • Thanks Joseph!

    Hi guys and gals my ZZR 6 is a E1 model I have a rebuild kit for the master... — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

    Hi guys and gals, my ZZR 6 is a E1 model I have a rebuild kit for the master cylinder, off wemoto, is the best way to leave brake flip in and take out the piston etc, then replace parts or empty the cylinder

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    • Doesnt matter too much, but best to drain master cylinder, as brake fluid is quite corrosive.

    What site do you go to if you want to buy a Singh Saddlery seat — Kawasaki Drifter Parts For Sale

    What site do you go to if you want to buy a Singh Saddlery seat ???

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    • Found them. They haven't replied !!!

    • They have a history of extremely crappy communication. Search this page for other people's reviews.

    • Try Heather's quality very nice work

    I would just like to say Hi and let you know I have just become the new owner... — kawasaki kx 500

    I would just like to say "Hi" and let you know I have just become the new owner of a 1987 KX 500 that I am looking to have some fun on and also renew some old worn parts on, maybe even go to town on it and do a complete strip down and rebuild. ... But first I can't wait to get out n have some fun on it. First thing I need is a new exhaust as its been welded up and damaged and welded and damaged it need replacing badly, so I will replace that, does anyone know where to get a good one for a reasonable price? Also a set of plastics as they are just old and tired with some damage too.

    I hope to have some fun riding and working on this bike, the last 2 stroke I had was a 1983 RM500 that I bought with no piston and the crank case was full of water!!! I rebuilt that in 1990 at the age of 15, obviously with the help of good old Dad!! I have tried to get another one but can't get one!!!

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    • I have a used pro circuit platinum pipe.

    • I'm going to have one too. I have no love for the PC pipe. I was much happier with the FMF set up on my last KX500. As soon as it shows up in the mail, bye PC!

    • I've heard that from a few people. Lol

    Hi guys i need help my headlight has an issue my high beam keeps going on and... — Kawasaki Z750 and Z800 Owners

    Hi guys i need help my headlight has an issue my high beam keeps going on and off when it want. I have changed the junction box and it still happens. So its not the box the wiring was closely looked at and no splices in it.

    Note well: i do have HID kit on it and hid ballast. I have not changed those to see if thats the problem.

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    • I was looking online for original wiring for the headlights z750 2009 but im not finding it online though can someone show me where i can buy it used or new also can someone tell me which hid ballast would be best??

    • Anyone know what can be wrong?

    Photos from Greg Little's post — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

    So two hours this evening stripping the back end to get the pogo stick out for rebuild. The book says remove the rear wheel, is this to make life easier or am I missing something? Moving the fender backwards within the frame means I can undo and have undone the top bolt on the shock, and waiting for a grown up to assist me with the siezed bottom bolt that is now marinating in Plus Gas.

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    • I cut a small opening at the top an made a cover plate something kawasaki should have done! Then no need to take mudguard off :)

    • Colin Where precisely did you cut the hole ? The frame at the top (well the flat plate bit) is the main bit in the way .

    • I will take a pic later if I remember

    I ve been looking for some yoshimura R77 pipes for my 2007 ZZR All I seem to... — Kawasaki ZZR1400

    I've been looking for some yoshimura R77 pipes for my 2007 ZZR. All I seem to able to find are ones to fit 2012-2016 models. I don't want a loud pipe but one that looks more apealing than the long standard pipes. Does anyone have recommendations??


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    • There 2011 onwards and not confident they will fit my 2007

    • Cool so a manifold (old school) from a 2008 onwards would solve it.

    • Yes. :)

    A little while ago I posted about having an intermittent immobiliser problem on... — Kawasaki ZZR1400

    A little while ago I posted about having an intermittent immobiliser problem on my gen 2 '12. Problem is the antenna ring is open circuit. It turns out that on a gen 1 bike you can replace the antenna separately but not on a gen 2!!!! So instead of a bill of £60 to replace the antenna I am now faced with having to replace the whole ignition switch for £170.

    Stripping the ignition mechanism to take off the antenna is identical between the two gens but you just can't purchase separately the parts.

    After speaking to Kawasaki UK it seems like it's a common fault as he knew straight away the answers to my question. 'Sorry but ....'

    All i will do is take the ring off and put into my original switch because I don't want to go through the hassle of having to program new keys and have different keys for the tank and tail unit.

    Bit pissed off really

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    • Then u allredy got the red master key,or?

    • I couldn't buy the antenna separately so had to buy the whole switch. All I will do is take off the antenna and put it on my original switch.

    • Ah,got it.:)) Aint posible to fix the antenna? Hermetik in plastick? Newer been into thos shit. All i know its posible to bypass immobiliser from the ecu

    Hello did anyone had any experience with regulator rectifier I was searching... — Kawasaki ER 5

    Hello, did anyone had any experience with regulator/rectifier? I was searching for some and they are about 100€, but i'm not quite sure whether they are spare parts or genuine. I was also going through some forums and some are saying that there are several regulator/rectifiers from other models that fit ER 5? Any experience? Thnx

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    • my new and now spare reg/rec i won for 99p i have tested this on my bike and it works perfectly

    • Rick thanks a lot, you've been soooo helpful :) wish you all the best and good ride!

    • thanks

    Just thought I would post this My mates z650 just a bit different Feedback... — old kool kawasaki

    Just thought I would post this. My mates z650 just a bit different. Feedback would be good people. Good, bad or ugly.

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    • The naked bikes are under appreciated. I think it's great

    • I like , BUT chopping most of the tank away , he must like gas stations

    • very Harris style , im not a fan of the flat frame rail under the seat , but a different seat unit would hide that , looks good otherwise .

    Cardell Bouie Jr shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Ninja® ZX-14. — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

    Hideous headlights?! I'm offended those headlights say big dawg is on your ass!!!

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    • Even the stock mirrors are sexier on the 14 LMAO

    • Ok gen 1 headlights eeehhhh. But 2012 up those are bad ass and all they had to do was change the plastics. Love my zx14 graphics and headlights. They got one thing right comfortable as hell!

    • Replace the seat (I put a Corbin on) and it's ok for a couple hours. Not exactly a touring bike though.

    My vn2000 has spoiled me I test road a 2015 road glide. I was not impressed — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    My vn2000 has spoiled me I test road a 2015 road glide. I was not impressed. I felt it was too small and awkward. The stock pipes sounded terrible. The only good thing I could say was the music sounded ok. 30k for music and less bike? NOPE!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I'm not tall btw

    • Yep. Spoiled. Bought my first VN2K (2008) about 4 years ago on Ebay for$5995 with 3600 miles; first bike ever to totally satisfy me and still have it. Nothing else compares.

      Got the HD curiosity fever last summer, rode several HDs, impressive build quality but I was underwhelmed. Not worth 25-30k+. Liked the Fat Boy but the weak and spongy stopping power of the single disc front brake was a huge turn off.

      Kawasaki should bring the VN2K back into the line up but upgrade it to compete with HD Cruisers.

    • I have always wanted to see Kaw do off the sales floor touring bike with the heart of the V2K.

    Oy mates 2012 ninja 1000 with 11 000 miles my chain it s slack and won t stay... — UK Kawasaki Z1000 Owners Forum

    Oy mates.2012 ninja 1000 with 11,000 chain it's slack and won't stay adjusted, sprockets look ok, should I change sprockets automatically when I get a new chain?


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    • Always change chain and sprockets at the same time! No argument, this is the sorta shit you learn from an early age! Changing one without the other is a absolute false economy!

    • Silly boy! lol

    • Mine was the exact same changed the chain without changing sprockets at about 13k no issues since

    Photos from Gary Black's post — Kawasaki Z1000sX

    Remus exhaust z1000sx excellent condition 6months old take £350.00 plus postage were £824.00 new

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    • They look great on shame

    • Gary do you still have these for sale?

    • Sorry mark have already gone mate

    Alan Lund shared his post to the group: The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society. — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

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    • Good stuff, how are you repairing the fairing,

    • At the moment I'm not doing anything to it until I can get a paint match for it, but once I do it'll be easy enough. Need to take it off to get a better idea on how deep the damage goes. Repaired bodywork before so holds no fears.

    • Nice to see a silver c.

      Does look a little lighter in shade to the normal "d grey". A decent paint shop should be able to colour match it though.

    Think the contacts on the ignition switch may be a little worn — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    Think the contacts on the ignition switch may be a little worn.

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    • Also brought about by overloading the electrical system( not saying its si in this case). The brown wire feeds everything on these and if too many accessories are added it can melt down or worse melt the switch( personal experience here)

    • No extra accessories here. It's just worn after 11 years.

    • I had it a bit earlier. Maybe because i ride in all weather conditions. It's only a bit rusty. :)

      No special accessories here too, except an air horn. But this is connected directly to the battery.