A hoon. rider. Getting a jump on Danny at the start — kawasaki kx 500


A hoon (rider??) Getting a jump on Danny at the start.....

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  • 1994 Reno National Hare & Hound. Danny 1st overall. hoon (rider??) 2nd overall.

  • Thats a great shot of you Dan Richardson!!

  • watch out for that roost

Mga paps tanong lang po ano po pwede maging kaso ko kung mahuhuli ako na wala... — Kawasaki Fury Newbreed (Fury 125 Fury RR)

Mga paps tanong lang po ano po pwede maging kaso ko kung mahuhuli ako na wala yung palaka ko na for registration although wala pa naman talaga plaka motor ko. nalaglag kasi di ko na nahanap? tanong lang po.. for kahit sa OR CR no plate no. pa ako dahil wla pa bnbgay LTO

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  • kahapon kulang nakuha ang original na or..cr... kaso walang plate number.

  • ok na yan paps tama si paps Mhikz Tatz.. sa comelec checkpoint yan pinpkta q tpos sinasbi q no available palte pa ok na un

  • nacheckpoint ako sa bae laguna using student liscence hahahahahahah hnrang aq twag nga aq sa campo hahahahhahaha aus na buto buto hahahahahhaha

Mga paps sudjest naman po kau parang want ko kc mag palit ng motmot from fury... — Kawasaki Fury Newbreed (Fury 125 Fury RR)

Mga paps sudjest naman po kau....parang want ko kc mag palit ng motmot from fury 125 to fury 125rr...wala kc clutch ung sakin at ndi dn naka disk break mags kay npapaisip ako kung ibabalik ko tapos kuha ng bago....samalat

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  • Luh? Baka sisitahin un paps. Modified e?

  • Cge sir hehe..wait ko yan...salamats

  • cge sir..

We all know who s faster — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

We all know who's faster

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  • The "Dark Horse"

  • Makes me laugh every time, but as a ZX-14 guy, I'm not too proud to admit that the Busa is a beautiful machine!

  • dont be proud of nothink. thay are just machines and we dident made them

My leather Tsukayru strongs were delayed in houston and I noticed the cobra... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

My leather Tsukayru strongs were delayed in houston and I noticed the cobra fats highway bars i was gonna order last week jumped from $184 to $249 from last week which sucks because i couldve got them last week but paid my daughters rent instead. Also thinking barons but those look more like just engine guard instead of highway bars what say you Rogues stay with cobra fats or look for something else?

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  • GOT MY BAGS, they are freaking gorgeous, a bit bigger than i expected but not complaining, highway bars on the way and a guy at work may have footpegs so may be good.

  • Test rode them both. Wanted to like the Indian, but it felt cramped, underpowered and the rear jug burned my leg. Really liked the Cross Country in the looks, but the engine seems too plain for me, no grunt to speak of, and simply didn't do it for me when riding. Like a plastic convertible. The VN2000 just oozes power, it's going to be difficult to find that fix elsewhere.

  • these bags are freaking awesome, look like stratoliner or road king leather hard bags

Right guys I ve decided not to do a cafe racer with the er5s I ve got and... — Kawasaki ER 5

Right guys...I've decided not to do a cafe racer with the er5s I've got and start from scratch with a BMW k75 instead, so will be breaking both for parts. One is a 97 a model and the other is a 2004 c model. Most parts available happy to sell via PayPal and most parts can be posted within the u.k. please comment if anything you need

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    06 ninja 250. What number turn signal bulbs do I have. I need to replace mine — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

    06 ninja 250. What number turn signal bulbs do I have? I need to replace mine

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    • i had one. but its dead now :(

    • That sucks! I seen your post so sorry. Mine looks like yours same color. Looks like your upgrading sooner then you thought.

    • Lol. i know. probably not sooner tho. hahah

    What is this. Replacing my wiring harness and wasn t sure. 77kz1000 — KAWASAKI KZ900 1000 DRAGBIKE Swap Meet

    What is this? Replacing my wiring harness and wasn't sure. 77kz1000

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    • Garbage don't need

    • Thanks just checking.

    • Sensor Gizmo... Is that related to the whicha'ma'didga and it's part of the thing'a'ma'jig, that runs the Thinging! Right? Yep those are a bitch!!!! ;-) hey Skip! Lol!

    Photos from Andy Reed's post — old kool kawasaki

    Any one on here looking for gpz400 exhaust 4 into 2 standard system surface rust but still good condition also Gpz swinging arm rear end only missing caliper ...also have Gpz 4 forks yokes front wheel with calipers ...?????? Also from swap gpz600 frame with v5 in my name ???

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      Anybody tried using a Fuel gauge for a temperature readout in theory it works... — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

      Anybody tried using a Fuel gauge for a temperature readout? in theory it works but I'm not sure of the working range for the resistances

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      any one out there know i get hands on clutch casing for 1991 ktm 500 new or... — kawasaki kx 500

      any one out there know i get hands on clutch casing for 1991 ktm 500 new or used not porous thanks

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      • Yes a 350,440,500 ,540,550 will work try e bay the different CC motors

      • Thanks I bn looking but nothing in it

      • Do a search for ktm-mvp engine it is a modified engine for sidecar mx , have a look at sidecarcross.com

      Pat do you still put cards on zeds. I ve seen 2 in the last couple of days — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

      Pat do you still put cards on zeds .. I've seen 2 in the last couple of days .. One in elmers end near me the guy was wearing a Suzuki leather jacket and a rather nice red C in Guildford .. If ya have a copy I'll print some off

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      • No problem Al, let me have your email address and I'll send you a sheet then feel free to edit in any way you fancy to suit your own local stuff etc.

      Joe Black shared a link to the group: The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society. — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

      One for Pat or Colin I'm thinking

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      • Ahem... I mean thanks Rob, yeah, look forward to 'bumping into you' at Stratty!! Naa forget that lol, I'd

        come off the worst. ;-) But great to hear plans are afoot.... brilliant!!

      • Click on link fill in form see how you go 10% finders fee lol

      • I'd like to think we could demonstrate how to enjoy the biking year from different points of view. We mostly end up doing things very differently but are there season after season trying to pass on the virtues of doing things in the manner that keeps our very different grins so wide :-D

      Small problem. Does anyone know which way round the wires go on the coils — Kawasaki ER 5

      Small problem. Does anyone know which way round the wires go on the coils? I've had them off a while. Don't really won't to put them back on the wrong way round

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      • as it's just a coil it won't make any difference..either way just connect them

      • Just didn't want to up set anything.

      • it's ok Luke, if it was important they'd have used a 2 way connector that will only go on one way

      Any of you having this issue — Kawasaki Versys

      Any of you having this issue?

      Riding a bit harder on the engine, driving in a higjer rev range, and after stopping and shutting down the engine I hear bubbing sound from the coolant bottle. I changed the temperature sensor, the fan is working, but sometimes the bubbling sound occurs, like coolant boiling.

      V is 2008 model, 50000 km on the clock.

      Any suggestions pls?

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      • Thank you guys!!! I will check the radiator cap, clean the spring and ride on - consider this post closed!


      • Often a bad seal on the radiator cap will cause this. Without hosing pressure the coolant boils at a lower temp. Sometimes it's just paint or something on the seal, sometimes need a new cap.

      • Most probably a bad seal on the radiator cap: we had this issue with 2 bikes in our community and a replacement cap solved it.

      Hi folks yet again I need some help on the old zx 7r — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

      Hi folks - yet again I need some help on the old zx-7r.

      It turns out I need to drop the starter motor out as the brushes are worn. I have got a new set of brushes for £8 and the instructions to change them seem quite straight forward.

      However, to take the damn starter motor out I need to remove the clutch slave cylinder to get it (or more the hose) out the way.

      The Haynes manual says it's easy - remove two bolts and take it off leaving the hydraulics connected (and just don't touch the clutch!!). I have got the bolts out but cannot shift the slave cylinder at all. Any ideas people? I don't know whether to give it a tap with a hammer or would that break it? It is unbelievably tight and there is no edge to lever it out.


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      • Yep - as usual you were correct Andy!! Genius mate - it was just a confidence thing as it was on as tight as, erm, what's the word?!!

        Just took a bit of tapping each side and it gradually came off!!

        Stripped down the starter motor which was filled with muck and black dust and with nothing left on the brushes at all ... one fixing kit later and it's all looking good. Just need to reassemble it all now!!

        Cheers again Andy :)

      • I grew up fixing lawnmower engines with a hammer and a crowbar lmao!!! .., I knew you'd do it :-)

      • Lol!!

      Question rodage — Kawasaki Versys

      Question rodage :

      La notice Kawa Versys 650 indique qu'il ne faut pas dépasser 4.000 tr/min au cours des 800 premiers kilomètres.

      Mais y a-t-il un régime moteur minimum au-dessous duquel il ne faudrait pas descendre ?

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      • I just rode mine normally, up and down the revs in all gears. Never in the same gear or rev range for long periods. Worked ok for the mark 2 and my new mark 3

      • Same here. Do what he said, just consistently go through the rev ranges and shift often to wear the gearbox in. Don't stay at one RPM for more than a minute or two. Other than that just ride as you normally would

      • Yep, avoid staying at the same speed for prolonged periods of time (like crusing on a highway.) Don't lug the engine. You'll be fine.

      78 kz1000 — KAWASAKI KZ900 1000 DRAGBIKE Swap Meet

      I am selling my baby it's hard times but she haS to go. It has a 1075 kit all it needed for the heads to be torque down I have a lot of time and $$$ into this bike 3000 firm the black one will be for sale too just waiting on title you can message me or call me at 224-303-9967

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      • Do you still have the bike?

      • The black one yes i

      • 224 303 9967

      Photos from Sinde Kat's post — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan

      FOR SALE: $4,350.00 ~~ OBO

      2003 Kawasaki VN1500-L4 Vulcan 1500 Nomad

      Black with blue flake.

      Excellent Condition

      Motorcycle Specs:

      The Vulcan® 1500 Nomad™, However many miles it takes, the Nomad is ready to go there. Its digital fuel-injected 1470cc V-Twin masters slow cruising and fast highways, heat and cold, and high altitudes. The long 65.6-inch (1665 mm) wheelbase lets you and a passenger stretch out and enjoy the special touring frame and suspension, while an adjustable windshield and fork-mounted air deflectors distribute airflow cleanly around you. Take comfort that your cold-weather gear is locked safely in the Nomad's spacious saddlebags.

      Combining both comfort and good looks, the 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan® 1500 Nomad™ Fi V-twin touring cruiser represents the continuing evolution of the company's Vulcan line. The Nomad's elegant styling, comfortable touring package and performance-oriented features such as digital fuel injection demonstrate that this motorcycle is more than just another cruiser.

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      • Pretty bike! How many miles are on it?

      • Brandon Gulley

      • 35,000

      I don t know if some of you might be interested in this but some time this... — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

      I don't know if some of you might be interested in this but, some time this month myself and a friend down in the USA will be machining up some velocity stacks for the ZZR1100. As far as I know nobody has ever made aftermarkets up for the ZZR. The fellow that I'm working with has already made a few hundred stacks up for the ZX-12R with great success, and sold many of them. I'm currently waiting for him to ship me up the first prototypes so I can start testing them and if all goes well by mid summer we might have something. That's all I can tell ya for now, I'll post up any good findings as they happen.

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      • This is probably more of an interest to people that are trying to squeeze every little hp out of there bike. I gained 4hp with the shorty's in my ZX12R.

      • These are the ones in a 12R

      • I seen velocity stacks for the 11 years ago. Was gonna ask in here if anyone had tried different lengths in them.

      Photos from Kevin Wilson's post — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society


      In all my years spannering bikes this has never happened to me!

      Replacing my rear brake line, bleeding the brake and the caliper broke!

      The casting came apart at the bleed nipple

      That leaves me desperately in need of a D model rear caliper...can anyone help?

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      • caliper from a busa and tl1000 are the sameas the D forget the models but the earlier ones till 2005 ish I think . I had a refurb one but then fitted a brembo instead :)

      • Mine fit perfectly. Dont fit right if the fork legs are bent or calipers not centralised properly.

      • They look like they fit properly.

        I have a cross sectional picture somewhere...shows you what I mean, I'll dig it out

      Pete MightyZed Murray updated the description of the group UK Kawasaki Z1000 Owners Club. — UK Kawasaki Z1000 Owners Forum

      A place for all UK based Z1000 owners to discuss anything..

      ALL spam posters will be removed and blocked within 24 hours!!!!!

      This group is mainly for UK residents, but we are open to all nationalities.

      Please keep to £ and mph etc... rather than $ and kph.

      Feel free to express your views, but please keep it reasonable. No slating or bullying.

      Keep ALL sales to the sales page.


      Any sales on this page will be removed.

      Cheers, and enjoy.

      ***All requests to join this group will now need an Admin to verify. I apologize for the delay this will cause, but it should stop the spam***

      We now have our own map!

      Ok guys and gals. As a request, I've made a map where you can add your location. This is so you can find other Z owners near to you, and maybe arrange rideouts. You don't need to tag your actual address, just nearby is fine. Only a rough guide. Please have your name as it appears on Facebook as your title. The password to add a location is "zedoc".



      We also have our own mechandise now too, all embroidered not vinyl. Check out our files page.

      Now get posting and enjoy!!

      If you apply to join, and you're not located in the UK, I will check your newsfeed to see if posts are in English, and look for photos of bikes. If neither are found, you will be blocked. We welcome people from anywhere, but this is the UK OC.


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        Its a hard life when this is the view from your work. — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

        Its a hard life when this is the view from your work :-)

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        • Oh and that road going across the picture is the NorthWest 200 race circuit!! Guess who is going to be sitting there all race week :-)

        • All your ZZR buddies will be expecting complimentary seats

        • There's a spot just to teh right where you can find your own fecking seat lol

        Well it s taken a long time but I ve finally realised a dream and now own a Zed... — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

        Well it's taken a long time but I've finally realised a dream and now own a Zed 1100. A work of art!

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        • A beauty; clean and a nice colour! Absolutely love it!

        • The bike doesn't whine or moan, the wife did!

        • Mine whines when we are having fun... (250+ on a highway) but you got my point :)

        Photos from Krzysztof Iwaniuk's post — Kawasaki Z1000sX

        11k miles and counting, just the right tool for anything I want B-)

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        • No different to akrapovic or other similar

        • What did you do with the valve in the exhaust

        • 14 onwards dont have it as they up the power and redone intake and few other bits so 1 less when modding with exhaust

        Photos from Darren Fields's post — kawasaki kx 500

        this should make a difference, need popeye forarms to pull the clutch

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        • I'll let you know when I've fitted it kevin

        • Possible. But the master cylinder is certainly not magura. The slave cylinder is magura.

        • Thats going to be freakin fabulous

        Bit of Father and son time on the zed last night. great weather for it — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

        Bit of Father and son time on the zed last night..great weather for it

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        • Me and a mate bought a pair of BT headsets in 2013 and they're still going strong, about £58 the pair at the time, wouldn't be without them and neither would he. Great pieces of kit.

        • Def a bit of kit I will be looking into, both for sat nav and to play music through on long runs

        • hold on to your father not the bike... ;-)

        What is best oil for my 2014 zzr genuine fiter or n diffrance — Kawasaki ZZR1400

        What is best oil for my 2014 zzr genuine fiter or n diffrance

        Thanks in advance

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        • Just as well, as the ZZR has more power than race teams had in the 90s. :)

        • Honda's NSR500 produced more than 200 bhp in 1990 - ish, and that was only a 500cc 2stroke engine

        • Over 200bhp from a heavy 4 stroke road bike is still some some feat though. I'm a 2 stroke fan, still have a '79 air cooled RD250 in the garage.

        Jason Alderman shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners & riders. — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

        Anyone know what Backrest (p/n 99994-0050) is? I'm looking at http://www.cheapcycleparts.com/oemcatalogs/p/kawas aki_motorcycle_2007_vulcan_2000_classic_lt/kawasak i_accessories-bags_luggage/508a4900f8700218185536b b/luggage-rack-chrome and it says it requires that Backrest with that part number but I can't find anything with that part number (99994-0050). All I've found is its a frame for the backrest. I'm assuming if I have assuming sissy bar with factory Backrest then it should fit. But I don't want to order something that's not usable to me without spending $300 more to make it work..

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        • Measurements was actually for a 900vulcan

        • Yes Oem same one in the Pic rack only

        • Pmed you Jim

        Photos from Carlos Marques's post — Kawasaki Ninja Riders


        Took a nice ride through Napa Valley this past weekend on some awesome roads. We were enjoying the weather and taking it easy through the twisties as one unpatient Rider flew right by us and about 1 minute up the road as we come around the corner there he was on the ground. Ride safe and stay in your comfort zone fellas and live to ride another day.

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        • Great advice!

        • Yes it is, I'm glad the guy wasn't hurt he even admitted he was way out of his League trying to keep up with those guys.

        • Carlos Marques , I never "Hoof it" AKA .., (go fast!) on an unfamiliar road, you just dont know whats around the corner or how tight the corner is, people who dont respect the road or the power of their bikes will often have a bad experience, glad he was alright and learnt a valuable lesson.