Is there any way to check by VIN number or somehow else do I have 25kw or 36kw... — Kawasaki ER 5


Is there any way to check by VIN number or somehow else do I have 25kw or 36kw ER5? In papers it is written 25kw, but when I was buying it owner said 36kw...

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  • Fck, I didn't remember this, I'll try next time...

  • that is about the top speed of one with restrictors which are only two washers in the inlet manifolds so take the carbs off and take out the washers to get full power

  • Pa ne treba puno više od 160 km/h. Moj po VIN broju ima 25 kw, a u prometnoj 37 kw. Max brzina mu je nešto preko 180 kmh, a i 7000 okretaja ti je premalo za max. brzinu

— Kawasaki Ninja Riders

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  • Sarah Freeman , Dont worry, this is a private joke, no offence intended..., we believe that Andy's bike is in fact an imposter, whilst it looks like a Kawasaki it is in fact made of snot :-o ..., he has a quantum stabilizer which allows his snot to take the form of a motorbike.., and he is also insane.., so ignore him ;-)

  • Lol oh no offense here!!! You two are killing me tho so keeping up I like reading these comments

  • While the color green can have a calming effect (i.e., going to the green room before going out on stage), according to Kermit the Frog, it’s not easy to live with. “You blend in with so many other ordinary things”....... Well Andy i looked up what the colour of your bike says about you as a person

Was able to get in a short ride today. 50 s in NJ at this time of the year — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan

Was able to get in a short ride today...... 50's in NJ at this time of the year? Ya just gotta'

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  • I Bought from a deal called Madness Cycle in Tennessee. Tony at Madness cycle was a great asset with all the questions I had. You can look at Voyagers website to see if there is a dealer close to you. Good luck.

  • Thanks. Are you happy with the kit or are there issues with it.

  • It's not bad. It does what it is designed to do. Installation was very simple. just be sure the frame of the kit has enough room to move without contacting your pipes......Mine made contact on my first test ride so I had to make some adjustments. You will get some front end shake/wobble at lower speeds on rough roads. Other than that I am pleased. I still long for the days when I can afford a complete kit with independent suspension and all the bells and whistles.........

too much — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

too much ..... ?

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  • That is what happens when I get called into work on a Sunday!

  • WOW you wear short dresses and like Charlie the unicorn!!!! You rock @ Harmony White LOL

  • Yes, too much front skirt...

Who can help. What is missing — Kawasaki ZZR1400

Who can help? What is missing?

Anything else breide the grip?

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  • Those Zzr's with the grab rails? I've never seen a 14 with a grab rail.

  • The US models dont have it as standard like the European models

  • Hahaha

punho de partida da er5 preciso de um ou algum com msm confguraçao de plug dele — Kawasaki ER 5

punho de partida da er5 preciso de um ou algum com msm confguraçao de plug dele

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  • Cara não sei se no manual vai ter, mais da uma jogada no google o manual dela que uma vez eu consegui baixa-lo de boa e tinha quase tudo da moto

  • ja baixei mais esta em turco oq achei ai e fogo

  • Putz ai complica

Photos from Michael Byers's post — Kawasaki ZZR1400

Still in the garage awfull weather again in west cumbria really startin to piss me off

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  • Afraid the bike doesn't fit in the garage, outside under cover.

  • I don't get the 'its raining' stuff

  • Neither do I, have a look at my profile pic. My job entailed biking every working day for 11 years as well.

Hi everyone I just put my deposit down for a 2011 model upgraded from my Suzuki... — Kawasaki Z1000sX

Hi everyone, I just put my deposit down for a 2011 model, upgraded from my Suzuki GSX650f :) Can someone recommend some decent new exhaust end cans that sound good and are reasonably priced please?

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Wooooohoooooo the big girls running properly this time — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

Wooooohoooooo the big girls running, properly this time

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  • Enjoy

  • I think there is a law against having your bike in bits for too long. Quick Phil ...get it sorted! :)

  • There's plenty of knowledge on here .. That's what we are here for

Anyone put smaller mirrors on the 2015 bike and what s the view like any... — Kawasaki Z1000sX

Anyone put smaller mirrors on the 2015 bike and what's the view like any restrictions thanks

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  • Yeah I put Rizoma mirrors on the view is from under the handlebars rather than out past your elbows. They are a bit restrictive but no more than trying to see out past your elbows once you get used to them they're fine

Photos from Kevin Merchant's post — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

So after getting all these for her it seems they weren't needed and now surplus to requirements. I'll offer them all to you guys 1st b4 I put em on ebay, cost plus postage. Prefer a job lot sale as no time to post separately, all came from working c2 bikes. Mines a 1992 and all fully worked on mine. £60 plus post for lot.

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  • Good deal, hope this helps someone out (y)

  • Might be worth selling as a possible (electrical fault finding kit ) :)

  • Comedian

— Kawasaki ER 5

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  • is it not getting dirty? and more HP then before?

  • Just mounted... I let you know...

  • OK thanks :)

gan mau nanya ninja ane asapnya ko ga harum ya padahal udah pake oli samping... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

gan mau nanya ninja ane asapnya ko ga harum ya padahal udah pake oli samping yang harum dan juga udah pake oli campur yang harum pada minyak nya terus setelan oli juga udah di borosin solusinya apaan tuh gan?

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  • Joshua Wallace , I think we got it sorted :-p

  • Probably the strangest request I have ever experienced for help?

  • Joshua Wallace , Have to save that one :-p

Photos from Ian Atkinson's post — Kawasaki Versys

So new bike has arrived WELL PLEASED with it been fitting new parts today

Rear hugger ,heated grips, hand guards ,headlight covers .still waiting for crash bars and spot lights but looking good so far .picture taken along side the wife's mk2

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  • I got oxford on mine too. Very easy to install and works very well

  • always used oxford grips best on the market ! i think

  • damn, someone's been busy!

Just wanted to thank all you guys for the help advice and guidance whilst my... — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

Just wanted to thank all you guys for the help, advice and guidance whilst my beast was ill, just went for a wee run and have to say the butterflies were back with excitement as I opened her up a little, still work in progress but at least she's purring again. So thanks again guys, you know who you are

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  • Love it, enjoy Kevin (y)

  • A common look :D

  • I had that look half hour ago

Roy Hennemann shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Drifter Parts For Sale. — Kawasaki Drifter Parts For Sale

yanni886 Store We have Yellow Green Orange Red Blue Black ,note it‘s color.

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  • red was all that i could get at the time would have gone with black had they had them at the time

  • Into my third year with these on my Drifter. Great hose for the price!

  • would cost at least $100 for OEM hoses , these work great !! i'm a happy camper ..

Air filter — Kawasaki ER 5

Air filter...

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  • Looks nice bet it would look cool with a single seat and no back end

  • I would like to ask you, if the change/modification of airbox lead to increasing of power of the engine and if you can the feel this change on ride charakteristics

  • Not much no

Anyone else seen this on the inside of their clocks I rode home from a first... — Kawasaki Versys

Anyone else seen this on the inside of their clocks? I rode home from a first aid course yesterday and it looks as though moisture has gotten in behind the glass.

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  • No, never heard of it but thanks for highlighting!

  • Don't worry. When temp goes high again it will go away by itself :)

  • Nunca me ha pasado.

Rigged up my 3 euro Chinese voltmeter today Looks awful and isn t really... — Kawasaki ER 5

Rigged up my 3 euro Chinese voltmeter today. Looks awful and isn't really visible in the sunlight but it should be enough to warn me of impending reg/rec failure doom ....

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  • I added a small fuse and hooked it up to the cables going to the small bulb in the headlight, it's easier done than said and has the benefit of coming on only when the key is turned.

  • Thanks!

  • Giulio Scipioni its better strait to the battery so you can keep an eye on the battery charge at all times without switching on the ignition so if you do not use the bike for a week or two you only have to give a quick look to see if the battery needs chargeing

Photos from Lanang Prapmila's post — Kawasaki Fury Newbreed (Fury 125 Fury RR)








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  • up

  • up

  • p

After two week s of rain finaly some sun showed up — Kawasaki Z1000sX

After two week's of rain, finaly some sun showed up

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Photos from Jonathon Bell's post — kawasaki kx 500

When did Kawasaki introduce these round vent holes to the kx500 airbox??

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  • Sorry, the vents that are fitted

  • Got some if you need any.

  • open them up more, "when" is not the topic there, beast needs to breathe.

mga paps maingay ba talaga ung bandang head ng fury rr kapag mainit na makina — Kawasaki Fury Newbreed (Fury 125 Fury RR)

mga paps maingay ba talaga ung bandang head ng fury rr kapag mainit na makina? yung parang may nagsusuntukan na turnilyo sa loob pero kapag bagong bukas naman eh tahimik naman.

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  • Masasanay din kayo, sakal kase masyado ang makina ng fury natin kaya malakas vibration, pag napalitan nyo ng pipe yan at nka hinga makina medyo mababawasan ang nginig nyan, pahigpitan nyo n rin yung engine support para mag firm yung engine sa batalya. Kung gusto nyo talaga halos mawala ang vibration padagdagan nyo ng engine support., may DIY tutorial dyan si sir Danilo Bacanto Jr. ..

  • may link po ba kayo ng tutorial sir?

  • Alam nyo mga paps pag hindi makuha ng mekaniko nyo ang tamang tune up ng fury natin kakatok tlaga yan. Kahit anung bgong oil gagamitin nyo mga paps

She s alive — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

She's alive

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  • I seem to remember Michael Ramsbottom mentioning the coil gap before you went on an ebay rampage Kevin, what happened?

  • Yea he did steve, but I had so many ppl sending me advice telling me there's would work it was try n see philosophy. Got there in the end thank god, time to ride her now

  • Yeah, did similar years ago, but it taught me to do research and make a list, divide list into free vs cost options, attack the free options first then mark 'em off as you go. Chalk it up as a learning experience; bikes are great teachers, even though they don't help or say much, lol (y)

anybody else riding an er6 — Kawasaki World

anybody else riding an er6 :)

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  • Although I got green I do like them in all black but if be ripping the spring of to put a green one on to stand out lol both look tidy. Depends on the rest I guess.

  • He can have the black one £2800 2013, the grey one £4000 2014, he wants the black I've said the grey.

  • Greys real nice, looks good in two tone rather than the flat black

Just taken delivery of this it s John Dowds 2016 Farliegh Castle VMXDN bike — kawasaki kx 500

Just taken delivery of this, it's John Dowds 2016 Farliegh Castle VMXDN bike.

....... I don't think Ryan has anything to worry about!

......... On the other hand, ....John Dowd has got his work cut out.


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  • Aye it a great weekend been there twice and loved it and you are right bums on seats. I am just sad that the rest of the clubs will not let any other years in, you do not need to tell me the difference between the years as I have an 88,89 and 2001 kx5. But that Hans was asking if that was evo legal and only at that meeting sadly but my 2001 is not in Scotland and with my fat arse on it it I would not be any faster on it for than on my 88 or 89, so sorry if my best Scottish mislead you guys so it sad when I the 2001 is not so good for evo.......

  • My humble opinion is this; if the rules were "relaxed" for the kx500,...then I think lots more "good quality" riders would be encouraged to enter the Evo scene. I say this about the kx500 because it is a "one off" model,... 89 &04,'s the same bike !

    Let's face it, more good quality riders will surely add

    more credibility to their championship.

  • To be honest even the cr has not changed for both bike it only the forks that has really changed over the years but the purest's say 89

How do you swap the clocks from mph to kph I ve tried all sorts and can t for... — Kawasaki Versys

How do you swap the clocks from mph to kph I've tried all sorts and can't for the life of me get them to switch over. I'm sure it's simple to do, but it's not even in the owners manual how to do it

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  • Well,I told it just how it says in my manual,and mine is 2010,the guy in the video says that you must push the mode button during 4 seconds and then press the reset button holding the mode button,try it and see what happens

  • Aaaaaaaaah. That I didnt know! May explain it!

  • Mine was just ignition on, not actually running.

Just sounding you guys out but a couple of years ago I travelled from Leeds... — Kawasaki ZZR1400

Just sounding you guys out but a couple of years ago, I travelled from Leeds through France down to South Spain. It was one of the best trips I've done and was a blessing on the ZZR. I'm thinking of doing another trip this year and wondered if anyone else is interested? I basically did over at Folkestone, through Le Mans and the West coast of France, down and over the mountains and through Barcelona and Alicante and South from there.


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  • Its on the I want kit list :-D but its a very long list

  • Lol

  • I've done a lot of trips around Europe, predominantly on my own. Now off to Jerez for Motogp with 3 friends, all being well I shall ride down and meet them in Santander. I then plan to go to the ZZR meet in Bastogne in July and all being well the Bol D'or 24 hour race at Paul Ricard Circuit in September. ✌