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  • Loc.mo paps

  • Proj 8 QC

Photos from Thomas Beaudet's post — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

My 06 , I've since took off the crash bars and put forward controls on and a custom seat. It's house of kolor blue to green paint , chrome rims, aftermarket rear pulley , apes are 16 with internals ran

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  • Beatiful bike!!! Who makes those forward controls?

  • They are JARDINE. not sure if they make them anymore.

  • Thomas Beaudet Thanks for the pics! NIce beast....

Your opinion about exhausts — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

Your opinion about exhausts

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  • U can save on header. Keep stock header and replace mid pipe and slip on. The factory headers are very comparible to aftermarket headers. Most slip on will serve the purpose but Muzzy and brocks are most tested and backed. Brocks will offer a specific map with his exhaust if u want to upload into bike. Others will to but muzzy is ninjas sex partner wen it comes to exhaust and brocks is just bad ass and lighter than most exhaust and well as its position on bike. Both will make good power without the cost of some other brands.

  • Alein head

  • Brocks,muzzy, m4 or tsukgi .. Best flowing full systems for that bike.

Just joined your guys Come from a gen 1 zx10 lets see how I cope with the... — Kawasaki ZZR1400

Just joined your guys. Come from a gen 1 zx10 lets see how I cope with the difference

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  • I pay £280 a year..500 excess, 60 days European cover,I get payed if I'm off work, and leathers cover

  • Have u tryed devvit insurance Derek Vaughan? They were cheapest for me altho only been riding since 2012

  • Gone for the fast black and the go even faster green stripes.;-)

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Can I post this please admin,

This Friday 2nd Oct there will be a winner for my raffle who will close one of these race replica suits and have made to measure.

There's only 15 numbers left. if you want one then comment below and I will message you with details.

Numbers still available 4, 6, 20, 22, 23, 39, 40, 43, 45, 47, 51, 53, 54, 56, 57,

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    Photos from Mark Doyle's post — old kool kawasaki

    Hi folks, this is my 900r a1 and 1000rx, 900r is nearly all finished now, the rx is next on the to do list! I have a few spares for the rx if anybody needs anything

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    • Hi mark like your gpzs I have both these models currently doing up my rx after the big ends went on the crank .

      Dont suppose you got a complete pair of front indicators spare for sale as you said you have a few spare parts

    • I think I do I work away but ill be home at the weekend, I'll let you know, everything was on the bike except the engine just not sure of the condition,

    • Ok mark thanks no rush as crank is still at engineers and bike is a bare frame so be a while before I turn any corners and need to use an indicator thanks again

    Thought i would try out the new bike cam only a cheap one off fleabay but quite... — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

    Thought i would try out the new bike cam, only a cheap one off fleabay but quite pleased with the results, not as good as a Go pro but £30 brand new, i cannot moan after paying that much

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    • I have the drift hd 170 and used this over the mic. Made a difference. http://www.amazon.co.uk/cameras/dp/B005J4XXF6

    • Thanks Dave

    • I recommend the Lidls camera

    — Kawasaki W650

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    • I wish I was there... The Sistas Bikes.... Great pict ! :-)

    • Thank you, check out omegaracer.com

    • Next year

    Went to start up this morning she turned over good but wouldn t fire up any... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    Went to start up this morning, she turned over good but wouldn't fire up, any suggestions

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    • I came home , finally fired up, wonder if I got bad gas, thanks for all the input

    • So it's ready to party all night and sleep every day

    • Did you have beans for dinner?

    Treating myself to new sprockets does anyone have a good setup or shall I stay... — Kawasaki Z750 and Z800 Owners

    Treating myself to new sprockets does anyone have a good setup or shall I stay stock? Cheers

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    • Yeah just been on forum and 15 & 45 is better less wear on the chain with same affect

    • cant find any good manufacturer 45t

    • Try b&c express, if there still going or renthal..

    Kawasaki OEM parts — Kawasaki Teryx

    I have a oem brand new in the box

    2014 T2 the windshields work for either T2 or T4

    kawasaki roof $250 slightly used

    kawasaki full windshield $300 bnib

    kawasaki half windshield $150 bnib

    All have new hardware and never been used with the exception of the roof

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    • Sure they are brand new in the box. What would you like pics of? Julie Mccoy

    • Bum0

    • Bump still got the half windshield

    Hi I saw this a few weeks ago here in the group Seeking since these Difusor... — Kawasaki Versys

    Hi, I saw this a few weeks ago here in the group. Seeking since these Difusor for the rear wheel. Where can I buy such a? I'm from Germany an international shipment would be beneficial;) gruß chris

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    • They're called as mudguard

      And plenty of my Indonesian folks are selling them

      Beachten Sie bitte! Not every online seller are honest

    • I think that the difusor of the BMW 1200 GS is . Will probably have to rebuild this itself is probably the easiest option to me . Alternative would be the Ducati Monster 1200 . I would like the same mark on the difusor


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    • Nice stablisers

    • The blind drivers version has a guide dog on a lead pulling from the front.

    • And the Eskimo version has sledges either side pulled by huskies.

    Photos from Chris Burkhart's post — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    Here's something I thought this group would enjoy. I had these Tee's printed up for Rod Jackson "fellow https://www.facebook.com/Phoenix-Vulcan-Riders-154 077424644865/timeline/ club member" and me. It's fun to watch the HD riders turn up their noses and look the other way.

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    • I need to make this into a poster for my office.

    • love the tees,

    • Need a couple of these NICE...

    Okay massive long shot here I sold my GPX 750R around 6 years ago to a guy... — Kawasaki World

    Okay, massive long shot here. I sold my GPX 750R around 6 years ago to a guy called Jim (iirc) who lived in or near Thetford. I had a second child on the way at the time and needed the money. Anyway, I would love to track the bike down with the hope of buying it back. The reg is F809 EVF. A .gov check says it hasn't been taxed since around 2011. So it's either sorned or scrapped :( If anyone knows anything, please get in touch.

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    • I had one the same great bike.

    Iv got a luggage rack from an 06 z750s if any one wants it — Kawasaki Z750 and Z800 Owners

    Iv got a luggage rack from an 06' z750s if any one wants it

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    • Ok cheers it is probably worth that but i don't actually need one just thought I'd get it if it was cheap incase I ever take mine abroad.

    • Make me an offer...?

    • I wouldn't want to offend you mate but I'd want to pay less than that. I'm sure you'll sell it on here

    Hey Michael Riehle here s something you don t see often a 2010 V2K completely... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

    Hey Michael Riehle here's something you don't see often; a 2010 V2K (completely stock) for sale. $9,699

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    • There are still a few new left overs in shop around the country.Question is this bike still produced for the U.K. market

    • My local Harley dealer offered me $5500 for my 2010. They wanted my bike plus $9K for a 2008 HD with 40K miles

    • At a rough guess you kept the beast then

    Guys I m little bit confused in cold starting of my bike always make some... — Kawasaki ZZR1400

    Guys I'm little bit confused , in cold starting of my bike always make some strange knocking noise for couple second then when engine running the noise it's gone ....my mechanic recommend to me chang tensioner what I did but the noise still there when is cold only :/ maybe the engine oil isn't good .... am using castrol 10w40 ... any idea ?

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    • Which oil lee? Excellent question....I use the slippy stuff in the crankcase

    • My does the same if it stopped doing it I'd start to think there's something wrong

    • Gen 2 should not have that noise, they changed the design for the camchaintensioner if I am correct

    Just passed the mot. no advisories. happy days — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

    Just passed the mot.no advisories.happy days.

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    • Well done on the clean sheet ;-)

    • Oh happy day oh happy day

    • Well Martin Morgan it's just to remind me when it needs doing.but I've moved it to a less conspicuous place now.

    The engine in my bike turned off himself two times on neutral The first time... — Kawasaki ZZR1400

    The engine in my bike turned off himself two times on neutral. The first time the reason could be, it was still cold, done about a mile on it. The second time I done 5 miles ish so I guess it shouldn't happen? I think it happened both times when I got on the first gear. Perhaps the big engine bikes must be properly warmed up before set off? The bike have had the checks done recently by Kawasaki and only the air filter has been replaced.

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    • Wait for temp to come up to 40 deg before starting off

    • I usually wait 3,5 minutes and then start riding on the low revs and few miles later beginning a proper ride

    • Better to drive off after starting- letting it warm up first is bad cos low oil pressure.

    On the look out for an er5 that I can turn into a race bike to compete in the... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

    On the look out for an er5 that I can turn into a race bike to compete in the Thundersport 500 series hoping to take it to the Honda cb500s

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    • Scruffy runner mate as long as engine and gear box are good and it's straight ish I can work from that

    • Ok I'll check the electrics on it. I know the engine an gear box are good but the body works a bit of a mess and it might have an electric issue I'll check an let you know... I have a small collection or er5 in the stable haha. I have one that would be race ready and just been resprayed in kawasaki pearl wildfire orange but I'll not sell that one.

    • Not worried about body work mate as it will be stripped off and race panels will go on. Cheers Luke Matthias Burgar keep me posted

    Photos from Rene Pedersen's post — kawasaki kx 500

    KX500 årg 1992 uden motor

    Pris 6.500,00 kr

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    • tror at det er for dyrt - en motor koster nemt kr. 10-12.000 - jeg fik en hel årg 88 hjem fra USA til kr. 9.000

    • Jo men ikke alle har den mulighed

      Jeg har ekstra støddæmper med til min

      Og fin tun udstødning

    Where s the best place to get bar risers guys and gals — Kawasaki ZZR1400

    Where's the best place to get bar risers guys and gals???

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    • That's not a problem mate I can wait until then

    • Ok, I will give you them £20, that's too cover mail. That's it. Your sorted,

    • Ok mate

    Photos from Joel Esteban's post — Kawasaki Fury 125


    ROAD RALLY CHALLENGE 2015 (1000kms in 24Hours)

    We should also give credits to THE 3 FURIANS (KRCP members) who manned the checkpoint 2 and assist the other " WARRIORS " during the event....

    Sila po ay nagpunta pa sa assigned post and back to Wheeltek Makati...

    Naglaan ng oras, pagod, puyat para magabayan ang mga kasali...

    Sila ang nagbigay ng update sa inyong lingkod upang masubaybayan kung nasaan na ang mga kasama natin...

    Salamat sa tulong pag-gabay sa mga FURIANS at ibang kasali sa event na ito.... Hats OFF sa inyong lahat... LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL ...

    The 3 belongs to FRC Central Manila namely :

    Ex-President Aks-kevin RG, Khen Fabia Lester Halog

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