Daniel Acosta shared Conferencia - "Vive tus Sueños"'s video to the group: Kawasaki ER6N/F. — Kawasaki ER6N F

"Después de haber dado la vuelta al mundo dos veces, durante 10 años en forma consecutiva, Emilio Scotto, un ejemplo latinoamericano, cumplió su mayor sueño: Crear un camino que uniera todos los páises del mundo!. Cada lugar, cada cultura, cada idioma y raza, se convirtieron en parte de él. "(Emilio Scotto World Tours).

No te pierdas esta extraordiaria oportunidad de escuchar y de conocer a este gran amigo del mundo, seguro sus palabras te llegarán al alma!.

El mas grande viajero en moto, récord Guinness estará en Bogotá el 18 de Julio, no pierdas esta oportunidad.

Para adquirir las entradas de la conferencia Vive tus sueños en Bogotá los puntos autorizados. Son los siguientes.

Zona de Pits Bogota

Av Americas #50-15 Carrera Centro Comercial Automotriz Carrera Motos Local C1051.


4203138(fijo) Keyla Acosta de Torres 3142911778 (celular) Daniel Acosta ZonadePits.

Email zona.de.pits@outlook.com

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    Colin Webb shared a link to the group: The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society. — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

    There are only 130 c models left in the UK :O

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    • He's countng his 'two's and one's' jars while we speak Andrew :-)

    • I'm tempted myself but my jeans are tight and i'm having trouble getting my hand in my pocket

    Does someone break zzr s on here — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

    Does someone break zzr's on here ?

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    • You have a pm John Mckelvie

    • Doing a compression test on mine today, I might have broke her.

    • Mines done only 14k from new. Been dropped while staionary on both sides and the fuel tank was rusty inside hence me needed the correct colour fuel tank.

    Hi guys I m finishing my gas tank and I realised that I don t like the original... — Kawasaki W650

    Hi guys, I'm finishing my gas tank and I realised that I don't like the original Knee pads with the new look (yes, I know, I am an IDIOT to see this now).

    It's a 99 gas tank, any ideas, alternatives or ways of killing myself (the bike goes to my brother if I die)?

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    • Jonathan Pine definitely its worth the extra work, sweet!

    • Ah if you are up for double trouble just cut the holders and fill the holers:) and repaint... About the angle of the tank, be ware of the gasoline... It will notbe placed on the lowest side if the tank, hence you will lower the available km...

    • freaking sweet nightmare!

    Mga Sir at sa mga EXPERTO problima ko toh palagih nalalagayan ng tubig yung... — Kawasaki Fury 125

    Mga Sir...at sa mga EXPERTO....problima ko toh palagih nalalagayan ng tubig yung carb ko stock carb po stock tong motmot ko sanhi atah ng 2loy 2loy na ulan dtoh sa baguio d na uma araw eh haha....anu ba mgandang solusyon para dtoh...every start ko motmot ko is magbabawas ako ng gas sa may carb eh....lalo sa umaga...may tubig tlgah carb ko..."ROCK N ROLL TO D WORLD" mga ka FURY...

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      Photos from Øystein Kmn's post — Kawasaki Versys

      Versys 650, 2008

      Geiranger, Norangsdalen, Hjørundfjorden - Norway

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      • Awesome...

      • V '08 has black wheel rims and 'versys' written below 'kawasaki'. This must be 2007 produced bike

      • What top box and mount is that ?

      I love Lamborghinis — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

      I love Lamborghinis.

      They are so much fun.

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      • Oh usually they are fun to look at but boring because someone on there cell phone is driving it and slower then the rest of traffic

      • They look even better in the rear view mirror of a ZX-14

      • Haha I know

      A farmer who s been involved in a terrible road accident with a large truck... — Kawasaki ZZR1400

      A farmer who's been involved in a terrible road accident with a large truck ended up in court fighting for a big compensation claim.

      "I understand you're claiming damages for the injuries you're supposed to have suffered?" stated the counsel for the insurance company.

      "Yes, that's right," replied the farmer, nodding his head.

      "You claim you were injured in the accident, yet I have a signed police statement that says that when the attending police officer asked you how you were feeling, you replied, 'I've never felt better in my life.' Is that the case?"

      "Yeah, but" stammered the farmer.

      "A simple yes or not will suffice," counsel interrupted quickly.

      "Yes," Replied the farmer.

      Then it was the turn of the farmer's counsel to ask him questions. "Please tell the court the exact circumstance of events following the accident when you made your statement of health," his lawyer said.

      "Certainly," replied the farmer. "After the accident my horse was thrashing around with a broken leg and my poor old dog was howling in pain. This cop comes along, takes one look at my horse and shoots him dead. "Then he goes over to my dog, looks at him and shoots him dead too. Then he come straight over to me and asked me how I was feeling. "Now, what the heck would you have said to him?". he he

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        nakaka miss ganitong Set up — Kawasaki Fury 125

        nakaka miss ganitong Set-up. :)


        *tire Rear 130/70-14 & Front 110/70-14

        *tube Rear 2.75 & Front 2.00

        *rims Rear 3.5-14 & Front 2.5-14

        *spokes Rear & Front 14 oversized

        Brand tire Mizzle

        Brand tube Mizzle

        Brand rims. Kenda japan

        Brand spokes japan stainless

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          Attachment Unavailable — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

          This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

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          • Yea great pics now and yea she's a looker all right. Lots of happy smiley miles left there.

          • Where did you get the seat from, is it a Corbin?

          • I'm not sure, It came with the bike when I bought it 2 years ago.

          Gooooood morning all — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

          Gooooood morning all ...

          It's a damp and miserable start to the week but the roads are dry with highs of 79 today,with a chance of rain, so if the rain don't get ya wet you'll still be sweating ya nuts off ..


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          • Hada wee fly killing session, did around 60 miles and never saw a single other bike on the road! Alwaysenjoyable down the N69 coast road.

          • Might give that one a try in August........ IN THE DAMN CAR! :(

          • It is a fine road in a car too Pat

          Salam Semua — Kawasaki Versys

          Salam Semua...

          Ramadhan Beransur Pergi,

          Syawal Menjelma Di Aidilfitri,

          Seiklas Hati Menyusun Jari,

          Memohon Kemaafan Dari Kami,

          Seluroh Warga Ampang Bikers Community


          Salam Aidilfitri 1436..

          Maaf Zahir Batin..

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            Pablo Valdez added a photo to KAWASAKI BARAKO 175 STAINLESS SEAT FRAME MAKAPAL 1,700 in Kawasaki Barako 175 Stainless & Bullet Pipes. — Kawasaki Barako 175 Stainless Bullet Pipes

            KAWASAKI BARAKO 175


            Please LIKE our Page,for more products :)

            Retailer and wholesaler of Stainless Parts and Bullet Pipes for Motorcycle

            Like : Honda Tmx 155/125 , Kawasaki Barako , etc.

            Shop Location : open daily from 9am to 5pm " CYCLE J Trading "

            Kabisig Floodway, in Front of KABISIG ELEMENTARY School , Cainta RIZAL

            https://www.google.com.ph/maps/place/Kabisig+Eleme ntary+School/@14.569888,121.106481,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1 s0x3397c7be423eaa05:0x90bb3ad0f7aaae0f

            < p>We do also ship nationwide :

            Payment and Delivery Process

            For Remittance

            Ex: Cebuana etc.

            to: Ferdinand A. Valdez ,

            Address 5017 Uranus St. San Juan Cainta Rizal

            Smart : 09214919089

            Talk & Text - 09462574588

            Globe - 09151760921

            For Bank Deposit

            Please deposit your payment to the account below:

            Bank: Banco De Oro BDO

            Account No: (please PM me)

            Account Name: Ferdinand A Valdez

            Upon deposit, please send a Photo copy of your deposit slip to my facebook account.


            shippng fee ay kasama sa ipapadala , once na-recieve ang payment , saka ko po papadala ang order po.


            Orders will be delivered within three(3) to four(4) working days from receipt of payment.

            We shall deliver only within the Philippines tru Jrs Express

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            • 1700 Rehpot Onairam

            • Wala ng bawas un sir

            • wla n sir Rehpot Onairam

            Hi guys what s the biggest tire I can put on rear stock wheel — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

            Hi guys, what's the biggest tire I can put on rear stock wheel?

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            • 240/50/16 Metzler 880..really good tyre wet and dry..bout 9000 ks each time..

            • I've decided on Metz 880xxl 240/50. I'm on Metzs now and I like them a lot.

              What tire pressure is good for 240?

            • 42 works for me..am on 7th metz 880

            Photos from Ken Davies's post — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

            Oops accidentally cut 5 1/2 inches off my can.

            But it sounds lovely........

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            • Great job , looks cool. Same for me when I put 4 into 1 on and bike ran exactly same

            • Delkevic

            • I cut the pipe down on my Mille and it ran like a pig until I got the fuelling right again..... but it was Italian

            ISO luggage rack for factory sissy bar or anybody know of one for a different... — Kawasaki Drifter Parts For Sale

            ISO: luggage rack for factory sissy bar or anybody know of one for a different model that will work? Thanks!

            1999 drifter 1500

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            • It has brackets that mount underneath

            • The chrome bracket piece is where it bolts on

            • I ment the width and hole locations for just the luggage rack, was wondering if I could just buy the luggage rack and bolt it up to my factory backrest

            My Vulcan amongst a pack of Harleys — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan


            My Vulcan amongst a pack of Harleys

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            • But when they do need work, we have to wait for parts. Harleys can get them the same day from the dealer.

            • This is true cause they break down more often

            • Amen