Who owns a Cobra 2000fi What are your pot settings and what intake Exhaust do... — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders


Who owns a Cobra 2000fi? What are your pot settings and what intake/Exhaust do you run? Just curious.

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  • All right >>>>Top back of air cleaner there is a hose (AIR SWITCHING VALVE HOSE THAT GOES TO YOUR EXHAUST PIPES SENDS AIR AT DECELERATION TO FIRE ANY UN BURNED FUEL >HENCE BACK FIRE/POPPING.)PUT A PLUG IN THAT HOSE ANYTHING WILL WORK OLD USED CONDOM, MARBLE, PAPER RUBBER ETC YOU ARE JUST BLOCKING AIR INLET, be sure to put the hose back on the air cleaner if you have a after market air cleaner same principle applies.

  • NOW> Exhaust port leak.. start your engine warm to normal operating temp the shut it down tighten the 12mm acorn nuts. To check for leaks (MESSY) START ENGINE SQUIRT WD40 ON PORTS WHILE RUNNING IF IT BUBBLES OR SPITS ON YOU YOU HAVE A LEAK ..REPLACE EXHAUST GASKETS >>>>>>>CLASS DISMISSED<<<<<<<<

  • I agree. Thanks Bare. You're the man!!!

One less 33 tooth pulley left. Get yours while you can. Thanks Bare — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners riders

One less 33 tooth pulley left! Get yours while you can! Thanks Bare!

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  • Nate if you are not picking up the Pulley then I need $12.00 shipping cost USPS..Thanks Nate Marriner

  • Nate Will ship Friday USPS Tracking # 03110820000102937760 Thank you Say A big Hello to Angie



WHEN:March 11, 2012(SUNDAY)

WHERE:Infanta, Quezon(counter clockwise)


ASSEMBLY TIME:5:00am-5:30am


welcome po lahat kahit hindi FRC member at kahit hindi fury ang motor sa ride na ito,pa counter clockwise po tayo,magmumula tayo ng calamba tapos pagsanjan,famy,sampaloc,infanta,real.

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    My humble 1998 Vulcan 800 — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan

    My humble 1998 Vulcan 800

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    • Thank you. Good story accompanies its acquisition. Purchased in 2004 with a mere 900 miles on it. It simply sat in the back of the owner's garage collecting dust. This was "the wife's" bike. However, Hubby had a heart attack and was advised against riding anymore. Subsequent to that, Wife was involved in a car accident and simply lost her desire to ride anymore, either. I was the lucky recipient of what was, for all intents and purposes a "brand new 1998 Vulcan" in 2004. While I could do a better job of detailing, it is literally still in like new condition. Garage kept. As a casual rider, only 11K miles on it.

    • anthony, do have a better picture of your bike with the crashbar? i was looking to get one like it but wondering what it would look like

    • Stand by...

    Help needed my baby ZXR750L1 needs exhaust badly any ideas anyone — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    Help needed my baby ZXR750L1 needs exhaust badly any ideas anyone.

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    My new ZXR750R — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    My new ZXR750R

    Magnesium wheels(rear 6 inches), radial brake pump Brembo, front brake calipers Brembo, laminate fairing end fuel tank, Keihin FCR41, lightweight racing cams and crankshaft, racing exhast system with carbon terminal, compresion 15:1, 140hp...

    Let the good times roll :)

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    • woh... you would be exceeding 300km/h...

    • probably more 270-280

    My ZXR750L2 — KAWASAKI ZXR750

    My ZXR750L2

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    • Ok Paul

    • Danke Thomas

    • Bitte gerne doch ........