After you read this just let me no if I can join this group — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

After you read this just let me no if I can join this group.

I just became a rider in 2008 and I was looking for a bike. Alot of people were telling me to buy a gsxr or a R6 that they were the best bikes out there. So I started looking for them but one day my neighbor was selling his bike. Its was a 2004 ZX6 R. What he said to me was quote" Once you ride a ZX6 R your not going to want another bike".I fell in love with the bike but I couldn't afford it at that time so I search on kijiji and I found her. So here's a video of my 95 ZX6 R =tJyEBgKDsGk


250r exhaust — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

250r exhaust?

I want to get an exhast for my 2005 ninja 250r.

any good ideas?

  • muzzy

  • sas makes some for it too if i recall.

  • AHRS F4 exhaust that sound is awsome

Hey just wanted to see where all the other zx 14 owners are hanging out at — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

Hey, just wanted to see where all the other zx-14 owners are hanging out at. This is a pretty good size group. I have an 07 special edition: flies out, k&n high flow air filter, and m4 retro drag slip-ons. I've had it for a year. When I purchased it, she had 0 miles on it. now she has over 10,000 miles on it. I would like to do another exhaust mod and go with the Brocks Alienhead 4-2-1 full exhaust. I would also go ahead and get PCIII, of course. Then I would like to do a few cosmetic mods, like another windscreen and some black spike boltz for the windscreen and the fairings. I don't want to go too extreme but just enough to be a little different than the others.


I got a blue Ninja 250R earlier this year and I m lovin it Although it doesn t... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

I got a blue Ninja 250R earlier this year, and I'm lovin' it. Although it doesn't have a big engine, it's great for riding in the city through the traffic and not spending too much time to get anywhere, like it usually takes in a car. Because it's not a heavy bike (and a bit smaller), it's easy to maneuver and pass the other vehicles. For long journeys, I prefer to ride alone, rather than with a passenger. The engine takes a hard work for it, and the passenger seat isn't that comfortable.


Problems with my Kawasaki 6R — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

Problems with my Kawasaki 6R

As soon as I put it on first it would turn off. Is like the bike still has the stand down. Is this something expensive or hard to fix??

  • A Mouse? Wow, haven't heard that one. We usually keep the bike in the garage to keep it safe. That is some bad luck.

  • a mouse? of course kill the damn thing...I have a theory with my bike which i would love to get on a sticker"If you value you life half as much as I value my bike, dont even think bout touching it!" I said this to a friend and he tried to pretend to touch it, and being who i am, i had him on the ground in an arrest position lol.

  • All that happened when I got rid of the snake living in my garage. I would rather have the snake.

vn2000 pipes in Ohio — People who ride the Kawasaki Vulcan

vn2000 pipes in Ohio

Going to get pipes next year on an 06 vn2000 Classic LT. Wondering if there were any people in Ohio with pipes I could hear on the bike in person. Probably be the next spring before I could ride around to hear them. Just put some pics of the bike one hear also.

Thanks and let me know, Zach