Hi. Fuel tap off when bike parked up or leave fuel tap left on — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society


Hi. Fuel tap off when bike parked up or leave fuel tap left on ?

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  • When you get old like me , you get home from a ride and you're bursting for a wee,the cat's giving you a bollocking cos it's way past tea time and you're wondering what WTF you did with your wallet, the last thing on your mind is turning off the fuel tap. Even if i did remember to switch it off i'd forget to switch it on again as i spluttered down the road!

  • Leave on, simple.

  • Nice simple answer there Colin .. And there generally the best answers!

Can anyone post a close up pic of the wingrack fitting arms in situ as I have a... — kawasaki zzr1100

Can anyone post a close up pic of the wingrack fitting arms in situ as I have a wingrack and no fitting kit - could buy one for £70 but can make them much cheaper just need the pics to see how it goes. Thanks

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  • Thanks Phil. I assumed you were referring to the D series and if so yes please. I've even contacted Givi in Italy and they confirmed nil stocks anywhere in the distribution network and they won't be going back into production (suprising given the popularity of the ZZR1100/Givi combination).

  • Ah this may be a problem then. I will check with the dealer

  • I found a NOS item in a Prague bike shop going very cheap (P&H incl.) and they confirmed it was still available (Google's my friend). Problem was they wouldn't accept PayPal, couldn't speak/write a word of English nor I Czech. It's probably still sitting on the shelf today.

Photos from Steve Lewin's post — KAWASAKI ZXR750

Hi guys, I'm changing my zxr750j1to a race bike from a road going bike I have made a few so I have a few spares for sale. So to start with I have a set of forks and rear sub frame also fairings and various other parts so if there is anything you might need inbox me and I might have what you are after many thanks Steve

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  • Where you located also looking for the lower fairings

  • Roy Seabrook in norwich East anglia mate

  • How much for forks and sending them to Texas? Message me please.

Photos from Martin Morgan's post — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

ok yet more clearing out anybody in need of a D series rear caliper and hanger in Gloss black , all just be refurbished with new seals and fully stainless fittings , come with brand new brembo fast road sintered pads and spare plastic cover and ( non stainless pad retention kit ) I will need £140 plus postage for this little lot .....postage to uk and EU only unless you organise your own courier ( box will weigh about 2.2KG ) or it is off to ebay as ever :) cheers

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  • c and d different then?

  • yes very different a d will only fit a d wheel as there is a piston o the back of the disc with this one :)

  • Just a quick bump to check

Help please need a water pump for a D6 anybody know where I can get a new or... — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

Help please need a water pump for a D6 anybody know where I can get a new or recon or good second hand 1 looked on ebay no luck.


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  • oh an an odd lcd clock ;)

  • Thanks Pat and Colin got sorted with a 2nd hand 1☺.

  • LCD clocks bah humbug I got a replacement coming wooop woooop

whats the solution for losing the ram air intake without losing power — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

whats the solution for losing the ram air intake without losing power?

dropped my zzr, while waiting for a new fairing it's been Rat fightered,

I've got the complete airbox but not the "lung" going to the nose. Goes like stink when you hold your hand a cm in front of the intake!

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  • Don't ride fast enough to notice? Ram air only makes an impact at speeds high enough to be ramming the air through the vents.

  • it makes the zed run awful above 6k revs and lack anything past 60

  • and I understand ram air normally kicks in around 120-130

Photos from Colin Webb's post — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

The flatsides are fitted !! They sound pretty cool! The downside is ive junked the coolant routing around the crabs to prevent carb icing and the airbox now wont be a totally sealed one! Ive got more setting up to do next weekend or so, with Mike's colourtune . :)

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  • £54.11 each plus postage about £226 :O :O :O

  • A little update ! The bike goes like stink, with a grumbly burble from the carbs,its very very silky smooth on the throttle :) :) :) The only slight downside is its tendency to idle quite high it was 3k at one point . Ive got it down to 2k as at 1500 revs it wants to stall. But very very happy with it (Y)

  • Cant wait to see THE beast

OMG fitted the carbs listen to the sound even at low revs It will be sucking... — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

OMG fitted the carbs , listen to the sound even at low revs !!! It will be sucking the bunnies out of the hedges, or any small innocent bystander :D

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  • Mate she ain't going to run on the road your need flight clearance just to pop to the shops

  • Your video just suckered the screen of my phone !

  • Sounds awesome!

I take it that this is a common problem with ZXR forks Looked on Ebay they all... — KAWASAKI ZXR750

I take it that this is a common problem with ZXR forks. Looked on Ebay & they all seem to be the same. Do any other forks fit a J?

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  • Spot on. Just won a pair of forks on Ebay for £52. Cheaper than rechroming :)

  • ZXR750 J model stanchions are 43mm and L model stanchions are 41mm. Both upper legs are the same 52mm.

  • Oh....oh.... that's why my mechanic said is been swapped.... :(

    thanks Barry.

Photos from Martin Murray's post — Kawasaki ZZR1400

Such a small hole cause such a large problem, anyone know if there is a service manual online?

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  • Got one on order Franco though little late

    All evotech stuff is good

  • Good. Never to late

  • It was in this case but hey ho lessons learned

I don t have a garage yet Fortunately I do have a very understanding... — Kawasaki W650

I don't have a garage yet... Fortunately I do have a very understanding girlfriend :)

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  • In the process of buying a house with a garage so fingers crossed...

  • My mate stripped an old Honda 250 elsinore in his lounge, made a mess, wife was a bit peeved but not as much as when the 34 ford coupe v8 emptied its sump on the lounge carpet.

  • Nice local tyre place took it off for free this morning :)

Scott Knabb shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Versys. — Kawasaki Versys

Thank you to the other V riders that recommended the Seat Concepts seat kit upgrade. I just installed it and it is fantastic!! No more sliding forward and a much more comfortable seat. For $169 it cant be beat. I bought a $35 air stapler from Home Depot that came with 5000 staples and it worked fine. I totally recommend this seat kit to all riders. If you have a bigger butt, then you will like this seat even more as the saddle is slightly wider.

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  • Yep. Got the same seat. Love it.

Photos from Farianto Kurniawan's post — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

misi Admin.

Di jual di jual.. kaos sport Kawasaki Super Extra Design, Rp.80.000,-/pcs,

Ada ukuran (M, L, XL, XXL) . Bahan DryFit .

Ongkos pengiriman diluar harga brg yah (JNE paket regular).

SMS 085892235064.

Transfer ke BCA 2060084079 AN: Farianto Kurniawan.Thx.

Pin: 73FE6918.

WA: 085892235064.

Type A (hijau)

Type B (merah)

(minat silahkan inbox/sms/bb/WA yah gan)

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  • @Andy: ups sorry ..i didn't know that ..at the first time , i thought this is an indonesian group, until @purepower asking me to write it down in english. then i realized that this is an international group ..fiuhhh...sorry for that . ohya how to register yah ? thx. My name is Farianto Kurniawan . Product: tee-shirt. Location: Jakarta, Indonesia. What's data else were needed ?

  • No Mike but now we got that cleared up I will get him on the books, the way registration works Farianto Kurniawan 吴华富 is that now you are registered, if another seller joins the group also selling tee-shirts then they will not be allowed to, it basically keeps the business sellers to a minimum.

  • @Andy: ahh thank you so much bro Andy .. #hugsFromJakartaIndonesia

David walker and Jason Bonner on a mission — Kawasaki ZZR1400

David walker and Jason Bonner on a mission

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  • We have to organise a ride out there, I've ridden the roads around there for a long time but never been to Jenny's, what a fantastic cafe every biker should know about it

  • My god dave m8 lol made me hungry gonna do a bacon sarny, i recon mrs walker will be on skid mark allert on washing day haha

An Event Hosted and Organised by Stephen Parr. Steve. Here is his message — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

An Event Hosted and Organised by Stephen Parr (Steve). Here is his message:

Hello gents

I've been doing some organising regarding the up coming event at Rockingham for another meet up. I have just received an email from Kawasaki UK saying that they will provide an area near the entrance for any one from The ZZR1100 Appreciation Society to park as a gesture I said that we would display our bikes for people to view on the way in?

All I ask is can anyone who fancies going please let me know as I have to inform Kawasaki of numbers of attendances.

Thanks everyone I will keep you informed and hope to see you there.


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    Hello everyone I informed Kawasaki of a rough number, I told them upto 12 people we have 8 definitely and a few maybe's.

    They have said the will mark the area reserved for The ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

  • Ok update for me , I might be able to get cover at work my apprentice has got to talk to his boss indoors so fingers crossed

  • And is anyone from the south going Tha I could meet and ride with if I can make it ill be leaving early on the Sunday morning M25 M1 route

Photos from Andrew Gorst's post — The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society

Thanks to Stephen Parr's idea of using a 12mm allen key, I am now the proud owner of a GPS mount!

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  • About 1 1/2 hours and 24hrs for the epoxy to harden! and 10 mins swearing!

  • As Colin said make some up post them on here

  • I think it will work out too expensive with postage

Does anyone know where I can get a 3 piece all in one toggle switch that... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders


Does anyone know where I can get a 3 piece all in one toggle switch that illuminates green and is waterproof? Preferably under $15, I've been searching online for a couple of days now and can't seem to find one. Any help would be apreciated.

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  • autozone, napa, ect.

  • Radio shack?

  • I tried my local auto parts stores and all they have are the individual ones, I'll have to make a trip to radio shack and see if they have any, thanks for the help guys