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hi all

good to see ninja fans worldwide! anyway i've got an early f2 zx6r oddly its red although i'm thinking of re-spraying it any ideas?


I have an early 2001 ZX6R J model 599cc Had it from brand new Still... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

I have an early 2001 ZX6R (J-model) 599cc. Had it from brand new. Still excellent.

Only faults so far have been:

Defective rear brake master cylinder (2007)

Worn out headset/steering bearing (2008)

Blocked carburettor (2008) - This cleared itself after a week or so.

Very very good, well made, reliable, super to ride.

Biggest cost was in 2004 when I rode into the back of a Renault Clio. I spent the subsequent 3 days in the garage rebuilding the front end using genuine parts.

Looks like new now.


Working in the living room in winter when you have no garage — Kawasaki W650

Working in the living room in winter, when you have no garage !

  • build a ramp ! uahahaahahhaha

  • Fantastic! Takes me back to my batchelor days. I had a ground floor flat with a long living room ideal to work on bikes. Made a great feature in t,he middle of the room. I used the kitchen as a spray booth.

  • I saw the same W today, same color, all stock, large handlebar in a good state… I almost stole it ahahhahahah

HI all another new ZX14 owner here in Oz. I pikced a 2008 ZX14 in Atomic SIlver — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

HI all, another new ZX14 owner here in Oz. I pikced a 2008 ZX14 in Atomic SIlver. Had a Staintune set of slippons added; a ventura rack; and a set of genmar risers. Next Mod may be a touring screen.

Just done my first 100ok (600miles) on the ZX14. Previously I had a VFR and was finding it hard to choose a replacement 'great all rounder'. So far the ZX14 impresses. The only thing I miss about the VFR was the great V4 sound. Still the Staintunes I put on the 14 make for a nice deep sound!

Cheers for Oz.



can anyone help ive got an 06 636 im no bike mechanic but fitted a scorpion... — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

can anyone help?..ive got an 06 636.. im no bike mechanic, but fitted a scorpion exhaust and an air filter the other day.. i followed the instructions.. however at one point, the instructions said something about removing a gasket..?. however, i dont think i did, couldnt see one.. any ideas.. its also producing a burn like smell now after using it.. not sure what it is..?...


Yeah my new Z750. glitter orange. is one sexy piece of bike and its so smooooth — Kawasaki Z750 and Z800 Owners

Yeah, my new Z750 (glitter orange) is one sexy piece of bike and its so smooooth! But (big but) its a pussy cat against my 2005 Z750S, which i still have. I wonder how many here have 2 x Z750's? What the hell has Kawasaki done to the power? More midrange? Bull...its totally de-tuned and I'm disappointed. Will be looking at power commander and after market cans very shortly.


Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14 — Kawasaki Ninja Riders

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

Anyone here besides me have a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14? If so, throw me a conversation peice.

  • usually the 'Boro and center hill dam.

  • I have a 2007, with no mods, who needs em, the bike is freakin fast.

  • I'm currently on a zx6....still weighing up on if I move up whether I should go to a zx10 or zx14. I do like the comfort / power of the zx14 but like the agility of a zx6. Haven't yet ridden the 10 or 14 though so am speculating....

Z750S Seat Comfort — Kawasaki Z750 and Z800 Owners

Z750S Seat Comfort

I'm a 6 foot (180cm) tall 28 year man. I rode a Yamaha Fazer (2003 FZS600) until a recent accident and loved it. From what I've read the Kawasaki Z750S sounds like an ideal replacement. However, I've read in several places that the 'S' model seat can be really uncomfortable (for men in particular!) due to the slightly forward slant of the seat which is really putting me off.

I know the simple answer is 'try it for yourself' but I'd really appreciate your opinion as owners on this. Is this a big problem and does it affect the majority of owners as at the moment based on the reviews I've read it's enough to stop me buying one as I plan to do some touring.

  • Yes the stock seat is absolute garbage, you must have a Corbin and they are costly.

  • I've got the stock seat, its fine on short and long distance journeys.

    Sat on a few Z750s's it seems to be the latter models have a softer seat.

  • I have the Corbin, and it does help. I like the "fit/shape" of the Cobin better, however it is taking a while for the foam to "break" in. I got a steal on it, or I would just be dealing with the stock seat.

    I wouldn't let it be the deciding factor in not getting the bike. This bike ROCKS.