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Getting used to bendy roads

Hey guys,

Just got a Ninja 500 and it's my first real bike. (I learned on a 1966 honda cb160). But going around bends on a country road I slow down more than i think I should around 45 or 50 in a 55 but I know i could take them faster. I'm just paranoid of the back end slipping out and me eating it. How do you get over that and how likely is it? assuming there is no water or gravel around the corner? I need to get over that but i feel like in the process i may eat it at 50 or 60 mph and not walk away from it.

  • Well, I'm no expert on it, by any means. But realize a few things:

    1) If the speed limit is 55 and there are no curve warnings (little signs that look like [ > ] ), you will be safe traveling around that curve at that speed. The DOT is very good about regulating degrees of curve and speed limits.

    2) You are unlikely to lose traction (baring gravel or water). It may come as a surprise to many, but when you feel your tires "slipping" you're mistaken. When a motorcycle's tires actually lose traction in a corner, the bike almost invariably lowsides, bang, right then and there. Unless you're leaned way over, and are dragging parts hard enough to lever the rear wheel off of the ground, the tires aren't likely to be slipping: what you're feeling is probably just the bike's frame and suspension flexing and/or the tires "walking" sideways a bit across irregularities in the pavement. All motorcycles do this to some extent, and it's generally nothing to worry about. If your tire pressures are correct and the tires are in good shape you can safely lean a Ninja over until the peg feelers start to scrape. It's not a good idea to go much further than that, as the centerstand will drag at really high lean angles, and can lever the rear tire right off of the ground.

    3) Remember that as speed increases, so does stability. Keep your knees on your tank and your body in a full tuck position. While it's impossible to make one statement that can cover all the variables in these situations, you are usually much better off to hold your line through a corner rather than run off of the outside. While you might go down if you attempt to hold your line, you will almost certainly go down if you run off of the pavement. Sliding down the road from a lowside will probably damage both yourself and your bike, but not as badly as would laminating yourself to a common roadside object such as a tree, rock, or cow.

    If it's possible for you to attend a track school such as Reggie Pridmore's CLASS or Keith Code's California Superbike School (they travel around the country), you should. Getting out on a track with fresh tires will allow you to learn exactly what you and your bike can (and cannot) do in a reasonably safe place, where you don't have to worry about oncoming traffic or gravel. Most riders who haven't done any track time really have no idea of just how hard a motorcycle can corner (very) before the tires actually do lose traction.

    And finally, most importantly: ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time). Wear your helmet.

    Hope this helps you!

  • my advice is go threw the corner at a comfortable speed. if you do it enough, your speed will increase and your confidence will grow. i agree, you dont really know how hard you can take a curve until youve been to a track (at least around here, there are no real curvy roads that are safe or legal to take curves like that.) my other advice is to steer with the throttle. if you have no idea what im talking about, read Keith Code: A Twist of the Wrist, Volume 2.....if you want a copy, message me and i will give it to you

  • Do a trackday. Seriously! I learned just as much doing 2hrs at the track then I had in 13 years riding on the street. And most bikes will lean a hell of a lot farther then your comfortable with. Leave the brakes alone, look where you want to go, and the bike will go there.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Dunno about track day ... though it does sound like fun. I'm a pretty new rider too, so I know where you are coming from. First, if you haven't already, go take an MSF class! They aren't expensive and they teach you a lot of good stuff.

    One of the things that they stressed in my class for curves was, as mentioned before, to look through the turn. Easy to say, but how does it work in practice? If you are like me, you'll tend to look immediately in front of you ... this won't work!!! Instead, I've found that if you look about 5-7 seconds ahead of you in the curve, grip the tank tight with your legs, roll your shoulders down and pull your elbows in and then just let the bike go, you'll take that curve pretty well. This is something that I've been practicing (it does take practice) and have gotten a lot better ... I was like you not too long ago. Also, remember to take curves outside-inside-outside and to keep the throttle smooth going in and accelerate smoothly coming out of the curve. NEVER hit your brakes ... if you are too hot, use the clutch or let off the accelerator.

    The more I focus on it, the better I get. It's amazing how a Ninja 500 (my bike too) will corner ... just today I took an S-curve with signage for 10 MPH at 25 ... easy. Didn't even come close to going over the lines. Yes, I leaned pretty steeply, but the pegs weren't close to the ground and I was perfectly comfortable ... I was looking ahead, not focusing on where I was but where I wanted to go.

    Good luck and happy rides!

  • ur biggest problem is letting go of the fear you are already able to do what your wanting but you start to second guess yourself on the entry to the corner which leaves you hesitating and backing off the advice allready offered is spot on but if u start by spliting the corner into 2 parts (entry and exit) get your entry speed at a comfortable level then as you hit the apex of the bend nail it out and you`ll soon find your speed will increase through both entry and exit just rember don`t second guess yourself and once you`ve commited let it flow because any hesitation will unsettle the bikes stability

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i dont know about you guys but i give respect to anyone who rides, and yes, even girls! gotta give them credit for having balls to get on one! there's 2 types of riders "those who haven fallen & those who are gonna fall"..! i took a nasty flip on the Hi way 2 weeks ago doing 170km. lucky to be alive let alone not break anything! serious Road Rash!!! LOL! keep it on 2 ! ride safe!


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heyy guys at the ninja riders page.i just wanted to inform everyone im selling my 2006 ninja 250ex for 2800$ so if ur interested give me a shout.i live in cape cod mass. the reason is that im moving to south carolina n would hate to put the milage or spend the shippin money.neways kawasaki rules.tty guys lata.aj

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You might hear some plastic buzzing noises from underneath the clock, by the headlight when you're riding at approx 3,000 revs.

It's just a couple of bits flapping around and is nothing serious. Kawasaki knows about it and you should contact your dealer for them to get in touch with K's technical team and a get them to fix it for free.

Alternatively, you can do it yourself by putting some anti-vibration tape etc following the instructions provided by other owners in

  • I Had this buzzing problem i got sorted out under warranty they just fit some rubber spacers under the clock I think newer models dont suffer from this. I have also fited a Nice MTC can so It drowns out any noise any way LOL

  • The buzzing noise can be easily fixed by gluing a foam underneath the plastic that covers the top of the speedometer. It would not be seeing and will give you quite fun ride.

  • If you don't have the buzz, you don't have a Versys!

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  • There's a few ways to do it. You could change the levers but usually they cost quite a hefty price. You could also change the handlebars so that the pullback is closer to you, or lower it so you're closer to the handlebars. Also, see if your 250's levers are adjustable or not.

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Probably along the same lines as a Harley with Screaming Eagle pipes, but allot quiter than a Harley with Straight pipes.

The Cobras made a huge diff on the 900 making it sound like a big 1500cc cruiser!


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Me and my friend have started a website for just such a good cause...

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Please take a minute out of your life and check out this site... and please help promote this website.

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PLus there is loads of other petitions like "scrap speed camares" so come on!!

much love xxx


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  • this is my next investment

  • It's a great one! I've had mine now for 3 years and I'm still loving every second with it... :o)

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My friends keep suggesting that I should sell my bike before I become road goo, which makes me wonder anyone here come so close that they would really consider selling their Ninja? Let me hear some stories

  • i was on my way back form ipswitch just taken the bike in for a service runing along the A12 doing bout 95mph when i looked in my mirror to see black smoke blasting out off my exhaust next thing i knew my engine blows out sending hot oil over my legs i lost control and sent it down the road luckily i only had a few GR's and minor burns but what fucked me off was that the people i got my bike serviced at did'nt put enuff oil back in the engine which caused the blow out so i wont be going back to "lings" again and defo's make sure you wear leather it is a life saver!

  • riding along on a dark street I see this yellow light, rather faint, coming towards me from a distance. Assuming its just another fellow biker flying past, I keep riding till I figure its a prankster on a homicide mission!

    A ford with only one headlight in operation is what I am heading for.

    Narrow escape but still lost balance, skid & bruised the sides of my ninja !

  • Before I got my ZX6 I was on a wonderful NSR125, riding to work I hit an icey grate and dropped the back wheel out. I slid accross the floor ending up under the driver side front wheel of a stationary car which was quing in traffic.

    The ba*tards didnt evern get out to check I was OK. I tried lifting my bike up but my wrist was broken. Eventually a dude from a tatoo shop came and sorted me out, took me to hospital etc.

    would I ever sell my bike??? Not a chance... Would you stop crossing the road if you got ran over???