Out playing in the rain

Out playing in the rain

  • and by the sea too ;-)

  • No it's at Cadwell park on an advanced riding day

  • damn my dodgy eyes, looked like a calm sea behind you.

  • how was the day, was it expensive ??

  • Does this help :-) day was fine think it was £70 but could have been £80. It's done by the Lincolnshire police. I have the details at home I'll dig them out over the weekend they run it 3-4 times a year

  • yup, that helps ;-) hoping to do an advanced day this year also a track day on mine funds permitting

  • Was realy good in the wet as you learn so much more about what the bike can do. Spent the first 2 hours on how to stop then still 140 down the straight and 90+ on the corners :-)

  • Nice 1 Dave Craddock i done a ACU test there love that track,1st place im going this year.

  • But i will take the r1 just incase i have a off oi oi

  • It's defo. the seaside.