Our W650 sidecar. Wallis Gromit. outside wedding celebrations Melbourne


Our W650 + sidecar (Wallis & Gromit) outside wedding celebrations, Melbourne

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  • Where's the cheese?

  • Just check that welding on your chairs shock at the bottom, some have parted causing the chair to jamb down hard on the wheel causing !!!!~! I will try and find the link.

  • This was in another forum. I am posting this message as a WARNING to anyone running a Cozy sidecar with the spring-over-shock suspension system. I have a new (250 mi) Royal Enfield with a dealer installed Cozy Bullet. The lower shock mount on my sidecar failed while I was riding on a rough patch of road at ~35 mph. It was like having someone "broom-stick" my wheel. Thankfully I was able to "control" the bike as I was pulled off the road into someone's front yard. I was insanely lucky… yes, lucky. If this had happened at highway speed, I would probably be dead.

    Here is the issue. If/when the shock mount breaks, the full weight of the sidecar frame, bucket and fender drop onto the tire. There is nothing in the mounting design to stop this from happening and it has the effect of locking up the sidecar wheel as it is pressed against the underside of the fender by the weight of the hack and it’s cargo. I'll try to post pictures of the broken weld that caused my failure. The problem here is two-fold. 1. There is no way to predict the failure. My rig was new with no external evidence of corrosion. 2. There is nothing in the design to prevent the hack from falling against the tire if this mounting point breaks.

    Please spread the word to anyone you know rolling with a Cozy sidecar. My advice is if you have the spring over shock suspension system, pull the bracket and have it re-welded by a master welder. Better safe than sorry. Ride safe.

  • beautiful house with garage~

  • yes ive heard of this problem as well

  • Thanks guys. Was not aware of this. The outfit has done about 3,000km with max load of 85kg. Checked welds etc and all looks fine. Your concern highlights value of groups like this. My grand daughter co-pilot of Gromit says thanks too.

  • Ok, thanks for that warning! I 'll keep it in mind whenever I see a Cozy/Inder. I 'ld also suppose the Euro has the same problem as the Rocket :-/

  • imagine so