Ouch. This repair didn t work out to well. Leaking main seal and engine vibs


Ouch... This repair didn't work out to well... Leaking main seal and engine vibs... Good thing we didn't do it... lol

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  • Poor machining and out of balance crank.

  • Ouch.

  • It's all good now... Found a Gem to replace it with :-)

  • Crank area is pretty thick. I'm curious about that sleeve where the crank bearing go.

  • Do you have a specific question about it?

  • What is gonna happen with the busted case ? I know a company that could use a left case for an estart design ;)

  • Well..... I'm not certain at thsi point. IF not this case I may have another... :-)

  • It would just be borrowed, would be shipped back to you with your unit

  • lol... Ok... Let me see what I can come up with. Which ever I ship I will make sure it is clean first... PM me your shipping address..

  • done

  • I do. What's the advantage in a dirtbike application of a steel sleeve in an aluminum case? Isn't aluminum strong enough? Ease of bearing removal and such? More support?

    What does vibrations do to that steel sleeve in the long run?

  • With the CR500's there is not any real advantage to a steel sleeve as they do not have any real issue there. With the KX500's they vibrate so much more then the CR500's that the Engineer's at Kawasaki decided a steel sleeve is needed. As many left cases as I have seen come in bad it's a good thing they have a steel sleeve or we would likely see a lot more problems. With a steel sleeve you have a lot more surface area making contact with the aluminum case which should transfer less energy per sq area of contact then a bearing by itself would. IF you look closely at the KX500 sleeve, you can see that the steel sleeve goes all the way through the case... Which is another issue all by itself :-)

  • Something interesting in this pic...

  • Can you enlighten me since I'm not familiar with theses engines?

  • Looks like the sleeve was welded in