Oscar Cota shared a link to the group: kawasaki kx 500.

  • I've gusseted the 2 silver brackets together (Looks like an H), and gusseted the tabs internally on top and from tab to tab along the bottom.

  • There is a lot of good historical info in that video. Thanks Oscar Cota

  • Thanks for this info!

    I will have all this in mind on my very slow rebuild! :-)

  • Hmm I've never looked at the tabs on mine. I'll have to go see if they were addressed by team green

  • Had one of the tabs broken on a kx250-91 back in the day...the biggest problem I had with that one was when the frame broke clean off just above the Y in the bottom cradle...

  • Mike Mead of AC Racing asked me to bring him the frame with some engine cases to experiment with some gussets in this area.