Opinions on the Harbor Freight Badlands 5000 winch for 200 Iv heard really...

Opinions on the Harbor Freight Badlands 5000# winch for $200? Iv heard really good things about them but wanted to get some more opinions. We ride mainly mud and a little water and their website says it's submersible to 3'. Iv got a viper 4500 that is on its last leg and I'm thinkin this will be a cheap & easy swap

  • I got a 5000lb badlands for $169.00

  • I've got this winch and it hasn't failed me yet! I would probably recommend switched any cable winch to synthetic, but I haven't done it myself so can't be sure. I have read that the switch can break so I am just always mindful of that wen switching to free spool and back.

  • Kevin Roche are u sayin that synthetic line is prone to break the freespool switch?

  • No, sorry, two separate points. 1. I hate cables, so I would recommend getting a synth rope. 2. I have read somewhere that the switch (from free spool and back on the end of the winch) is prone to breaking. I just keep that in mind when switching and have not had a problem. This winch is tough, I have pulled out a wrangler, my over loaded T4 several times, and countless RZRs and it hasn't failed me yet. I've owned a few winches and see no reason to spend the extra money on anything else. It's even faster spooling that some of the others.

  • Yea we had to winch a buddy's commander up on a tree so we could starter fluid his tire back on at the mud park this weekend lol. So he had a wire cable and I'm accustomed to my synthetic, so I got a nice little reminder on why wire sucks

  • I use one to winch cars up on my trailer. Its works good.

  • Good winch ! Comes with 30 no questions ask warranty. I wish I would have paid the extra 50 for extended

  • Paid 800 for a warren that lasted 3 rides

  • Just installed on used the super atv mount. The blue terminal touching factory bumper. Gonna weld two inch stock to extend it out a little.