• Opinions on the 2016 Teryx 4 LE. I m personally not a fan at all

    Opinions on the 2016 Teryx 4 LE? I'm personally not a fan at all.

    • I want one that will run with the rzrs. I don't care about the power as much as the ride. I want the pure sport character fast low and smooth

    • Agreed! King shocks or better yet long travel with Kings totally transforms our T4/T2s. As a matter of fact it is leaps and bounds better than xpk1. I have a buddy with Kings from Lti and a Big Kev performance 900 BBK and it is ridiculous! Fast and rides unbelievably well! Big Kev made a video of it spanking a Maverick in a drag race. Worse thing I could have done was drive it

    • You can bet now that Honda offers a big bore the rest will follow suit.

    • The new headlights look a lot better than 2010 up!

    • Disagree ^^^ :-) I think that's the most I hate about the new design, looks like CanAm, hood doesn't open. I was disappointed with this new design, I am glad though cause I really like my 2014, makes me like it even more. :-)

    • Looks like the center may open but no tilt back hood. I love the headlights but hate that they did away with the tilt hood!

    • Yeah see I liked the first Gen front end the best.

    • Gonna be a pain in the butt to clean after being out on trails.

    • First thing I would do is modify the hood to tilt back.

    • The tilt hood was very handy to have on my rhino!