Oops air filter may need changing


Oops, air filter may need changing

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  • That was mine just after I bought in 2012 after they had serviced it before I picked it up!

  • K&N bought, from Amazon but direct fro K&N, £43 delivered, can't argue with that

  • Get a standard and swap it out every 5k miles, i put a k&n in and cleaning it is a ball ache.

  • I've got a dishwasher lol

  • Let me know how that works out for you

  • I've heard of it but never tried it, the chems might rot the seals

  • Don't call V that Daz :-)

  • I didn't, you did ha hahahahahaha

  • Yep, mine looked like that at 9000 miles

  • What's the problem with cleaning that one? a good brush out and then a quick scrub with soapy water and dried off..

  • flys in the filter are Gods way of saying you need to go faster...they should blow up way before that