Ooooo yeeeeeee babe

Ooooo yeeeeeee babe

  • ;-)

  • Can you show us a picture when it is fixed?

  • Oooo yeeee

  • 8:00 UK time

  • I have exact ones on my bike...they look awsome and protect well....make sure you file the thru boltd flush or they will poke hole in sidecase

  • No alterations required for the fairings?

  • None whatsover...these are copies of a company out of tailand that charges over $200...they are exact copies except you need to check the bolts that hold the slider in the brackets...they are a little long and you need to file them flush or they will gauge yiur side case or even ounch a hole...i race and have fallen ob them and they really protect your cases and they are strong and sustain littke damage themselves...

  • Ill take pics tomorrow

  • Mine are titanium color

  • Clutch cover

  • Cool! Always wanted to get them but thought the fairings might be in the way. Thanks!