One problem solved another one crops up

One problem solved another one crops up...

On my er5, when I've been riding for a long period of time, when I come to a stand still there is a pop noise that com3s from around my right HT lead and white smoke floods from under my tank, I have absolutely no idea what may be the reason for this but all I know is that the smoke smells like something is burning, like a plastic/oily smell, any ideas or help would be very much appreciated :)

  • Take your tank off you'll find a little black cap right near your ht lead running to your radiator, if I rev my bike to much it pops off and starts to smoke badly front the engine

  • Thank you Liam, I will try that this weekend or this evening, when you say it pops off, does it come completely off? Or does it like loosen?

  • Just loosens off to the point where fluid slowly leaks out causing steam

  • Also, did you find out the reason as to why it was popping?

  • Thank you Liam, that's very helpful indeed!

  • White smoke is likely water or coolant. to me, coolant smells sweet & plastic-like. pop sound would also make me think coolant, as that system becomes pressurized as temp nears and passes 100 C. I reckon you need to get the tank off & look :(

  • Cheers bud ")

  • :) j

  • How many miles has this er5 done and what year was it registered?

  • It's a 2004 plate and it has done just over 44.3k miles

  • That's interesting, mine is an 03 with 25,000 miles. This group could be quite useful in preparing me for what may happen as the mileage increases.

    The only issue I ever had was a faulty side stand switch when it was new. My mechanic mate isolated it because at the time he had replaced this switch six times on some while under warranty. So far I haven't forgotten to retract the side stand before moving off.

  • I have done the same as mine kept sticking aha

  • Makecsirecits not hot or you will get scolded by boiling water