One for the central England zedders


One for the central England zedders

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  • Are you going Steve?

  • Possibly, only seen it this morning in another page

  • Ok, I mean it's the following Saturday after we get back from the TT but if you know a few that might go, I'd certainly join you.

  • It's only an hour away for me so as long as it's not torrential storms I probably will

  • Right we'll get it in the diary then. DMC, good people, arrived in Brum in 2013 and began giving Cradley Kwak a run for their money as they, had had a captive audience for years and never needed to be competitive. Cradley are still brilliant for parts though must stock an absolute fortunes worth of every kwak bit under the sun.

  • Looks like I might actually be there on my zed this time

  • Definitely in this year, as I no longer have a missus to placate (y)

  • Is this one free entry like Donington was

  • Talked to DMC Brum