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    I'm sure some of you may recognise this? i got it as a Z650(B) front wheel? it ended up like this 2nd pic, for my Bunt hardtail. Should have looked more closely as its different. I knew it was narrower, but i also knew Z650's came with different widths. this one has smaller bolt holes for the discs & 38mm dia bearings instead of 40mm (or possibly the other way around?) it has stamped on both sides J19X1.85 DOT, F-1027, ASAHI 2 & of course Kawasaki, anyone hazard a guess as what its from?


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    one for the mechanically minded

    i have fitted a zx9r b engine into my zxr750L after blowing up the 750 engine. it was smoking badly and blowing oil out its breather. with the breather pipe removed it was spraying oil to about the top of the airbox in height and smoking from the exhaust excessively. i stripped the top end and found what i thought was the problem, on all 4 pistons the ring gaps were in line allowing blow by. i set the rings properly and rebuilt the engine. the smoke has gone!!

    i never touched the head in any way, oil is correct weight and level, no wear marks on bores or pistons, rings looked ok, everything was cleaned and oiled before reassembly

    but the oil is still coming out the breather, its no longer coming out with force more frothing up and running out. it has changed in revs when this happens, before it was about 5000rpm now its if the engine is held at a steady 9000rpm. the oil is a dirty brown colour when it comes out as the froth settles it becomes black by the time it lands on the floor.

    has anyone heard of this before? does anyone have any ideas on whats causing it and how to cure it??

    please help before i have to go and buy another engine that i cant afford

    pic for attention


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    Oil level zzr 1100 1991

    the oil level has dropped down. The bike has been sitting on the center stand for weeks now. Since i finally got it started, with the help on this site, it has slowly dropped. There is not an oil leak. I know you should check the level 5 mins after running the bike. I just thought the level would now be settled down and i could top it up to the mark after all this time stood still...?


    Just picked up another old Zed 1977 kz1000ltd 24k miles on the clock — old kool kawasaki

    Just picked up another old Zed - 1977 kz1000ltd - 24k miles on the clock.

    Was imported into the Uk in '79 by it's American serviceman owner and was purchased by the chap I bought in from in '79. It has been stood for the last 30 years.

    Engine turns over and all electrics work!

    Chrome is wrecked, but not rotten.

    Allegedly has a big bore kit fitted, which might hold true as it has an oil cooler.

    I think this might be ripe for keeping the engine, frame and clocks and building the Sanctuary style Zed I've always wanted.


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    Right here is a poser for you all. Has any one got a Revell KZ900 Ltd model they are not wanting. I am after the wheels and swinging arm. Why you may ask? I am doing a before and after model of my Zed. I have built up a 900Ltd, but they are like gold dust to find. I have bought a Z750RS model but the wheels are different.


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    An 82 GPZ1100 I was offered at a price I couldn't refuse. It had a nice paint job, a motor that pulled like a train and very little else that made it a good racebike! It was on the track within a couple of weeks of buying it and we had some fun when it wasn't trying to kill me... You try getting decent tyres for an 18 and 16" rim about 3" wide! A couple of 2nd places, a win, a crash and an even bigger crash at the 4 places I raced it and it was time to move on. Been there and done that with the previous red one.. VF Honda front end and rear wheel I believe.


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    To Much Oil

    I have oil a over the pulser coil and plate, lovely. Oil level is ok, so have i got an oil seal leak on my zzr1100 1991, oil all over inside, somethings wrong somewhere, does anyone know..?


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    改造中のZ1STDスイングアーム改造(160タイヤ対応、外側補強、ワイドサス受け、スタンドフッ ク取付け)BITO マグ鍛4.50-18ブレンボカニ34mmサンスター 250mm(TR12H)ナイトロンサスSSITOサポート(V型肉抜き) PAMSさんのO/HキットできっちりO/Hグリスニップルまで付属です。安心です。マグ鍛のスプロケボル トを旋盤でちょい短く加工スイングアーム外側の補強(効果はわからないけど


    zzr1100c 2 1991 — old kool kawasaki

    zzr1100c-2 1991

    Pulser coils and plate different to book. Mine has 1 coil and four raised pick ups on the plate. Carn't find the right air gap, as the book is for 2 coils and 2 pick upps, i think the single coil is a later set up, although not shown in the book, does anyone know?


    zzr1100c 2 1991 — old kool kawasaki

    zzr1100c-2 1991

    Wires to the coils. The book shows red wires to cylinders 4,3, this means one red wire to black and one to green on the coils. Is this right, reds to the blacks or the greens would make more sense?

    I have just bought a map to beachy head.....


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    I spotted a post asking where I'd seen the metal badges for the engine covers on Gpz air cooled engines. I can't find the post anywhere now but for whoever was asking the metal badges are available from Z power at £39. They do stick on, I didn't buy any because I think I can renovate the old ones. Getting them off is a struggle without damaging them as they are stuck on with some kind of epoxy. They are listed in the air cooled Gpz section, if you scroll down the alphabetical list they come under engine decals.


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    just after a little bit of advice , busy building my z650 and have got to the wiring (making my own) amongst the very few parts that came with the bike, I got an ignition igniter part no. 21119 1113 with a block connector and very short wires attached .there are 9 wires whereas all of the diagrams that I see there are only 8 . I have got 4 to the pick up coils , and there are a green, a black and a yellow/red for the coils , a black/yellow which is an earth but there is an extra wire , a brown/white one and i've no idea where it goes can anyone advise please ??


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    well, the school hols are nearly upon us, & as i have the run of my workshop then i thought i'd make a start on some stuff for the Z650/750 based Bunt chop (also got to paint wheels & put new tyres on the Rex, repair & re-paint bodywork, Re-paint the Ninja fairings & probably re-paint the VN, if its not actually sold?!)

    So here is probably the longest sissy bar in the world!lol


    I ve been chasing a slight oil drip on my 11 000 mile 81 GPz1100 for a while — old kool kawasaki

    I've been chasing a slight oil drip on my 11,000 mile 81 GPz1100 for a while. I was certain it was coming from the drain plug, so I focused on that. Now that it's winter, I dropped the pan, thinking i could get the plug sealing surface machined for perfect flatness. Much to my surprise...even with such low miles..the pan had been off before, and blue RTV was used instead of a proper pan gasket. Source of leak discovered! Looking forward to a clean garage floor in 2017!


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    The old girl has come a long way in the ten months of a full rebuild. Last rider owner dropped here twice. Then she stood for over 12 years, scratched,dented and abused. Then sold and was stripped and put into boxes for another 4 or 5 yes. Today she is finished with the last 2 peaces, A new chrome horn and engine crash bars.


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    The Z1 Owners 2017 Calendar is now ready for orders, and will be on your doormats this week

    There will be a limited edition run of 100,


    Profit it will be donated to Help for Heroes as last year

    Paypal preferred to mnztiller@btinternet.com

    They will be on your doormat very soon, £9.99 incl UK postage in a sturdy envelope.

    Dont forget to include your address details with the payment

    Postage will be extra to the other 4 corners of the Earth (£3)


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    Hi All,

    I have just bought a 1983 Kawasaki z750 l4

    Having trouble finding parts in general . Does any body know if Gpz 750 parts are interchangeable or other bikes from the same age, thanks


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    Yippee back on the road after years,1 years mot can anybody recommend a bike painter who could redo most of the paintwork? Recently done but it's crap the blister on the tank has come out quicker than a 16 years zit! I'm down in Somerset


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    I wonder if anyone could offer me some advice please. I'm trying to remove the cam cover on a GPz 1100-A1.

    I've just bought this for restoration, it's a bit of a mess cosmetically but I think the engine is ok (although needs a paint) and I want to check the valve clearances and generally have a look at the top end before trying to get it started.

    The problem is I can't work out how to get the cam cover out from under the frame - the raised section over the chain seems too high to slide under the outer fame rails The oil cooler pipes don't help either but they can be pushed out of the way.

    I've searched online and also looked in the Kawasaki GPz 1100 supplement and the KZ1000-KZ1100 base manuals but there's nothing specific mentioned about this.

    I've a feeling I've missed a trick. Surely I don't have to lower the engine in the frame to do this?

    Any comments gratefully received. Thanks.


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    well, finally bit the bullet & sorted the pipes on my Bunt hardtail, involved raising the motor (z750 twin) an inch, but its given me the clearance i need to run the pipes & fit the forwards. Shame tho as i had the frame pretty much as i wanted it, now i have to weld the new brackets properly, smooth & fill & repaint frame, make up new alloy rear upper mounts, mod the forwards (again) mod the chain guard (again) still, if a jobs worth doing, lol


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    For all you old skool ZX10 owners. Visit the group Tomcat Nation for any help with your old bikes. Parts, mods, advice etc.

    If any of you are mechanics come join in.

    I have created the group to stray from the typical "show off" posts and try to focus more on our bikes. Old rides like this need support from other riders and enthusiasts.


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    I am just after a little help with this z650 electrical component mounting plate , as I didnt get one (or any electrics at all) with my current project , I am not sure what exactly mounts on this plate , I know the plate goes next to the battery box and I guess that the dog leg mount goes at the bottom but other than that I havent a clue, any assistance will be much appreciated